Thursday, June 19, 2014

DVS Awaiting Police Findings On Alleged MPJBT Cruelty



INVESTIGATIONS BY THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERINARY SERVICES (DVS) of  alleged cruelty by a local council in Johor is now fully underway. 

This message was conveyed to PETPOSITIVE by an official from the DV just over an hour ago. 

No stone will be left uncovered, the representative assured us over the issue of brutal killings of strays said to have been committed by the enforcement staff of the Johor Baru municipality central council or MPJBT.

The matter was first highlighted on Facebook by the animal rescue group MIAR when someone had passed over an amateur video recording of the incident to the NGO. The footage went viral before PETPOSITIVE joined MIAR and three other animal NGOs to make a police report in Skudai, Johor against the local council. (See here for details: Police Opens File on Animal Cruelty Case by Johor Central Council

PETPOSITIVE subsequently issued a strong press statement to the media urging the DVS to act on the allegation. 

DVS confirmed the following today: 

  • DVS has conducted an interview with the amateur photographer
  • DVS is fully aware that the video footage is now with the forensics department and will work closely with the police as they investigate the matter.
  • DVS is also looking into the matter of working with a strict Standard Operating Procedure with MPJBT in all future stray management programmes. 
On another note, the DVS rep said the new Animal Welfare Bill is making its way through Parliament without any glitches. 

If all goes well, it will be out by the end of this year, making it much easier for DVS to work with local councils on humane animal treatment.  


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