Monday, April 18, 2011

German Shepherd Ceased And Owner Fined For Dog Attack



ONE OF THE DOGS, a one-year old German Shepherd Dog (GSD), that attacked a woman last Friday was handed over to the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) of Penang today.

The young male canine will be held for observation over the next 10-days before it is returned to its owner.  

The incident happened earlier this afternoon following a press conference that was held at the victim's house by Seberang Prai Municipal Councillor Francis Ong Koon Liak.

"We discovered the GSD in a pet shop nearby," Ong told PET+BLOGSPOT this evening.

"The dog was very friendly to me and showed no aggression," he added and pointed out that its surrender was done on a voluntary basis even though the councillor had yet to meet the owner personally.

It is believed that the GSD bit her on the chest possibly by accident after it lunged at the owner's Shih Tzu after she carried her pet up in an attempt to rescue her pooch. 

The owner was slapped with a RM250.00 compound fine by the local council. 

The owners of the Shih Tzu are expected to make a police report of the incident at 9am tomorrow and probably take up the matter as a civil case.

DVS Penang got involved in the matter after PETPOSITIVE alerted Datuk Dr Aziz Jamalludin, the Director General of the DVS in Putrajaya about the press conference.

Ong said he was glad that the DVS had intervened in the matter as they were quick on their feet as to what to do in animal cases. 

Ong said that he hoped this nasty incident would caution all pet-lovers to be responsible for their dogs especially in the area of public safety.

Meanwhile, the press conference by the DVS in Putrajaya that was held about the same time as the Seberang Prai's PC went about successfully. 

NGOs for animal welfare such as Petpositive, SPCA Selangor, Malaysian Animal Welfare Society and others were present.

Dr Aziz who held the event reminded pet owners that not all breeds were alike and before anyone decides to get a dog, it was important for them to choose a right pet for their household.

He cautioned dog lovers about certain breeds that are originally bred for specific circumstances. 

The DG said it would be better for them not to have a dog at all rather than get a breed that belonged to a restricted list provided by the DVS.

Meanwhile, here is today's report in The Star on the Seberang Prai story: 

Monday April 18, 2011

Two dogs that attacked woman taken away by owner

BUKIT MERTAJAM: The two dogs alleged to have attacked a housewife at Taman Tambun Indah apparently have been taken away by their owner.

A check yesterday showed the German Shepherd and a mongrel were missing from the house after the alleged incident near Nibong Tebal on Friday.

It is believed that the owner had placed the dogs elsewhere for safety reasons because the neighbours, who had earlier complained about the dogs' aggressive behaviour, were unhappy over the incident.

Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) councillor Francis Ong Koon Liak said the council's veterinary unit team would visit the owner today and impound the dogs if they were unlicensed or found to be without any dog collar.

He said it was the owner's responsibility to chain the dogs due to the fact there were many people living in the vicinity.

“This means that dog owners cannot allow their dogs to roam outside their house compound unattended although the dogs may have licences,” Ong added.

Housewife Lee Boon Chen was admitted to a private hospital in Bandar Perda after the dogs allegedly bit her on the chest.

Her husband Dr Lim Ching Syong, 51, said his wife had taken her pet Shih Tzu breed to a playground near their house when she was set upon by the dogs in the 7.30am incident.

Both dogs, which were reportedly left unchained, had run towards the couple's tiny dog.

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