Thursday, January 20, 2011

MBSA Set To Rescue A Dog In Distress

Canine Cruelty: Muzzled by a rafia string
(Update: 21/01/01 6.30pm: MBSA reports that they were unable to find the exact home of the alleged abused German Shepherd Dog. The only home they found was one that had two GSDs. They will continue their search tomorrow.)  


THE OWNER OF THE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG (right) is in a heap of trouble.

He or she will be visited by a council officer here first thing in the morning tomorrow for a possible case of animal cruelty.

The picture was sent to us a few hours ago by a reader of Petpositive Empowerment on Facebook named Loo Yuen Ping.

As you can see,  the pitiful GSD is muzzled by a piece of rafia string possibly to stop it from barking; or possibly even eating something. 

It has also been reported that the canine is being kept together with its own urine and faeces.

Judging from the photograph, the background area is amazingly impeccable with some nice flower plants. 

That may possibly explain why the GSD is also tied up - so as to not reach the flowerpots and destroy the plants. 

This horrific picture is a fine example of what PET+BLOGSPOT believes strongly about: it is pet owners who are more of monsters than many of local council authorities.

We have alerted this matter to Puan Zuhailah Abdul Latiff, the veterinary assistant from the Shah Alam City Council.

"We will visit the home first thing on Friday and investigate the complaint thoroughly, " she told PET+BLOGSPOT this evening through a telephone call.

"We will not hesitate to take action against the owner if they are found guilty of cruelty," added the MBSA official who regularly attends the monthly meetings on canines organised by the Canine Advisory Team of the Petaling Jaya City Council.     

PETPOSITIVE strongly believes that owners who are guilty of cruelty should never be allowed to keep dogs at all. 

Subjecting an animal to have its muzzle tied up like this is extremely cruel and even dangerous for the animal.

And why have a pedigree when you obviously can't look after it?

German Shepherds are barkers at heart. Did the owner bother to know this when he or she got the dog in the first place? 

GSD's are incredibly intelligent animals and can be taught when to bark and when not to. There is no need to tie up the breeds mouth to stop it from barking.

In fact to do so would cause a dog to make noises even more because of the discomfort. 

Other ways of stopping a dog from barking unnecessarily are giving it enough exercise and activities to keeping it in a cosy place when it will not be tempted to bark at passer-bys or other animals.

One of the best places is inside the home or in a bedroom. 

It seems very clear that its owner has obviously got more than he/she had bargained for. 

According to Loo's report, the Department of Veterinary Services has also been alerted to the case.

Stay tuned via Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk and My Space for the very latest in this latest development. 

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