Friday, June 14, 2013

PJ's First Dog-Friendly Park In The Pipeline

Friday June 14, 2013

STARMETRO: Land in Ara Damansara to be converted into dog park

Stories and photos by SHEILA SRI PRIYA

This plot of land in PJU 1A/5 in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya is located far from houses, has enough parking space and not too close to main roads. This plot of land in PJU 1A/5 in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya is located far from houses, has enough parking space and not too close to main roads.

GOOD news for dog owners living in Petaling Jaya — a plot of land in Ara Damansara has been identified to be converted into a dog park.

It will be the first public dog park managed by the local council.

The site is located in Jalan PJU 1A/5, Ara Damansara.

It is deemed suitable as it is located far from a residential area, has enough parking space and is not too close to main roads.

In the past, the land was used as a football field. However, it was left abandoned as people preferred to play futsal at a newly upgraded court nearby.

The matter was discussed during the recent Canine Advisory Team (CAT) meeting held at the Petaling Jaya City Council.

MBPJ councillor Anthony Thanasayan, who is also chairman of CAT, said the park should be ready for use within the next three months.

He said at present, dog owners did not have a place to walk their dogs.

The next step is to garner the support of residents and the councillor in the area Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainudin to agree to the park, said Thanasayan.

“We received requests from dog owners to set up a special park so they could walk their dogs.
“This will enable the dogs to de-stress and have a better quality of life.

“Dogs that get enough exercise will bark less. They need space for recreational activities and in the United States, there are similar parks dedicated to canines,” he added.

Thanasayan said the park would be fully fenced up and open to the public on a trial basis. Rules will be imposed upon dog owners.

“Initially, we may open the park only during weekends. Based on public and local council feedback, we will make improvements and eventually open it on a daily basis.

“We must ensure the park will be safe and no negative incidents occur,” he said.

Thanasayan also wants people to contact the local council and share their ideas on how to best manage the public dog park.

He said the council would prepare guidelines on the do’s and don’ts which would be displayed at the park entrance.

Malaysian Kennel Association director Ng Keng Ming said with proper local council governance, it was possible to make the park a success.

“With education, by-laws in place and responsible pet owners, we will have a society that is kinder to animals,” said Ng.

“I have a Rottweiler and as a responsible pet owner, I must take care of my dog and ensure it does not pose any danger to the public. I must also bring my dog for a walk every day,” he said.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Malaysia Ricky Lee said the proposed site in Ara Damansara was suitable.

Lee has visited the area with his dog.

“The area is located in the outskirts. Hence, there should be no complaints from residents about the noise level,” he said.

The CAT meeting was attended by representatives from the MBPJ, Kuala Lumpur City Hall, other municipal councils in Selangor and animal welfare NGOs.

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