Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterinary Department Orders An Immediate End To All Dog-Shooting In Malaysia

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THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERINARY SERVICES (DVS) has called for an immediate ban on dog-shooting in the entire country.

This follows the senseless shooting to death of a senior therapy dog named "Spunk" in Taman Merdeka by the Ipoh City Council or MBI on October 30th, last month. 

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The canine belonged to a 75-year-old retired teacher who is a member of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (PETPOSITIVE). 
"Not only was it an extremely sad and regrettable incident but the killing of an animal that brought only hope and companionship to a senior citizen is inexcusable and a major embarrassment to Malaysia's image internationally," said Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamalludin, (right)  the Director-General of the DVS.
"The DVS views what happened very seriously," he added to a question put by PET+BLOGSPOT at a press conference this afternoon at the Department of Agriculture building here.

Dr Aziz was speaking at the conclusion of a special open dialogue session this morning in which he served as the chair. 
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The event, which was organised by the DVS, brought together about 30 people from government bodies as well as animal rights and welfare NGOs.

Apart from Petpositive, the other representatives came from the Independent Living and Training Centre (ILTC) in Rawang, Selangor, SPCAs from Selangor and Ipoh, Noah's Ark also from Perak, state and the Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation (MNAWF) from Kuala Lumpur.

The MNAWF was represented by its chairman Datuk Dr Mohd Nordin Mohd Nor, a former director-general of the Veterinary Services Department.
Petpositive called for the immediate outlawing of dog-shooting at the meeting. This was echoed by all of the NGOs at the meeting.

Cruel to shoot dogs
"The reason why local councils resort to dog-shooting is to find a quick solution to the problem of strays but this is not an acceptable solution," Dr Aziz pointed out.

"Dog-shooting is not only unnecessary but a cruel practice that is unacceptable in today's world," he added.

"It is also very dangerous as the bullet could strike human beings.
"Councils will no longer be allowed to shoot dogs but only under special situations such as in disease situations; however, it can only be done in very rare cases and under the supervision of qualified veterinarians.

"Councils should instead employ more humane methods to effectively deal with the stray problem by catching them and offering training to their catchers.

"Councils that currently exercise dog-shooting currently should learn from local councils in Selangor, in particular, that have abandoned such practices and now employ humane and more effective methods in stray management. 

Dr Aziz says his department will be writing immediately to the MBI to instruct them to cease all dog-shooting. 

This will also apply to other local councils in the country that is also engaging in such practices. 
A representative of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government who was present at today's meeting said that his department will also do the same.
Speaking to PET+BLOGSPOT after the meeting, Dr Ranjit Kaur from Noah's Ark said she was delighted by the decision of the DVS and the action that will be taken.

"As an advocate who has been actively fighting against canine-shooting in our city for many years, it was truly worth traveling all the way to this meeting."

Beaming also from ear to ear was Dr Goh Hue Lang, the head of SPCA in Ipoh. 
"Whilst dog-shooting is going to be a thing of the past, there are still many things to do to solve the problem of stray dogs in the city which we all need to put our heads together in order to find the best solution," she said.

Newcomer to the animal rights movement, Francis Siva, president of ILTC, said he was most impressed with Dr Aziz.

"He came across as a very approachable DG who had an amazing understand of dogs, their behaviour and how best to approach the issue," he noted.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Amy de Kanter from Petpositive Empowerment from Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Finally!! an end to the brutality.

Fezia Tyebally from Petpositive Empowerment on Facebook

Anonymous said...

Really? beautiful is safe now, but then again, the local council at my place..will they comply to this promise not to shoot to kill?

Maggie Mala Krish Muru from Petpositive Empowerment on Facebook

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Thank you Ant for your tireless efforts to stop "dog murders". God bless your good works.

Maggie Mala Krish Muru from Petpositive Empowerment on Facebook

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Fantastic!!!!!!! Great work, Ant! Congrats to you, team, supporters & all animal lovers!

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Great Job Anthony! You have been relentless in your pursuit of the better treatment of animals. All animal lovers share the joy of this victory with you!

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and thanks to the Veterinary Services of Malaysia .
Now , our task is to educate pet owners ... and to help to collect funds for shelters and logistics ...without money , nothing can be done !!! correc ?

Jeff Buffet from Petpositive Empowerment on Facebook

Anonymous said...

It is the first sign since a long time that Malaysians will change for better even some sensitive issues are involved.
The issue will be solved and monitored by responsable persons from every sides and heights of Malaysia, who agreed on a common decision .
Malaysia Boleh

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ant - has this been published in the papers already? am a bit out of the loop as have limited internet access here in JKT.

he he he very excited you see :P but well done guys!!!

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Anthony, you miracle-worker, this is amazing news!

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My boss (wife) scolded me because since few days I used Facebook during the working hours while few days ago I was saying that FB should be blocked in all companies :S... The spurrs get new shoes ... :)

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OMG!! Im so glad!! Now my Elsie will rest in peace knowing justice has been made!! I am crying now..hahahaha!! Im just so overjoyed!!