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Malaysia's first animal-assisted therapy centre received a VIP-of-sorts visitor when Roxanna Lim came-a-calling on Tuesday.

Roxanna, who is a Life Petpositive Member was the adoptive mum of Wong Lee Foong until she passed away on September 9 last year.

Lee Foong was born with spastic quadriplegia.

As a child she was adopted by Roxanna when the former's real mum was too poor to look after her.

Roxanna raised up Lee Foong as if she was her very own child. The couple was famous among the disabled circles.

Rather than shy away from the public, Roxanna would take her daughter everywhere.

Lee Foong also enjoyed herself thoroughly - even at public demonstrations with the disabled.

In October of 2006, approximately four months after Petpositive was officially registered, the celebrated mother and daughter were our Society's first official animal-assisted therapy recipients.

After numerous discussion and consultations, Lee Foong's parent and Petpositive decided to embark on aquarium therapy for the girl.

It proved to be a smashing success for both mother and daughter.

The couple's success story was featured in a special video made by BIG PICTURE that was projected at Petpositive's charity dinner night in June of 2007.

When visiting our Petpositive Therapy Centre in Petaling Jaya, Roxanna presented our President Anthony Thanasayan with a photo-frame of themselves.

The special gift will be placed in our Therapy Room in remembrance of Wong Lee Foong.

A delighted Roxanna also took the opportunity to visit several areas in Petaling Jaya where Anthony as MBPJ Councillor is working to make the City a disabled-friendly city for all.

Meanwhile, please visit Padang Sekolah Kebangsaan Rawang on Saturday, July 4th from 10 am to midnight where the Independent Living and Training Centre will be holding its charity bazaar and food and funfair in aid of the society's upcoming new centre.

For further details please call Francis Siva 019 338 5959 or visit

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