Sunday, January 23, 2011

Local Dog Blog Slammed For Spreading Prejudice About Pit Bulls

Caring Pit Bulls
That noisome local dog blog - name intentionally withheld to "protect" the guilty (sic) - has very obviously bit off more than it could chew.

This happened when one of its members claimed to the media recently that pit bulls innately possess a "ferocious streak".

Now they are shamelessly trying to add a new spin to its story! 

An unmatched breed
The blog author is now coming up with an even more ridiculous clanger saying that what the group meant to say was that pit bulls are okay as pet dogs - but but not as guard animals.

And the reason for that big "NO! NO!" is also because of what the blogger - with a notoriety of using foul language - is adamantly claiming that pit bulls have a "natural ferocious streak".

What a load of codswallop!

This is typically what happens with people who are essentially amateurs. 

They try to proclaim themselves as so-called "experts" about dogs just because they happen to save one or two animals in distress.

Don't get me wrong.

Anyone who saves innocent and homeless dogs and cats from the streets and gives them a good home deserves a big pat on the back.

Blog spreading breed racism
However, to cross one's boundaries and try to portray themselves as an animal egghead is really too much.

Let us not become nutcases in such situations. Instead, let's educate ourselves with the facts of the matter.

PETPOSITIVE is against the discrimination of canines of any breeds.

We have - and will always maintain that it is never the problem with the dogs but the owners who should be brought to the book in situations where an animal has gone bad - except in situations if and when it rabies is involved.

Service pit bull
We firmly maintain that pit bulls make wonderful pets as well as in whatever service they have to perform; whether it be in crime-control, animal-assisted therapy or just a house pet.

What is of primary importance is that pit bulls should be bred by good breeders and raised up under the guidelines of good responsible ownership.

Back to the irresponsible blog and its author who is only spreading disinformation about pit bulls, and by doing so also harming the perceptions of all dog breeds including mongrels, please get your facts right from the people who work with pit bulls - and not from a cursory glance from Google or Wikipedia or even some crap purportedly on the Internet from the CIA!

Covering up your howler about pits will only make you look more stupid.

Here are some common myths about pit bulls that need to be debunked:

* Pit Bulls' jaws lock down like no other breed.

RUBBISH: Studies show that the jaw of the Pit Bull is in proportion to its size and is no different than any other breed of dog.  There is no evidence that any kind of "locking mechanism" exists in the American Pit Bull Terrier.

* Pit Bulls are mean and violent (the 'ferocious streak' thingy).

NONSENSE: According to the American Temperament Test Society, Pit Bulls pass the test with flying colors.  In fact, the Pit Bull scores 82% or more.  The success of Pit Bulls in this series of tests proves they are not naturally mean or violent.

* Pit Bulls cannot be used for protection work:

CLAPTRAP: The first United States war dog was a Pit Bull named Stubby.  Stubby served in World War I and was honored with medals and a visit to the White House. He went on to inspire the United States Military K-9 Corp.

Here are more facts about the wonderful Pit Bull Breed:

* Pit Bulls have long served as therapy dogs.  In fact, Helen Keller's canine helper was a Pit Bull.  Organizations such as the Chako Rescue Association have Pit Bull therapy dogs across the country in Utah, California and more.

For more about this great breed of dogs, please visit this excellent Pit Bull rescue group's web page: 


As to the local dog blog that is spreading distortions about Pit Bulls, and at the same time claiming to be a animal rescue group: they should be ashamed of themselves!


Meanwhile, here is  an email we received from a reader by the name of Edwyn Liew from Selayang, Selangor, who saw red in some of the recent postings in the dog blog.

Fearing that his post would not be printed in the Blog, Liew has requested that we print his views in PET+BLOGSPOT which he describes as "a professional blog that allows healthy discussions on issues related to animals, disability and the elderly without name-calling and personal insults."

Please note that whilst we print the author's letter, the views are entirely his own and not necessarily those of PETPOSITIVE'S.

As always we welcome a healthy discussion on the issue. You may share them in our COMMENTS section.

Please note, however, that personal, rude, and insulting comments will not be entertained. This Blog reserves the right NOT to publish missiles of such nature. 

Also, names in Liew's letter has been deleted.

Liew's comments:    


My name is Edwyn Liew and I am a second generation resident in Selayang and own and run a coffee shop Rawang. 

I am writing this letter to your organization to highlight comments that was stated in a local animal adoption group blogspot (DELETED) I came across while surfing the internet, in regards to the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang Health Department’s Animal Pound.

Besides the rude and unjust title, “Selayang Pound Bodoh!”, this so called animal adoption group’s author has accused them of being Selangor’s premier dog abuser and have even gone so far as to curse the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang’s key personnel by name.

Feeling somewhat disturbed by their blog post, I decided to go through their blog entries and reader comments, past and present, to discover what their true motives are for writing such a offensive post. 

Meticulously reading their past entries, I noticed that this was not the first time that the author of the blog had baselessly accused and criticised many parties and individuals which is probably to create a frenzy to lead the public in supporting them and probably to collect more donations. 

There were also many questions by some readers that were left unanswered for some strange reason.

Even more bizarre was the mention that the founding member and author of  the blog is a journalist by profession for a local newspaper.  

 Back to the present blog post, the author writes:

 “An independent rescuer, who has been feeding a stray in Selayang, with the aim of befriending the dog pending vaccination and spaying before re - homing, was devastated when the dog went missing about a week ago. Her week long search led her to the Selayang pound where she found the dog.

She asked to adopt the dog and said she was willing to pay whatever compound imposed on her. She had to use an intermediary as she has been banned from the pound for exposing the cruelty there several months ago.”

From my point of view and I guess many Malaysians as well, is to ask, what was wrong with the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang or any other local municipals going out to catch strays in the first place? At the very least they are catching them and not shooting them anymore.

In the past, I had a Muslim friend who complained to the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang about a pack of stray dogs that were loitering and defecating in front and around his corner lot restaurant. 

There was also an Indian motorcyclist that was chased and bitten while leaving the restaurant after breakfast. Lucky for my friend, the Majlis Selayang helped solve the problem by catching the strays. Being a coffee shop owner and a tax payer myself, I am glad that I can count on the local town council to help me if I ever have a stray problem that could jeopardize my safety, business and my customers’ health.

Rationally, if this local animal group feels so strongly against the local councils protecting and assisting the majority of the public by catching stray dogs and putting them down, wouldn’t it be better if they visit the local pounds to “rescue” the strays there instead of constantly criticizing them? 

In fact, if anyone wants to adopt homeless strays, they could not only visit the government pound but the SPCA or PAWS. 

My two dogs which I keep at home are also from a government pound and my sister’s dog was from SPCA Ampang.

In the animal blog, the author has mentioned that the Selayang pound has a history of distemper and parvo viruses. 

I do not refute that fact but wasn’t the Selayang pound facility built to house STRAY or OWNERLESS animals they catch for a temporary duration before they are put down? 

Putting aside irresponsible owners who don’t license their pets or vaccinated them against diseases, wouldn’t most of these stray animals probably be infected with these viruses or diseases already? 

Before I took my dogs home from the government pound, I brought them to a vet who helped me to vaccinate and deworm them behind his clinic. 

Two weeks later, I took the photographs and vaccination card to the Majlis Selayang to apply for the dog licenses. I now have two very healthy pet dogs at home!

Another strange comment by the animal group was that dog owners do not need to license their dogs if they have the necessary documents to prove that their dogs have been vaccinated.

From their blogspot:

“We have been informed that a few local councils - due to bad advice - will be going around inspecting homes to see if the dogs have been licensed. 

They owners will be issued licenses on the spot and then given a stipulated time to get the dog vaccinated etc. 

This is ridiculous as the purpose of a license is not to control numbers but to indicate that the dog has been vaccinated. According to these clueless people, this is THE WAY to curb strays!!! We are shocked with the level of ignorance shown here.”

Is this idiotic and shallow animal group, one that should be supported and trust if they can publish such an ignorant comment? 

Coming from an animal group that supposedly also advocates responsible ownership I find this very stupid and irresponsible. 

The reason for a dog license is not only for proof of vaccination but to help in promoting responsible pet ownership and ownership accountability. In fact, the councils should not stop at inspecting homes but corporate entities as well.

Judging from their ignorant comment would it be save to say that their other comments be just as irresponsible and baseless as well? 

I personally think that this local animal group and their founder, the author of their blogspot is clearly doing this for the money instead of truly helping the strays or to alleviate the stray related problems in our country. 

The authorities should seriously look into this matter!!!


Edwyn Liew - Selayang

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Yue-li said...

Hi Anthony,

I used to be a fan of this particular animal welfare group on Facebook. At the risk of sounding childish, I have to say that I recently "unliked" myself from this group.

I found it very disturbing that the administrator of the Facebook page is using it as his/her personal space to slam anyone that does not agree with their views. The writings are petty and spiteful ramblings, with no desire to rein in their language. They come across as very unprofessional. With so many fans of their page (over 7000), they should remember to maintain their dignity and professionalism and remember that all of us are here to help the animals - regardless of our different views.

Very disappointed that people cannot put the bigger picture of animal welfare before their own pride and egos.

Anthony SB Thanasayan said...

Hi Yue-li,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. It is such a breath of fresh air for me especially when I've been coming across some so-called "animal-lovers" who have become totally unreasonable with their views of creating a better world for the animals.

You are right. I believe in healthy arguments too. But not in reducing oneself in speaking profanities.

I wonder what makes people think that just because they use a four-letter word, people with listen to them?

Yes, it is most important to maintain our dignity at all times - if not for ourselves; at least for the hapless animals that we are all trying to help.

We in PETPOSITIVE would love to hear your views whenever you care to share them with us. Even if you don't agree with everything that we do.

That's the beauty about having a diversity of views - there is something for all of us to learn from each one of them.

Thanks for writing again Yue-li

Benny Yap said...

Hello Anthony, my name is Benny and I’m from your neighbouring country, Singapore. Before I continue, I would like firstly say that I too have become a fan of your blog especially after reading about how you were involved in stopping the municipal dog shooting in Ipoh. Incidentally, I travel to Ipoh at least once a year to visit my relatives there.

Anyway, referring to a statement by one of Malaysia’s local animal related organization that mentioned that…

(QUOTE): a few local councils - due to bad advice - will be going around inspecting homes to see if the dogs have been licensed. The owners will be issued licenses on the spot and then given a stipulated time to get the dog vaccinated etc. This is ridiculous as the purpose of a license is not to control numbers but to indicate that the dog has been vaccinated.

Coming from people that brand themselves as a reputable and responsible animal welfare organization, I find this statement to be utter baloney. What hallucinogenic drugs were these people on when they made that statement? Were they deliberately trumping up these fantastic stories to get some sort of attention to help further their cause? From where I stand, I think that whatever they’re up to, it’s certainly not for the animals but because of jealousy or greed. A truly responsible and respected animal welfare organization would never resort to telling lies to get things done or to mislead their supporters as in the case of their supporters comments from their social network (Facebook) account who mentioned this when they read their newly posted story titled “Persecution of dogs rescuers, lovers and fosterers”…
(QUOTE): “Brainless council in my state and also to this country...” and “This is why we need to press for elections in local councils in Malaysia. Please compare with neighbouring Singapore. I envy how efficient and accountable their local councils are”

Hilarious comments, but I wonder how they would feel about Singapore when they find out that in my country, the law clearly states that “NO ONE SHOULD OWN OR KEEP A DOG THAT IS OVER 3 MONTHS OF AGE WITHOUT TAKING OUT A DOG LICENSE!”. This law was set and implemented some time back to help promote RESPONSIBLE OWNERSHIP and PROOF OF OWNERSHIP! Why do you think we rarely see stray dogs roaming Singapore streets? By the way, does anyone know that another neighbouring country is in the midst of implementing the very same laws as Singapore but with a slight twist?

“All pet dogs and puppies over 120 days old will have to be implanted with an identification microchip and registered at the local district office. The owner is then issued with a dog identity paper that must be carried at all times when the dog is outside of the home. Failure to do so will result in a fine and/or impound.”

If anyone guessed THAILAND, they’re absolutely CORRECT! Why would a country that practices TNR (Trap Neuter and Release – Sorry no manage) need this new legislation if TNR was indeed a working solution to counter mainly rabies and the stray population?

I’m very surprised that the animal organization that so boldly posted the “DANGER SIGN” picture didn’t know all this before posting the story. But I guess that’s the way the world is today. GREED, JEALOUSY and IGNORANCE really makes some people do the strangest things!

Signing off!!

Benny Yap - Realist

Sandra Lee said...

Hi Mr.Thanasayan,

I am surprised that the animal adoption group that wrote that blog titled "Persecution of dogs rescuers, lovers and fosterers" could write so blindly.

They have proven how amateurish they really are in respect to nurturing responsibility amongst pet owners. Wouldn't a pet owner with a strong sense of responsibility be less susceptable to abandoning their pet to become strays?

Don't all PROPER animal welfare groups emphasize on ownership responsibility not only for the care of the animals but also to help prevent unwanted strays?

This is something I copied from the SPCA Singapore website since that local animal group and some of their supporters always seem to mention "we should follow Singapore's example in their methods of solving the stray problem because of this and that..."


Basic points you should keep in mind before adopting a puppy are:

an annual dog licence in accordance with government
regulations, annual vaccination against major dog diseases.....etc.

This so called animal group who always seem to blow their own horn has already made many boo - boo's in the past and has not learnt from their mistakes. They should realize this now before it's too late, that leading people ASTRAY is also very irresponsible!

Krista Misko said...

Were you associated with the magazine Pet Times?