Monday, June 06, 2011

Criminal Intimidation Against Disabled MBPJ Councillor


An NGO called Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) is creating a hate campaign against disabled and animal activist Anthony SB Thanasayan.

MDDB is doing this through their blog and Facebook pages online. 

The author Wani Muthiah, a senior writer from The Star, is not only making disparaging remarks about Thanasayan in her blog but is also allowing her readers to post death threats online.

Readers like so called animal lover Mandy Chee have threatened to push Thanasayan, who was born disabled, off his wheelchair if she saw him in public.

Another MDDB follower by the name of Annie Ann Anna also threatened physical harm to the 50-year old wheelchair user by saying she fully supported Chee's suggestion.

Bavani La, another MDDB supporter writes: "(Thanasayan), why don't you go and hang yourself!"

MDDB's posting also has a comment by a reader called Mikhaela Dessy Chan.

She said she hoped Thanasayan's legs were bitten by stray dogs. 

"If not yet, I pray hard for his Rottweiler, German Shepperd and all his dogs one day will bite him,"  she added.

It is utterly disgusting and shameful for Wani Muthiah to allow such comments to be allowed to be printed on her online platforms.

As such, Anthony SB Thanasayan has the following statement to make to Wani Muthiah and all the commentators in MDDB's Facebook and blog:

"The statements in MDDB's Facebook and blog is criminal and defamatory in nature.

"The words amount to criminal intimidation which is an offense under Malaysian law. 

"As such, please be warned that I shall be pursuing this issue with the police and other relevant authorities to take the necessary action and bring those responsible to justice through my lawyer."

Note: Anthony Thanasayan is Councillor for Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) and serves as chairman for the Canine Advisory Team of MBPJ and Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK).  
The following are screenshots taken from the MDDB webpages:
BOLLOX! Why does the diction and sentences sound so very familiar?
From HONEST ANIMAL LOVER, Petaling Jaya.

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    • Mandy Chee Sounds like Mr. Arsie, ain't it?
      Saturday at 12:09am via Facebook Mobile · 2 people

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better That's what I thought so too Mandy. It is Arsie to the hilt.
      Saturday at 12:12am · 2 people

    • Dhyane Rai not solely but there are some 'animal lovers' who abandon their pets..ive seen a so called animal lover chase his dog of 10 years out of his house just because it bit a his wife's cat..anyways his dog is mine now:))
      Saturday at 12:16am · 3 people

    • Dhyane Rai many people claim to be animal lovers but they are not..some of the dogs you see wandering around,homeless are actually abandoned pets..
      Saturday at 12:17am

    • Shalinee Fernandez Honest Animal Lover???The person who penned this obviously values human life more over animals..all i can say is i believe in karma..i'd love to see wht happens to him in his next life...
      Saturday at 12:17am · 6 people

    • Mandy Chee Those are not animal lovers, those are just irresponsible pet owners! Glad you took in the dog, at least now the dog is in a more deserving place.
      Saturday at 12:19am via Facebook Mobile · 7 people

    • Shalinee Fernandez Good for you Dhyane :-)))
      Saturday at 12:19am · 1 person

    • Kay Von Crepsley What is this bullshit.
      Saturday at 12:20am · 3 people

    • Dhyane Rai thanks shalinee..i have 5 dogs and 3 cats,all which have been abandoned by so called 'animal lovers' in my neighbourhood!!!the principle which i hold dear to my heart always is 'action speaks louder than words'..i feel for this animals,something which so called 'animal lovers lack'..
      Saturday at 12:24am · 4 people

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Dhayane, you are missing the point. Read the content of the letter again please.
      Saturday at 12:26am

    • Dhyane Rai mandy chee,yes,and i do not regret for a single day..altho my parents give me hell for taking these animals,i have learnt responsibility,love and kindness from my dogs and cats..
      Saturday at 12:26am · 2 people

    • Dhyane Rai ‎'The problems of strays are caused solely by supposedly animal lovers who discard their pets and have no civic conscience to neuter their pets or find proper homes for their unwanted pets.'-i believe this is true because the author did mention 'supposedly animal lovers', which is what i have just said,MDDB :))
      Saturday at 12:28am · 1 person

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Dhyane, strays took root decades ago. There are many historical reasons behind it. to say that they are solely a result of irresponsible owners is quite myopic.
      Saturday at 12:31am · 2 people

    • Ännie Änn Änna whoever wrote this letter were not thinking with his brain...such a mean words to say as a human being....what a shame~!
      Saturday at 12:36am · 1 person

    • Dhyane Rai
      MDDB,dogs are a species which evolved from a species of wolves millions of year ago,then adopted as pets and hunting buddies thousands of years ago by egyptians,babylonians and other ancient civilization,carried over to the middle ages as p...See More

      Saturday at 12:36am · 1 person

    • Mikhaela Dessy Chan
      I'm sick with all of these, really!! Don't call irresponsible owner as animal lover please. Ppl that when see a cute puppy will say "so cute i want." but after take home, few days can't stand with the bark, can't train and tired with them f...See More

      Saturday at 12:38am via Facebook Mobile · 4 people

    • Dhyane Rai when you keep a pet,remember,it is the same as having a must treat it kindly,give it plenty of attention,love and care..the author who wrote this may not have his facts correct, but he wrote it nevertheless..what we must do is,not give people the opportunity to blame REAL animals lovers because of some idiots out there who do not love or treat their animals nicely:))
      Saturday at 12:41am · 2 people

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Dhyane, sorry but off the mark again. When I said historical - I meant in the Malaysian context.
      Saturday at 12:41am

    • Michelle Diamond true animals lovers look after their pets.
      Saturday at 12:42am · 3 people

    • Dhyane Rai haha..thats alright..but maybe we should ask the author to help us fight against cruelty of animals since he is an honest animal lover;))
      Saturday at 12:43am · 1 person

    • Ännie Änn Änna i pity the dogs, when people keep on blaming them, especially when the dogs are barking in the middle of's not the dogs' fault...I never have a dog, but I do know that owner need to take their dogs to jalan2...let 'the extra energy''s not a dog if they dont bark la, so stop blaming sad la the stupid writer blame people who have pets...:(
      Saturday at 12:53am · 3 people

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Dogs bark when they hear strange sounds around the neighbourhood and detect strange smells. Barking is the way the dogs usually communicate.
      Saturday at 12:56am · 3 people

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Mandy, Arsie is fuming and is throwing all kind of threats including of bringing his wheelchair friends - a select few - to protest at the Pet World event because he claims the disabled and elderly have been left out. Left out in what? A petition against animal cruelty? What's the relevance? Anyway, in the event he carries out his threat - it would be the best things to show everyone his true colours.
      Saturday at 12:58am · 3 people

    • Ännie Änn Änna I failed to undestand why some people HATES animals..:(
      Saturday at 1:00am · 3 people

    • Mandy Chee Arsie trying to 'minta simpati'? It's pathetic how he exploit his fellow handicapped friends and trying to influence them into believing that he's being exploited instead! I seriously will push him off his wheelchair if he doesn't stop his barking soon! *geram*
      Saturday at 1:14am via Facebook Mobile · 3 people

    • Juliana Vincent-Phillips These person has no knowledge of dogs. A dog can be rehabilitated. It has been done.
      Saturday at 1:17am · 2 people

    • Ännie Änn Änna as much as Arsie's handicapped frens can't accept his own condition, I neither can't accept people misbehave when it comes to animals..:S I sokong Mandy Chee to push him off his wheelchair :)
      Saturday at 1:21am · 3 people

    • Mandy Chee
      Of course, but apparently some 'animal lovers' out there considers that a waste of time and money! Only if they use their head to think instead of their butt! Too many idiots out there to deal with. Complaint about dog/cat poo, for God's sa...See More

      Saturday at 1:24am · 2 people

    • Ännie Änn Änna haha! Go Mandy...! u're r8...I don't know why they so kecoh, every creature poo laa...if they wanna live happily without animals, especially in a street free of dogs - please go to Maldives, a country so far I know there is not even a single dog living there....waste of time and money? lantak pi la, as long as they are happy to spend the money for their pets, please don't be dengki...sigh~
      Saturday at 1:35am · 1 person

    • Khomala Ramal
      Because we care for animals, somehow makes us less caring for human beings? like it's an ultimatum of sorts. how stupid and ignorant. A person who cannot emphatise and show compassion to an animal is less likely to do so for another human b...See More

      Saturday at 2:51am · 3 people

    • Jane Wee how about the death of our NS trainee in the camp???where is the safety????who should be responsible???? Should we say,the NS leader or founder should be HANG.
      Saturday at 5:41am via Facebook Mobile · 1 person

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Khomala, you make good points. Please write in to The Star. Mndy you pubn please write in to The Star. The more letters, the better.
      Saturday at 8:51am · 1 person

    • Alvin See hypocrite
      Saturday at 9:48am · 1 person

    • Anusha Venugopal
      Mr. Honest Animal Lover - If you truly believe in what you wrote why use a pseudonym? Use your real name so that your words carry more weight. What was written is equilavent to a surat layang and should be tossed in the rubbish. There is a...See More

      Saturday at 10:24am · 1 person

    • Dick Teh Haii... the usual blame it on others kind of mentality... Malaysia Boleh...
      Saturday at 10:25am · 1 person

    • Donovan Andrew Chin He's not only a hypocrite.. he's now a coward hiding behind a pseudonym. What a sad sad man
      Saturday at 11:07am

    • Joe Ho Animal lover and pet owner are differen't 'breed'!!! Here we see another ignorant giving sharing his/her thought and claimed himself/herself as 'Honest Animal Lover'. This is so ridiculous! A real animal lover will not putting himself to a higher ranking over the animal and think that himself as more superior over other animal.
      Saturday at 11:18am

    • SohHooi Tan
      I think everyone out there should not equate people who own pets as animal lovers. Humans own pets for many reasons. Education is key in making pet owners understand that pets do not think like humans and should not be expected to. They get...See More

      Saturday at 12:04pm

    • Ännie Änn Änna I second all the above, and Soh Hooi Tan - it's always human who should take the blame, the superior among all the creatures who can think and do much more better...Honest Animal Lover konon, kecoh betul~
      Saturday at 1:40pm

    • Shirlene Chan People who abandons their pets are not animal lovers! Don't lump these people together into the same category with those that really cares
      Saturday at 2:19pm

    • Bavanie Suppiah i think someone said this : 'if u cant say something nice, don't say anything at all'
      Saturday at 3:06pm

    • Ong Siew Lee A heart is not opened if you have not loved an animal yet!...Mr Writer, you are bullshitting!! ...So don't call those who do not love animals, animal lovers!!
      Saturday at 3:13pm · 1 person

    • Rina Zahid what a bunch of baloney coming from this "honest animal lover"..the fact that he/she needs to hide behind such a moniker shows that he/she is a coward..probably dont have substance to back whatever turd he/she is spewing..that's 5 minutes of my life missing that I can't get back by reading & replying to his/her rants..cripes~!
      Saturday at 3:15pm

    • Jane Wee kettle call pot black
      Saturday at 3:51pm via Facebook Mobile

    • Bavanie Suppiah babies also cry at nite... they are also a nuisance at times... so shall we kill them too?
      Saturday at 7:10pm · 2 people

    • Kong Soo Khoo One of the stupdest articles I have ever read. Why did the Star waste ink in publising such rubbish. One questionss the writer's education and sanity
      Yesterday at 10:13am

    • Shariff Fudin It's reeking with A.S.B.T. It is definitely that cripple.
      17 hours ago

    • Shariff Fudin ‎"ogs are a species which evolved from a species of wolves millions of year ago"

      There is no evolution evidence that shows that dogs are evolved from wolves. There are no evidences or fossilized records pointing to the transitional period between dog and wolves during evolution.

      17 hours ago

    • Shariff Fudin ‎"unfortunately a stray dog is dangerous and will bite if provoked"

      Strays are NOT dangerous if it is NOT provoked. Any humans can be dangerous too if he/she is provoked. It is how living beings work. It is called, SELF-DEFENSE. Sorry for being such an a**hole but reading your statements, I have to comment on them.

      17 hours ago · 1 person

    • Shariff Fudin
      There are two groups actually:

      1) Animal lovers

      2) Irresponsible Pet Owners.
      ...See More

      17 hours ago · 4 people

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better You are right Shariff but this moron does not know the difference between the two.
      58 minutes ago
Shalinee Fernandez
I had to share this as I was gasping in shock and amusement of how some people truly enjoy blowing their own trumpets...Enjoy the read..I sure did! :-)
PET+BLOGSPOT COMMENT: SCORES OF YOU have written in to ask why PETPOSITIVE is not taking part in an important signature campaign handover that is taking place in a popular mall this Sunday. Well, the fact is, Petpositive was supposed to. Until our national animal-assisted therapy society got unc

    • Shalinee Fernandez Capitalising on one's disability seems to work for a few gullible malaysians but whether you're blind, crippled,deaf or dumb I do not view u as being any less. We are all is rather despicable that one would use such reasons to gain sympathy....
      12 hours ago · 3 people

    • Mandy Chee
      Wtf! Yup, I agree with you that it's wrong to use your disability to gain leverage and sympathy. It seems like this is what Anthony has always been doing as clearly it's the easiest way to gain sympathy. He's just bitter cuz he's being kicked out and uses these cheap stints to show how he has been victimized. This clearly shows that his disability is beyond physical, I think there's some sort of mental retardation as well.
      5 hours ago via Facebook Mobile · 1 person

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better You are right Mandy. Apparently he has shown our FB comments to an online portal and told them that he's been threatened here that he would be pushed out of his wheelchair if he attended the press conference. He is indeed using his disability to the hilt.
      5 hours ago · 1 person

    • Mandy Chee Yup, he should be thankful that I'm not there I seriously would though. We'll see what he'll do next.
      3 hours ago

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better And he's copying and pasting the comments on his blog and creating his own comments to these comments.
      about an hour ago

    • Susleen Nathan LOL !
      43 minutes ago

    • Sim Scammell If someone did indeed threaten to push him off his wheelchair that is illegal and should be investigated. Focusing on an individual , any individual just takes time away from the more important matter at hand, which is helping dogs.
      6 minutes ago


by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 11:11am
A friend e-mailed us this and said this was Anthony Thanasayan's response to comments re his interview in FMT calling anti-euthanasia rescue groups hypocrites. It is also on his stance against the TNRM.

ANTHONY THANASAYAN ON WHY HE IS AGAINST TNRM: This is Malaysia and not another country. We have to take into account the realities of our society. There is no appreciation for animals here generally as in overseas societies. Strays are constant targets of poisoning, abuse etc. If TNRM is to work, it will take years and years of education not just to the public but also to the lawmakers which no animal NGOs have bothered to educate them so far. In short, I don't think a life in the streets or jungle is something for dogs or cats. Even PETA doesn't support the idea.
ANTHONY THANASAYAN ON WHY HE LOVES EUTHANASI: Euthanasia is also humane. Death is never cruel; only suffering.
ANTHONY THANASAYAN ON WHY HE LOVES EUTHANASIA AND HATES TNRM: Anon, if we don't put the unwanted strays, where do we put them? Would animal groups be willing to take them in? No one is playing God but we have to be practical. All councils in the world - including the RSPCA to PETA believes in putting down animals when one has no other options. You are equating animals with human beings - that is really going too far. And I guess that is where we have to disagree, I'm afraid. You are very idealistic but the world doesn't operate that way.
ANTHONY THANASAYAN TAKING A POT SHOT AT ACTIVE ANTI-EUTHANASIA ANIMAL GROUPS:Actually, I would like to commend Free Malaysia Today for their derring-do in doing interviews with people who tell things like it is. There is no point in publishing emotional crap from groups that are only interested in council-bashing instead of offering something concrete that they can work on to help all animal. Frankly, I sick-in-the-stomach from aimless banter from some animal NGOs that only speak from a high moralistic background instead of making a difference. My comments end here but for those interested, please follow me in For those who truly work to help all animals without seeking glory for themselves, keep up the good job!
Our message to Anthony Thanasayan would be to tell his breeder friends to stop breeding to make money.

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    • Cheryl Cheung Is this jerk the guy on a wheel-chair???
      May 23 at 11:21am · 1 person

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Yup
      May 23 at 11:31am

    • Rosidah Mohamed Rahim Sick in the brain!
      May 23 at 11:35am

    • Bavani La hey you fuckface, can we also put all the homeless people and beggars on the street to sleep? In fact chances of animals on the street to get adopted is higher than the human living on the streets. Even you, I think you're a liability to your family and people around you, can we put you to sleep?
      May 23 at 11:36am · 14 people

    • Bavani La You can deny but we all know you're suffering on a wheelchair. Death is never cruel, only suffering is. Why not hang yourself?
      May 23 at 11:38am · 9 people

    • Janz Maxmuf Yes Cheryl... he's the guy on wheel-chair... he's talking crap here...
      May 23 at 11:39am · 1 person

    • Jeff Soon In tis world, funny n silly thinking ppls really a chinese..1 type rice..100 type of ppls..
      May 23 at 11:56am

    • Adelyn Yap he is disabled on his brain lah. pity him.
      May 23 at 12:00pm

    • Alexander Yeoh
      here's my response:
      "There is no appreciation for animals here generally as in overseas societies." - yes, however, if the community were educated otherwise, things can change.

      "it will take years and years of education not just to the public...See More
      May 23 at 12:03pm · 1 person

    • Alexander Yeoh
      ‎"I don't think a life in the streets or jungle is something for dogs or cats" - where do you think they come from? god kept them in a zoo till we were ready? (are u talking from your ass??)

      "Euthanasia is also humane. Death is never cruel; ...See More
      May 23 at 12:03pm · 3 people

    • Cheryl Cheung Hey Anthony Thanasayan, you shud just keep your blerdy mouth shut! The more you talk, the more you make people hate the disable people.
      May 23 at 12:04pm · 3 people

    • Mel Purplesca he talks so greatly of his dogs in his newspaper column... but they are all german shepherds & rotties & retrievers i think. its good that he's giving good lives to his dogs but how bout the poor strays that nobody wants? they are dogs too. a creation of god too. whoever came up with the idea well bred dogs are the best? dogs are dogs. even strays would be loyal loving dogs if given a home n love...
      May 23 at 12:24pm · 5 people

    • Cheryl Cheung And this jerk named Anthony Thanasayan calls us hyprocrites???
      May 23 at 12:28pm

    • Alexander Yeoh Mel, i agree, in fact (i can prove this with my 2 dogs) an adopted stray is more loyal and loving then a purebred (tho both my dogs are adopted, one is a mix of 2 different purebreed dogs) and not only that, its not the breed that makes a dog a good dog, its how you train them
      May 23 at 12:33pm · 4 people

    • Serene Goth
      Completely agree with Alexander Yeoh. I have 3 rescued dogs with me that nobody wanted at all and were about to be put down by the pound. My friends were giving me comments like, 'why do you have to bring back such a diseased looking thing?...See More
      May 23 at 12:43pm · 3 people

    • Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better His dogs are service dogs Mel. They work for him.
      May 23 at 12:54pm

    • Mel Purplesca sad but true MDDB :(
      totally agree with Serene n Alex too...

      May 23 at 1:09pm

    • Azarina Mahamud Thanasayan,dogs surely deserved much2 better than some arrogant ignorance like u.feel sorry for those dogs who hv to serve "animal" like u.
      May 23 at 1:18pm · 4 people

    • Angella Selvaraj sum ppl reeli tink dey can play god juz after lending a few helping hand...n sum charity work etc...we all noe hez only doing diz coz he is wheelchair bound."loving dogs" fo ur personal gain n euthanizing othaz...selfish jerk.
      May 23 at 1:43pm · 2 people

    • Alexander Yeoh thats why we were saying... he believes in euthanism so we should put him down since hes practically useless to d comunity... hes no better then d strays he endorses to be dead
      May 23 at 2:00pm

    • Mikhaela Dessy Chan No offense but I think he has a problem with stray dogs. Maybe his leg was bitten by strays. IF not yet, I pray hard for his Rottweiler, German Shepperd and all his dogs one day will bite him.
      May 23 at 2:07pm

    • Sandy Choo dogs are dogs! why there are different types of dogs? who define the breed? who define they are stray or home dog? of course is human ,right? so is it we are the one who try to separate them into different categories! then just blame ourselves to make them suffer la! Why we want to kill them? because we are bigger than them? then kill everyone that weaker than us lo!! back to battle world
      May 23 at 2:57pm · 2 people

    • Alexander Yeoh sandy: agreed... hes weaker wat... he cannot walk.. sad case... i believe its an inferiority complex... he feels useless so he wants dogs to die to make him feel better
      May 23 at 3:07pm · 1 person

    • Marina Tham
      The jerk says " If TNRM is to work, it will take years and years of education not just to the public but also to the lawmakers which no animal NGOs have bothered to educate them so far"... Well then, isn't 50+ years enough to proof the PTS ...See More
      May 23 at 4:29pm

    • Dawn Hikaru lets put this wheelchair guy to sleep, to end our misery of reading his posts and whatsoever.
      May 23 at 5:52pm · 1 person

    • Krystal Teoh haiz~ i think this OKU fela shud be put down to become KO.
      May 23 at 10:02pm

    • Dick Teh Normally i am against over emotional response to things... BUT this time the "PTUI" is a rather suitable response.
      May 24 at 4:54am

    • Gigi Koe he shoud be euthanasia the first one,asshole
      May 24 at 12:59pm

    • Gigi Koe that's why we should change and educate our societies on how to love's the animal....knowledge is wisdom
      May 24 at 1:01pm

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Anonymous said...

The "mddb" animal welfare organization and supporters inciting violent behavior?So disgusting!They should be ashamed of themselves.

I also went into their facebook page just now.They are feeling no remorse for making that comment about "karma for shooting dogs!" In fact,I think they're jubilant about it!


If these are the idiots that are trying to lead the fight against animal abuse in Malaysia, I pity the animals!

Such hypocrisy! They always love to quote Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in saying "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" but they seemed to forget that he also promoted "NON VIOLENCE".

Anonymous said...

Why are you making such a big fuss about this? Honestly, these people are just being childish and completely immature. they should be embarassed of themselves. But I don't think they mean very much harm. Remember, 'sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me" (:

You do good work sir. Don't let yourself be sidelined by immature fools. If you give them the time of day they will continue what they're doing. Anger fuels people's actions. Ignore them, and they will forget about you. Noone wants to waste their time on someone who doesnt reciprocate (: It's boring, there's no thrill in it.

Be the bigger man and get yourself out of their little game. Someone whose only comeback is 'bodoh' realllyyy isn't worth your time. This is only my opinion, you don't have to follow it. It's just that it is of my opinion that this is getting a little out of hand.

As a final note, I wish you best of luck in all you do. I hope you never have to deal with these people again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anthony ,
Please dont bother about uneducated people comments . They never thought about the problem , they never thougt about anything , I think . So please , go further and ignore them .They are so crazy that they looks jealous of your handicap . So , if you meet this bitch , please ,give her your wheelchair and ask her to go and buy a pack of rice .
When she will be back , she may apologize for what she said .

Dont listen the donkeys , Bro . Listen your heart .

Your Big Busy Bro in Ipoh .

Anonymous said...

I've read the comments in the MDDB fbook page and I am shocked at the way these people conduct themselves. What a shame to see this attitude from an animal welfare group!

This is for Shariff Fudin (The one who mentioned "It is definitely that cripple" - don't say that again...) - who seems to got some facts wrong. Just to correct him a little...

"There is no evolution evidence that shows that dogs are evolved from wolves."
DNA studies have already CONFIRMED that the domestic dog evolved from the wolf.

"Strays are NOT dangerous if it is NOT provoked"
Although this statement holds true most of the time, there are many circumstances whereby strays attack without provocation. This is especially true when dogs are in packs.

June Edwards