Saturday, March 05, 2011

Kittens "Killer" To Be Revealed Tomorrow

The culprit in the video
IT is being reported that a press conference is going to be held at the office of local assemblyman Ean Yong Hin here tomorrow at 10am.
Animal lovers are looking forward with eager anticipation where it is reported that the identity of what is being billed now as the "Serdang Cat Killer" will be revealed.
Recently a video on YouTube of a person abusing two kittens has been going around the social networks in an attempt to locate the abuser. (See KITTEN ABUSE).
The video is said to be a CCTV footing that was shot here in Serdang. It is not known if the kittens and its mother survived the ordeal. Chances are, they probably didn't. 

It is not known as to what kind of a press conference that will be held. Many think it is in support of the abuser but animal groups have express their outrage if this happens. 
Says Shenaaz Khan of Malaysian Animal Welfare Society: "The abuser should never be allowed to get away with her crime through a mere confession. Instead she should get the maximum punishment including a jail term for her willful act of cruelty to those innocent kittens."
Recent poodle abuse
It has been reported that animal activists and groups will make police reports at the nearest police station after the PC. They will follow it up with an official complaint to the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) on Monday.
PETPOSITIVE and SPCA Selangor is also expected to be present at the event. PET+BLOGSPOT understands that the DVS is following the developments closely. 

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vasantha said...

I shall pray for justice for the helplessa thing. The kitten should not have suffered in vain. My Ted and I share your sentiments.