Friday, March 04, 2011

Another Animal Abuse - Will We Ever Get The Culprits?

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JUST WHEN WE ALL foolishly and naively thought that it is safe to switch on our computers again, we find ourselves confronted with yet another grisly video of another animal being tortured.

This time several felines are involved. Two kittens are are tortured and what is believed to be their mother is also in the video.

What's worse is that, once again, the video is from Malaysia!

We're bound to see animal activists and groups getting into the act of condemning the abuse and making police reports again. 

But the point is: will we be able to catch the culprits? 

Probably not; and we hope that we in PETPOSITIVE are very, very wrong about this.    

Here is the story by Malaysiakini's Leven Woon:

With images of the depraved YouTube poodle abuser still fresh in public memory, a new video showing a person abusing two kittens has appeared on Facebook, triggering public fury and a fresh manhunt to identify the abuser.

The video, around five minutes long, shows a person flinging two kittens into the air with an umbrella, with one being trampled until it is unable to move by the end of the video.

The video, titled “Malaysia, Serdang, filmed by CCTV”, shows a narrow lane between two buildings where the abuser first attacks a brown kitten.

The kitten, who was repeatedly hit and flung by the abuser’s umbrella, haplessly tried to avoid the bash.

The abuser then repeats the same violent acts on another kitten, stepping on it and casting it aside before leaving.

Another cat appears, but it is frightened away by the abuser’s umbrella.

The video has generated more than 2,000 comments since it was posted on Facebook via ghost story fan page recently.

Several Facebook users have successfully tracked down a boyish girl, who is said to dress in the same clothes and caps the abuser wears in the video.

The girl’s photos are now widely circulated alongside with the video.

A report has been lodged with the SPCA, but it is not clear whether the criminal will be apprehended, given the lack of success in arresting such persons so far.

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