Thursday, July 02, 2009



DATELINE SHAH ALAM: It appears that the nail-biting moments for local councillors in Selangor will be over very soon.

A press release issued late yesterday afternoon by the Selangor State Executive Councillors have revealed that the list of local councillors for the new term for 2009/10 will be announced to the public on Monday.

Once that is done, the new appointment will take effect on July 16, 2009. All the councillors will most likely be sworn in as councillors first before they can fulfill their duties.

Meanwhile, the approved list of local councilors is being subjected to a further stringent verification process in order to ensure that no one possesses criminal records, bankruptcy orders or "other relevant misconducts".

More than 80% of the new appointments are expected to be local councillors from the previous
term. The new names are appointed to replace those who had resigned, failed to perform and living in different localities.

Of course, Petpositive's major concern is to see if our President Anthony SB Thanasayan will be reappointed to be a councillor in the Petaling Jaya City Council or MBPJ.

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