Sunday, March 20, 2011

DAP Elders Conveyed Outrage By Animal Activists To Ean and Teo

DAP elders have conveyed the outrage expressed by animal and human rights activists over a kitten killer to Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching and Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong.

“I wish to stress that it was a very cordial discussion with two-way feedback and we are very pleased to have cleared the air on this matter with both Ean and Nie Ching,” DAP national vice president M Kulasegaran told Malaysia Chronicle.

“Both have taken note and we leave it to their good judgement what they wish to do next. I wish to make it very clear, neither of them had any bad intention when they tried to help Chow,” Kula added, when pressed if the duo would apologize for their actions.

Meanwhile, Ean told Malaysia Chronicle he did not intend to slight animals. “If I can, I will use my position to help animals.”

Of the two, Ean has borne the brunt of the public’s anger because he was caught saying, “it was only a cat”.
Murder is murder
Ean and Nie Ching had created a furore amongst animal lovers and many Malaysians when they organized a press conference to plead for forgiveness for the 21-year Chow Xiao Wei, aka the Serdang Kitten Killer.

The activists were upset because they believed Chow should be handed over to the authorities for the sternest punishment.
“I have no comment on this matter. The authorities who are investigating the case will now decide what to do,” Ean told Malaysia Chronicle.

He reiterated that he agreed both human and animal lives were equally important.
A former shop assistant, Chow was captured on video torturing and then stomping to death 3 small kittens. The clip was loaded on You Tube and went viral, triggering a massive manhunt on social networks such as Facebook.
Chow claimed that she had been suffering depression because of her parents’ divorce, but her explanation was rejected by many Malaysians.

Who will protect life if not our lawmakers
Earlier this week, Malaysian Animal Welfare Society (MAWS), Malaysian Animal Rights Society (ROAR), Petpositive, and Lawyers for Liberty demanded that Nie Ching and Ean apologize to the public for their uncaring attitude towards animals and disregard for laws that protected life.

They delivered a memorandum of protest to a DAP delegation led by Kula in Parliament. In the memo, they also urged DAP not to field either Ean or Nie Ching in the next General Election.
“It is up to Ean and Nie Ching if they feel they should offer a public apology. Humility is never wrong, but again I wish to point out, they are not villians as they have been painted out to be,” said Kula.

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KY said...


You were once a STAUNCH SUPPORTER of Pakatan Rakyat & you practically supported any party within the Pakatan Rakyat alliance without doubts & disagreement. However, things seems to take a change recently.

May I know why are you suddenly "SO AGAINST" DAP??? Could you have been "BOUGHT" by Barisan Nasional to defame its' rival??? Could you now be another so-called "ROCKY BRU" in the making???

Well, common sense tells me the reason why you had changed your TARGET is NOT becos' merely of some DEAD PUSSIES, BADLY BASHED-UP DOGGIES or even some petty issues relating to DISABLED hawkers. I thinks it's more of trying to cause RUCKUS using your blog articles to DEFAME your PAYMASTER's rival as instructed by your PAYMASTER.

Could this be TRUE??? Pls. calrify.

Anonymous said...

The point is one should not help a criminal as compared to helping a victim.


When a criminal such as a kitten killer, thief, rapist, etc comes to you for help, you should let the police handle the matter and investigate.

Can you imagine if a rapist asks for a press conference to say "sorry" to his victim and that's it? Now don't say a rapist is human and in this case "it's just a cat" because this shows Ean and Teo have no respect for animals' lives.

This episode shows that DAP must offer quality candidates, who possess good judgement, humility, kindness (including for animals), in order to earn the respect of voters.

Politics should not be an avenue for aggressive,proud,stubborn,egoistic,fresh young graduates/jobseekers who lack maturity and good judgement.

Anonymous said...

Hi KY,

I wrote the first comment. I was and am a staunch supporter of DAP (especially the old guard),and have deep respect for Chen Man Hin, Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, and even Alliance's Tunku Abdul Rahman, Gerakan's Lim Chong Eu and Tan Chee Khoon - all old-timers and some already long gone.

Just because we bash some opposition members doesn't mean we are against DAP. For example, we bash the younger generation for their bad English and lack of graciousness,etc but this doesn't mean we love our children (younger generation) less.

Another example - say if your father beats up your mother, you should report him, but the question of loyalty should not arise as a crime has been committed.

So KY don't be narrow-minded.

We voters are just disappointed in the quality of candidates, that's all. If you want to change the black ("BN") colour of your car to silver, you don't just get some "half past six" workshop to paint the new coat on top. You get less slip-shod workers who will painstakingly remove the original layer ("rot"), and then apply the new coat. "Rome was not built in a day."

So listen to MCLM and get good candidates who wlll make the opposition proud. Don't take "frogs" or those who unwittingly "shoot their own feet", much to the amusement of BN. Remember Teo's earlier episodes. She was raw, immature and naive, and lacked the foresight, good sense and judgement, and thus showed her lack of sensitivity towards the Muslims. There are enough monkeys in Parliament as it is, so please ...

guwawijaya said...

I couldn't help but note that Teo Nie Ching has been particularly targetted by UMNO and pro UMNO bloggers, reporters and journalists. It would appear she represents a clear and present danger to UMNO interests.