Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Please Don't Ban Dogs; Ban Irresponsible Pet Owners!



The Department of Veterinary Services should scrap their "banned dog list" at once.

The reason is because such a list is only dealing with the symptoms of a problem rather than tackling the real cause which is irresponsible dog owners.

Any dog, whether it is a mongrel, chihuahua, golden retriever or pit bull, can bite depending on how pets are brought up by their guardians.

To pinpoint on certain breeds because of the action of one or two dogs that were clearly brought up badly is most unfair on all other dogs and dog breeds.

What about all the good that canines like German Shepherds and other breeds do for human beings? 

Such as protecting the homes and lives of their human families from crime and criminals, rescueing human beings under the rubble of an earthquake or offering hope and companionship for the disabled and the elderly.

Pit bulls and even Akitas, found in the banned list of the DVS have made excellent therapy dogs for the handicapped which strongly proves our point that it's not the dog but the owners who should be punished and banned from keeping such pets.

What should really be done instead is for the DVS together with local councils to carry out responsible pet ownership programmes with pet owners everywhere. 
It is a myth to think that just because people owned pets, they know how to take care of them.

Meanwhile, in the second story below, Petpositive calls for tougher fines by local councils for irresponsible owners as well as those who inflict cruelty to animals.

A fine of at least RM10,000 should be imposed together with stiff jail terms against the perpetrators. 

Tuesday April 19, 2011

Vet dept to launch book on restricted dog breeds


PUTRAJAYA: A guidebook on banned and restricted breeds of dogs will be released by the Veterinary Services Department to ensure responsible ownership of pets, said department director-general Datuk Dr Abd Aziz Jamaluddin.

It would also provide information to local councils nationwide as a guide, he added.

“The book, to be launched soon, will be detailed and specific with pictures (of dog breeds) so there will be no ambiguity,” he told reporters yesterday.

He said the list of 12 banned and 13 restricted breeds had been in effect since 2002 but enforcement had been lax.

Dr Aziz added that the department was working with animal groups, including the Veterinary Association Malaysia, Malaysian Kennel Association and Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation, to review the list of permissible dogs.

“We will review this list to either cut it short or extend it,” he said, adding that the guide also would contain information about the needs, behaviour and temperament of various breeds.

Dr Aziz also gave assurance that the department and local councils would not seize banned breeds from their owners as they had legal right to keep their pets unless the animals caused “injury or trouble,” adding that such breeds should be neutered to deter unlawful breeding.

He said owners with banned breeds like the American Pit Bull, Argentinean Mastiff and Japanese Tosa would be questioned on where they got the animals from and how well they knew about taking care of them.

“We have reasons to believe that some people are importing and breeding banned dogs without licences,” he said.

Dr Aziz also said the existing “passport” system for pet dogs would be extended to include local councils nationwide progressively.

The passport which was first used last year by City Hall also required dog owners to get a health certificate from the veterinarian.

Costing RM7, he said the passport would be used for other pets such as cats and hamsters, adding that the one for horses would cost RM9.

He added that the department was developing a framework for an Animal Welfare Act which will tie all laws, regarding pets, together.

Tuesday April 19, 2011

Dog under observation after attacking woman


NIBONG TEBAL: The German Shepherd, said to have attacked a housewife in Simpang Ampat here is under observation for 10 days by the state Veterinary Services Department.

Department director Dr Ahmad Shukri Abdullah said the dog’s behaviour would be noted, and it would also be checked for symptoms of rabies such as foaming at the mouth.

“The dog will die in 10 days if it is suffering from rabies. If there is no sign of the sickness, we will return it to the owner.”
(From left) Dr Ahmad, Ong, Lim and Chin Tian with the German Shepard that attacked a woman in Simpang Ampat

Five veterinary officers who went to the pet shop in Bukit Tambun where the dog was placed by the owner after the attack on Friday, took it to the Central Seberang Prai veterinary services quarantine centre in Bukit Mertajam yesterday.

Also present were Dr Ahmad Shukri and Seberang Prai Municipal councillors Francis Ong Koon Liak and Lim Eng Nam.

The 16-month-old black German Shepherd had allegedly attacked housewife Lee Boon Chen and bit her on the chest when she was with her pet Shih Tzu at a playground near her house in Taman Bukit Tambun.

The dog, which was reportedly left unchained, had run towards Lee’s tiny dog and tried to bite it.
It was learnt that the owner had apologised to the victim and her husband over the matter.

Ong Chin Tian, owner of the pet shop where the dog had been placed for four days, said the dog was healthy and good-natured.

“Black German Shepherds are rare and a puppy is priced at RM3,500 each,” he said.

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