Friday, September 28, 2012

Dept Of Veterinary Services Investigating Dog-Abduction By An Animal NGO!



THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERINARY SERVICES (DVS) is - right at this moment - investigating an alleged "dognapping" incident in PJ said to be by an animal non governmental organisation.

A stray dog that gave birth to puppies that now belongs to owners of a temple claim the mongrel and its litter had been forcibly removed from their premises by the NGO recently - without their knowledge or permission. 

The incident, however, was caught on CCTV of the temple.

The temple's complainants say not only that, but they have been harassed by the NGO and its followers for "being cruel to the animals" - an accusation the temple administration vehemently denies.

One of the temple's top administrator's telephone number was also pasted on the NGO's Facebook. 

The person concerned says she has been ridiculed, harassed and intimidated by followers of the NGO ever since.

The animal NGO is also being accused of using the DVS' name in the apprehension of the dog and her pups.

The dogs are now apparently kept in an animal hotel in PJ. The cost is being borne by the temple.

More on this development as we get it.   

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Anonymous said...

Is this referring to one particularly crazed NGO group that urges their blind pea brained followers to practice hooliganism and behave like vigilantes to "dognap" every so often?

There're more like terrorists than animal rescuers!


Anonymous said...

hi Mark,
You are right,
The NGO so call MDDB should not behave in such manner and all the follower should be not follow claims from MDDB and shoot other people who really took care of dogs,
In other word they are not the only org. who created to be dogs rescuers and this guys just fight for their Organisation and their rescuers right even though clearly it is their wrong doing.
Who is moderate all this chaos behind MDDB?
It is look like for 1 person interest only to win and to get popular by doing this kind of style of rescue.
If we see the posting from begining ..we can notice that most of the time they are condeming other ,.
They should stop all this nonsence becouse its reflecs our country and it is shame when others read the kind of valgur words used by MDDB and their member.

Hope they can do their work in proper way and put some respect on others who love animals