Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Serious Powwow On Animal Concerns Going On Now

Disabled Demo For Compassion

AN EXTRAORDINARY MEETING is taking place this morning - at this very moment - at the Ministry of Agriculture building in precinct four.

Animal lovers and activists from as far as the states of Selangor and Perak have gathered on the seventh floor of the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS).

They have convened with the related government representatives and agencies for a special powwow session  to decide on what many believe - and hope - will make a positive impact and difference for the future of animal welfare and rights in the nation.

It's called an "Animal Welfare Council". 

And it could very well be established during the two-hour open dialogue meeting this morning. 

Although the DVS has not disclosed much about the morning event, PET+BLOGSPOT believes that if such an institution was being set up, it could - and should - include selected NGOs for animal concerns.

Apart from PETPOSITIVE who has been invited to today's session, the SPCA's from both Selangor and Ipoh are also present. 

An invitation has also been extended to other animal shelters which include Noah's Ark, PAWS Animal Welfare Shelter, Malaysian Animal Welfare Society and MNAWF.

The Independent Living and Training Centre (ILTC), a well-known disabled self-help organisation, will be making its debut at the meeting.

They drew plenty of admiration from the general public for their outstanding courage in organising a demonstration (top pix) against the Kuala Langat municipal council (MDKL) when they senselessly destroyed nine pedigree dogs in September, instead of re-homing the canines. 
DVS DG Getting Tough
Today's event is the result of Petpositive's strong campaining recently for one of our elderly member of our society whose dog was brutally shot dead by the Ipoh City Council dog-catching unit on October 30th, last month.

The DVS meeting was called by its Director-General Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin.

A press conference will follow after the meeting.

Please stay tuned to Twitter on this Blog or to Petpositive Empowerment on Facebook for possible latest updates on today's discussions. 

A full update will be provided in PET+BLOGSPOT this afternoon.  

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