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PETPOSITIVE SAYS: The waiting for the new list of councillors in Selangor is growing more intense, especially in Petaling Jaya.

(Inset: Derek, Thiruvenggadem & aNt; some of MBPJ's councillors)

Who will be out and who will be in are the most interesting questions. The councillors have had one year to prove their worth and mettle - although quite a few of them say that 12 months is really not enough a time for them to really get down to work.

Without a doubt lawyer Derek Fernandez, who does not represent a political party is one of the favourites to be seen returned to the fold. Fernandez is not only one of the most hard-working and dedicated councillors in the team but one whom the MBPJ Council over the past year has benefitted a lot from his expertise in his field.

Thiruvenggadam Anamuthu who though has been labelled as "controversial" is another popular local councillor who has a record of speaking out for the poor and marginalised.

He has often spoken up for certain groups and so-called "sensitive" issues when few others had dared to voice out. Despite his outspokeness of late regarding the present state administrations' certain irregularities, his reappointment would serve Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Pakatan Rakyat well over the next year.

Finally all-eyes are on Anthony Thanasayan - our President - to see if he will be reappointed following a speculation nearly a fortnight ago suggesting that his name would be dropped off the list.

Having said that the MBPJ should be commended for coming up with a string of milestone acheivements for the disabled and elderly community in Petaling Jaya over the last year.

They include as many as 150 covered disabled car parks (currently under construction) for disabled drivers and caregivers of the handicapped, new and up-to-date user-friendly toilet designs and a first-ever universal designed pavement along Jalan Gasing for all citizens.

The MBPJ had also set up a first-ever monthly committee to look into dogs and cats called the Canine Advisory Team or CAT. Some of the programmes planned under this CAT for later this year is a spay and neutre clinic and a forum on responsible pet owners and animal rights.

Watch this space for the latest!


The following report is from StarMetro today:

Thursday July 2, 2009

66 new councillors for Selangor

SHAH ALAM: Selangor local councillors who have not been able to carry out their duties or were not residents of the districts and municipalities they served have been removed from the 2009-2010 list.

However, Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said more than 80 % of the old faces have been retained.

“The new names are appointed to replace those who resigned, failed to perform and lived in different localities,” Khalid told a press conference yesterday.

The batch of 288 councillors, 66 of them new faces, will be sworn after the list is made public on Monday.

Khalid said the state had fine-tuned the selection process and vetted the candidates before appointing them, as opposed to the previous practice when potential councillors were only investigated after being selected.

“We are concerned about issues such as bankruptcy orders as well as police reports and other relevant misconduct,” said Khalid.

In the previous batch of councillors, seven had insolvency issues levelled against them.

Khalid said five had managed to set aside their bankruptcy but two were still bankrupts at the time of their appointment.

He said the new batch of councillors were also residents of the particular areas.

“Previously, we thought we could bring in people from outside the area but provisions in the Local Council Act says residents are preferred,” he said.

On the remuneration for councillors, Khalid said there was no budget to increase their allowance, adding that the position was basically a social and philanthropic service.

He added that 25% of the appointed councillors were from non-governmental organisations.

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