Monday, March 21, 2011

The Unrepentent DAP Over Kitten Issue

Comments from The Owl: 
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Animal Rights and Civil Liberties activists met with a few DAP MPs in Parliement on Wednesday the 16th of March. It was not, we hear, a good meeting.

Prominently missing from this not-good meeting was the MCLM. So busy they must be with politics, that they have little time for civil liberties. Nor have they, to our knowledge, bothered to issue a statement on the atrocity of the kitten killing or the despicable behaviour of the DAP politicians involved.

There were five of these MPs including Mr.Kulasegaran, Ms.Chong Eng, Ms.Fong Po Kuan and the MP for Kota Kinabalu, whatever his name is. We are informed that the MP for Kota Kinabalu behaved in ill-manner and was downright rude.

They watched the video of the torture and killing stony-faced and unmoved. One would have expected more of the gentler sex among them, but for them too, it seems, political calculation is all and compassion, long evaporated from their stony hearts. Unless of course, a show of it wins votes.

Only Mr.Kulasegaran, apparently, cringed, while watching the video. But he has made no public statement on the matter, so we will have to assume that he has cast his lot, with the inhumane. In which case, we may take his recent article on the state of the Indians, as so much political poppycock. For right is right, wrong is wrong and wrong must be condemned, whether it is committed by opposing party or your own.

The result of the meeting, as too often are results of meetings with politicians, was nothing. It was a waste of time.

The DAP is unrepentant, and will remain so. Dealing with them is familiarly like dealing with the BN. They ignore, defame and accuse their critics of political motive, just like the BN. And try to justify even the most heinuous acts of their own representatives.

So, we will have to continue to propose our 'Solution to the Opposition Voter's Conundrum' as outlined in earlier post.

While we applaud those untiring defenders of the helpless, led by Ms.Shenaaz Khan in this case, who, the DAP will find, will not give up, until justice is done.
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Hon Est said...

Can you just move on? They tried to help the poor girl with a platform for her instead of letting the mod hound her. She had shown remorse and pleaded for forgiveness. What else you hope to achieve? Send her to jail to destroy her life or to prevent other platform providers like the DAP from helping those who seek their help?

Anonymous said...

We must start a protest against Ean and Teo.

Remember how Fong Poh Kuan, Chong Eng and gang strongly demanded Bung Mokhtar's apology. Even MCA Chew Mee Fun and Umno Shahrizat joined in.

Just wondering why BN so quiet on this kitten issue. There are many Malays who keep cats. How about getting some celebrities to join in the protest?

We animal-lovers love cats, dogs, etc. But I know from personal experience that many urban Chinese especially those with young children hate cats to the extent of scalding them.

P.S. I bet you Tony Pua doesn't like cats.


Dear Hon Est,

Thanks for sharing your views.

The confession from the kitten killer seems enough for you and we can understand your feelings to move on from there.

However, cruelty to animals, in our opinion, is not something to be taken lightly. It is a crime which is punishable including serving a jail term.

As much as we may all want to forget about what happened, justice must be served to the kitten.

We are glad that the Department of Veterinary Services is going ahead with plans to take action against the woman for the crime that she had committed.

We can only hope that the DVS will be successful in its endeavour.

A jail term (maximum) is only six months and not forever. An experience under lockup will teach all Malaysians that being cruel to animals will not pay.


Dear Anonymous,

Whilst we agree with most of your sentiments about the need to speak up and fight for our animals, you remark against Tony Pua was really unfair.

Pua really has nothing to do with the kitten issue and we can't presume to be a non animal lover.

We do hope however that he will use his influence to advise Ean and Teo about their imprudence in holding the press conference.

Anonymous said...

people like Hon Est are very dishonest and facilitate the killing of kittens by their cavalier 'tidak apa' attitude. would Hon Est say the same thing if her mother was hit with an umbrella and stomped to death? I rest my case.