Friday, January 21, 2011

APAC Not Concerned About The Elderly And The Disabled In PJ

RECENTLY OUR PRESIDENT and Petaling Jaya City Councillor Anthony SB Thanasayan issued a blistering attack at the All Petaling Jaya Jaya Residents Association Coalition or APAC for refusing to take action against a member of its subcommittee Miss Bathmavathi Krishnan for trying to disrupt a disability seminar organised by MBPJ. Click HERE.

Recently, PET+BLOGSPOT received a letter from a long-time resident of Petaling Jaya who not only took Krishnan's action to task but also seriously questions the very role and existence of APAC.

We decided to print the author's letter in full today in PET+BLOGSPOT

The Editor,
Opinion Letters

I have been a faithful resident of Petaling Jaya and I have seen this satellite grow from an industrial estate to a thriving cosmopolitan township.

Today, I am disappointed that Petaling Jaya is lagging behind in terms of modern infrastructure, deplorable and decaying conditions of our buildings due to lack of proper maintenance, poor transportation systems and congestion in every part of the city.

As an elderly person, I write in response to the residents and against APAC who are against development, especially in Section 52, Petaling Jaya.

In my personal opinion, this group who calls themselves APAC, did not approach us to seek our opinion on Section 52. 

How then can they object when the majority of us residents were not consulted? 

Who then is APAC to seek publicity by issuing false statements and baseless remarks claiming to represent “the whole of Petaling Jaya”.

In my research, I find APAC to be just a small group of “wealthy individuals” trying to exert authority over the Petaling Jaya City Council and simply objecting for the sake of objecting. 

I personally feel APAC is abusing the priviledge accorded to residents’ associations by the local council and I call upon the Dato’ Bandar of Petaling Jaya to ignore this selfish group. 

Petaling Jaya would be a better place without any contributions from APAC.

Who is APAC? What does APAC stand for? 

The majority of us in PJ are not members of APAC. So, why claim to represent the whole of Petaling Jaya knowing this statement is false and misleading?

APAC has a representative in Miss Bathmavathi Krishnan. 

What contributions has she made for the well-being of the OKU community in Petaling Jaya? 

Some of us were very disappointed when we heard she gatecrashed a seminar organized by MBPJ and together with her comrades came to disrupt the sessions. 

A very shameful and disgraceful act by someone on a wheelchair! Was this supported by APAC?

APAC has not made any contributions towards the well-being of an elderly like me and they have not put forward any suggestions to the Petaling Jaya City Council to uplift and upgrade the amenities and facilities especially for the elderly, handicapped, blind, wheelchair users and the disabled. 

Just because most of them are abled bodies, the disabled are ignored and forgotten.

I am certain what PJ really needs to move forward can be materialized through the proposed development at Section 52 as it adopts a development model that will provide for the elderly, handicapped and the disabled community through the deployment of ramps for wheelchairs, uniquely designed walkways for the blind, ample reserved disabled parking lots as well as lifts, telephone booths and restrooms specially equipped for this community.

I am also especially reassured that the development will be deploying the services of auxiliary police for basic security measures embedded within the development model. 

This is indeed a thoughtful, responsible and strategic approach taken by the developer in helping to preserve the community’s peace and safety.

While, nothing has been carved in stone with regards to improvement of the traffic situation but at this point I am pleased that thought and effort has been given to take the necessary steps through traffic assessments and plans to improve traffic congestion as well as provide better public transportation for the betterment of PJ folks. 

Needless to say I was also happy to read that the cost to upgrade and improve traffic conditions will not be from us, tax payers.

At my age and as someone who appreciates greenery and nature also considering the lack of it in cities such as PJ & KL, it was such great news to me when I learned that the development will also have a vast park and playground that not only caters for normal children but special ones too.

What is more fascinating is that the development will adopt a “green concept” - energy savings and for a sustainable building concept to reduce impact on the environment.  

In my lifetime, I never thought that Petaling Jaya will see such development that is on par with world class developments.

My hope is that this development will materialize soon and I urge more and more Malaysians to support it as it will not only raise the property value in PJ but will benefit the whole Petaling Jaya. Well done to MBPJ and its councillors and Kudos to the State Government of Selangor for supporting development in Petaling Jaya.

A Resident of P.Jaya.
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Anonymous said...

Kudos! As resident of PJ and I support the development in PJ.

Anonymous said...

Finally a resident has spoken. People fail to realise that they too would one day become handicapped. Let's support development that benefit both the disabled and the abled bodies. PJ is meant for all to enjoy.

Irene said...

I heard about this project last year, wondering why is it taking so long to start.

Having lived in PJ for close to 30 years, I welcome this development. Please ignore APAC as they don't represent everyone in PJ.

Cynthia said...

I run a business in section 52. I welcome new development, which is long over-due.

I never heard of APAC of asking my opinion. Who are they?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Thanasayan,

Thank you for this excellent Blog.

One can see that the posts here are written without fear or favour.

I was present at your MBPJ event when the four disabled persons in wheelchairs behaved shamefully.

I was shocked to hear when one of them named Stanley used the word "shit" to describe MBPJ's disabled friendly features.

How rude to speak like that when they were MBPJ's guests on that day.

What more to eat the food free given by the local council.

I used to support the handicaps but after that day, I can see that the disableds are no different from the non disableds.

What an ungrateful bunch of uneducated louts.

And they expect the able-bodied people to support them?

Go to hell!

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