Saturday, June 04, 2011

More Dog Trouble In Selayang


TROUBLE IS BREWING for around 30 dog lovers residing in the local Townhouse here.

The Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) which seems to be fast getting a notoriety for handling canine issues poorly, has issued a warning to dog owners that their pets have to be removed by this week. 

MPS says their directive follows complaints by residents in the area who are pushing them to have the animals removed.

The move is allegedly being strongly supported by the councillor of the area.

However residents with pets argue that it is their right to own dogs as long as they are not a nuisance to others in the Townhouse.

The controversy began when some of the dog owners applied for pet licenses from the MPS. 

They claim the council had flatly refused to give them a license, saying that their pets were illegal and had to go. 

"This is most unfair," said one of the owners, a professional who moved into Amansiara over a year ago.

Speaking to PET+BLOGSPOT he said: "My two beagles pose no problems for any of my neighbours.

"They provide security for us as well as loyal companionship. They are like our children.

"The strata title strictly speaks about 'animals that are a nuisance'," he argued. 

"If our dogs have to go, what about the cats which are also animals and also pose a nuisance to neighbours?"

Meanwhile, The Malaysian Animal Welfare Society president Shenaaz Khan has condemned MPS for their threats and refusal to issue dog licenses to the pet owners. 

"Local councils have no right whatsoever to cease pets from private property," she told PET+BLOGSPOT in utter fury this morning. 

Khan, who is also Treasurer of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association or PETPOSITIVE, threatened to make a police report against the MPS if they carried out their threats on unsuspecting dog owners.  (See her SMS to MPS at the bottom)

On his part, Petpositive President Anthony SB Thanasayan who is also chairman of the Canine Advisory Team (CAT) of the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) and the Klang Municipality has also expressed his strong displeasure at MPS' move. 

"MPS should be targeting individual irresponsible dog owners and not the majority of dogs owners who have been responsible with their pets," he said.

He also called for a proper setting up of a permanent canine committee in the MPS council.

"Let's stop these knee-jerk reactions and come to the discussion table so that we can draw up concrete plans on effectively tackling animal issues within the local council," he added. 

According to Thanasayan, he has made many attempts to get head of MPS health department Dr Razif bin Zainol Abidin to set up a committee.

"Despite promising to set up such a council, it has never been done for more than a year." Thanasayan pointed out.

Thanasayan says he has referred the matter to Selangor Exco for Health Dr Xavier Jayakumar who is closely following the issue. 

Dr Xavier said he would discuss the matter with Dr Razif on Monday.

Others who are also intervening in the situation are Member of Parliament William Leong, state assemblyperson for Rawang Gan Pei Nee and MPS councillor Gunaraj George.

A meeting is being scheduled for Wednesday where Thanasayan will represent Dr Xavier. The time of the meeting has not been decided at press time.

Here is Shenaaz Khan's SMS message to Dr Razif:

"Dr Razif, this is Shenaaz Khan of the Malaysian Animal Welfare Society. 

"It has come to my attention that you and MPS are using high handed and illegal methods of bullying dog owners in Selayang by invoking the strata title act. 

"You have threatened to confiscate their animals should they fail to comply with a directive issued by you. 

"This is an absolute abuse of power as you have no legal authority to issue such a directive!

"Let me very strongly remind you that no council has any jurisdiction to confiscate any animal within a premise.

"That, Dr Razif, is trespassing and you and your council will be violating federal laws and committing a crime punishable by law. 

"Should you wish to further pursue this unlawful course of action, police reports will be lodged against the MPS and yourself."

Note: The above SMS message was copied to Anthony SB Thanasayan as CAT chairman of MBPJ.  
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adavi said...

Dr Razif appears to be ignorant of how much their pets mean to people and of the law. Does he plan to unlawfully break into homes and take their dogs? How does the keeping of dogs there become illegal?

Anonymous said...

What sorta doctor is Razif? He seems quite stupid for one. I think he must be a corrupted person. Someone should investigate him!

Kucing said...

All local councils should move on with the times.

People are increasingly finding their pets as stress-busters to their loyal partners in crime-fighting - especially when the police cannot help them.

They should adopt a win-win situation with animal NGOs and dog lovers instead of trying high handed measures.

Anonymous said...

This just came out in The Star...

Mishap involving cat kills two men

LENGGENG: Two Rela members returning from work on motorcycles were killed after they were hit by a pick-up truck.

A police spokesman said the truck, driven by a man in his 40s, was believed to have skidded when it tried to avoid hitting a cat along Jalan Lenggeng-Matin last night.

The vehicle overturned after it collided with the motorcycles in the 11.30pm incident.

Zainal Abidin Nordin, 46, and Amran Ahmad, 36, died on the spot. The cat was also killed.

“The driver escaped unhurt in the incident,” he said. — Bernama

From Utusan Malaysia Online:

Elak kucing: 2 anggota Rela maut dirempuh

SEREMBAN 4 Jun – Dua anggota Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia (Rela) maut selepas motosikal yang ditunggangi mereka dirempuh sebuah kenderaan pacuan empat roda yang cuba mengelak seekor kucing melintas di Jalan Lenggeng-Mantin, malam tadi.

Kejadian berlaku pukul 11.40 malam ketika Amran Ahmad, 36, dan Zainal Abidin Nordin, 46, dalam perjalanan pulang ke rumah selepas selesai bertugas di Depot Tahanan Imigresen di Lenggeng.

Kedua-dua mangsa yang masing-masing menunggang motosikal jenis Yamaha Ego dan Modenas Kriss dirempuh sebuah Mitsubishi Storm itu yang terbabas ke laluan bertentangan ketika cuba mengelak kucing melintas. – Utusan

Meanwhile, when someone posted this in the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page, this is what the MDDB officially replied:

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better: Karma - for brutally shooting dogs.

Is this how an animal welfare organization is supposed to behave? I noticed that there are supporters that clicked "like" to their comment, meaning that they agree with this comment!

Another interesting thing I recently found out is that the MDDB is run by a female journalist in a local english newspaper!

Is this the type of animal welfare group that wants to lead the fight against local animal abuse? What a joke!!!!

Chew - Parent of Four