Sunday, June 05, 2011

Rela Members Died "Because Of Brutally Shooting Dogs"? (Sic)

PET+BLOGSPOT is greatly saddened over the news of three particular lives that came to a sudden end yesterday.

They were that of a couple of Rela members and a cat.

The incident - a horrible mishap - occurred when a lorry driver tried avoiding the animal in his way when he hit two Rela members on a motorcyle, killing them in the process. 

The cat was reportedly killed too. 

However, what was most irksome over the matter was a comment we received this morning by a reader of our Blog named only as Chew.

A parent of four kids, Chew pointed out to us of an extremely insensitive and caustic comment that appeared in another blog describing the death of the Rela members as an act of Karma for "brutally shooting dogs."

What a totally irresponsible and reprehensible remark from a group that claims to advocate for animal rights and welfare!

How could they insinuate that the poor guys died because they were punished for being cruel to animals?

How does the NGO know if these two individuals were ever involved in animal cruelty in the first place? 

And what of the life of the poor cat that is lost? 

What did it do to deserve such a death? 

And yet, this is one of the groups that the Selangor SPCA has embraced - in place of Petpositive - in handing a petition against animal cruelty in a public ceremony this afternoon that is meant for the Prime Minister.

What would the honorable PM think of such comments?

Isn't this hypocrisy of the highest order?

Such offensive remarks only give a negative image of all animal NGOs in the country who try to good for the hapless creatures.  

PET+BLOGSPOT strongly condemns the statement and demands the blog concerned apologise for its remarks.

Here, first, is the story in The Star today:

Sunday June 5, 2011

Mishap involving cat kills two men

LENGGENG: Two Rela members returning from work on motorcycles were killed after they were hit by a pick-up truck.

A police spokesman said the truck, driven by a man in his 40s, was believed to have skidded when it tried to avoid hitting a cat along Jalan Lenggeng-Matin last night.

The vehicle overturned after it collided with the motorcycles in the 11.30pm incident.

Zainal Abidin Nordin, 46, and Amran Ahmad, 36, died on the spot. The cat was also killed.
“The driver escaped unhurt in the incident,” he said. — Bernama.

Here is the comment by Chew who also quotes a report in Bahasa Malaysia on Utusan Malaysia Online: 

From Utusan Malaysia Online:

Elak kucing: 2 anggota Rela maut dirempuh

SEREMBAN 4 Jun – Dua anggota Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia (Rela) maut selepas motosikal yang ditunggangi mereka dirempuh sebuah kenderaan pacuan empat roda yang cuba mengelak seekor kucing melintas di Jalan Lenggeng-Mantin, malam tadi.

Kejadian berlaku pukul 11.40 malam ketika Amran Ahmad, 36, dan Zainal Abidin Nordin, 46, dalam perjalanan pulang ke rumah selepas selesai bertugas di Depot Tahanan Imigresen di Lenggeng.

Kedua-dua mangsa yang masing-masing menunggang motosikal jenis Yamaha Ego dan Modenas Kriss dirempuh sebuah Mitsubishi Storm itu yang terbabas ke laluan bertentangan ketika cuba mengelak kucing melintas. – Utusan

Says Chew: 

"Meanwhile, when someone posted this in the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page, this is what the MDDB officially replied:

"'Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better: Karma - for brutally shooting dogs'.

"Is this how an animal welfare organization is supposed to behave? I noticed that there are supporters that clicked "like" to their comment, meaning that they agree with this comment!

"Another interesting thing I recently found out is that the MDDB is run by a female journalist in a local English newspaper!

"Is this the type of animal welfare group that wants to lead the fight against local animal abuse? What a joke!!!!"

Chew - Parent of Four

Here is the screenshot from the blog itself: 

Sunday, June 05, 2011 12:15:00 PM U GUYS SATISFIED?
Get the latest Malaysia news from Utusan

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adavi said...

RIP the two Rela members and the cat. What a sad incident. If people did not dump their animals and do not let their pets stray, we would not have such accidents.

It is sad and shocking for called animal activists to say the two men's death was karma for wrong acts. Who of us is without sin? I love animals and I consider myself an animal activist and I refuse to be considered to be like these people. Hate just eats into us, it does not achieve anything and it can cause so much pain and damage. Hence the inability of some to think before talking and to curb their tongues when they have nothing good to say.

Mustapha Mat Rasul said...

How atrocious Mr Thanasayan!

That's just like saying that people are disabled because of some bad karma.

The blogger is in desperate need of education.

She should be sent to work in a disabled home and be forced to spend a month in a wheelchair.

Not only will it do her a world of good but perhaps to the animals too that she claims to be trying to help.

Keep up your great stories in your blog. It is certainly opening up a lot of eyes like mine about the terrible things that are happening right before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that the woman from MDDB said that! What is wrong with that woman! She must be an evil person who's up to no good! Furthermore she's that reporter from the star paper right? She's as bad as the animal abusers her group is against! Such hypocrites! It must be a money thing with them, like a business! This type of group also can cheat peoples sweat money so easily. Con job group!

Taman Eng Ann, Klang

Anonymous said...

My condolences to the family of the 2 Rela men. Accidents like this often happen because of stray animals. MDDB shouldn't have said those hurtful and vengeful things!!! And I don't think it's the first time either!!!!

When the woman from MDDB said that, did she ever think about the families the 2 Rela men left behind?

This is what the animal groups are portraying today? Me and my friends are never going to support any animal groups ever again if this the case!!!
All these 2 headed snakes should row to the middle of the sea and jump in!!!

Disgusted Animal Lover

adavi said...

MDDB and its friends are on a roll. They have threatened to push someone off his wheelchair and then we have that very unfeeling karma remark about the two unfortunate Rela men. I know God is merciful and loving to all His creatures so does MDDB create it version of karma?
For those who have no idea of the depths some will go (on MDDB's active fb page):
Mandy Chee Arsie trying to 'minta simpati'? It's pathetic how he exploit his fellow handicapped friends and trying to influence them into believing that he's being exploited instead! I seriously will push him off his wheelchair if he doesn't stop his barking soon! *geram*
Saturday at 1:14am via Facebook Mobile · 3 peopleLoading...
Juliana Vincent-Phillips These person has no knowledge of dogs. A dog can be rehabilitated. It has been done.
Saturday at 1:17am · 2 peopleLoading...
Ännie Änn Änna as much as Arsie's handicapped frens can't accept his own condition, I neither can't accept people misbehave when it comes to animals..:S I sokong Mandy Chee to push him off his wheelchair :)
Saturday at 1:21am · 3 people"

I wonder how they have the time and energy to rescue animals.

Anonymous said...

I went to the MDDB facebook page to look for the posting and couldn't find it anywhere. It must've been deleted by the MDDB.

Does anyone have a screen capture of it? Who posted it?

adavi said...

What I posted in inverted commas(quotes) was a screen shot. You can go to the main MDDB fb page, scroll down to 'Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better
BOLLOX! Why does the diction and sentences sound so very familiar?' and read the comments.

I am angry that people will lump genuine animals rights and animal welfare activists in with these.

adavi said...

I am shocked. These people have no limits. They obviously do not know the law too. They have further posted as follows:

halinee Fernandez
I had to share this as I was gasping in shock and amusement of how some people truly enjoy blowing their own trumpets...Enjoy the read..I sure did! :-)
Animal NGOs To Hand Over Petition As Disabled/ Elderly Are Sidelined
PET+BLOGSPOT COMMENT: SCORES OF YOU have written in to ask why PETPOSITIVE is not taking part in an important signature campaign handover that is taking place in a popular mall this Sunday. Well, the fact is, Petpositive was supposed to. Until our national animal-assisted therapy society got unc
8 hours ago · Share

Shalinee Fernandez Capitalising on one's disability seems to work for a few gullible malaysians but whether you're blind, crippled,deaf or dumb I do not view u as being any less. We are all is rather despicable that one would use such reasons to gain sympathy....
8 hours ago · 2 peopleLoading...
Mandy Chee
Wtf! Yup, I agree with you that it's wrong to use your disability to gain leverage and sympathy. It seems like this is what Anthony has always been doing as clearly it's the easiest way to gain sympathy. He's just bitter cuz he's being kick...ed out and uses these cheap stints to show how he has been victimized. This clearly shows that his disability is beyond physical, I think there's some sort of mental retardation as well. See More
about an hour ago via Facebook Mobile · 1 personLoading...
Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better You are right Mandy. Apparently he has shown our FB comments to an online portal and told them that he's been threatened here that he would be pushed out of his wheelchair if he attended the press conference. He is indeed using his disability to the hilt.
about an hour ago · 1 personLoading...
Mandy Chee Yup, he should be thankful that I'm not there I seriously would though. We'll see what he'll do next.
18 minutes ago

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better
Anthony Thanasayan
Anthony Thanasayan is still froothing around the mouth over Petpositive's removal from the petition. He is trying his level best to nit pick with MDDB. He is also trying all kinds of twisted tactics and is also lying....
9 hours ago · Share

6 people like this.
Alexander Yeoh ‎"HE had called-up Komunitikini and lied that we had threatened to push him off his wheelchair if he attended the press conference at Mid Valley today" - i dun think u guys would do it la.... but i would.. hehehe i dont represent MDDB so it doesnt count...
about an hour ago · 1 personLoading...
Alexander Yeoh hell if i had my way.. i'd roll him down d escalator thats motioned upwards.. just to add to it.. hahaha.... but it cant do much damaged... wats gonna happen? he cant walk? oh yea hes already crip... opps i mean... bi-pedaly challenged (Vijay would be so proud i said this).
about an hour ago · 2 people"

I feel sorry for these people. They hate so much and the hate eats into them. However, they cannot threaten bodily harm and get away with it.