Sunday, February 02, 2014

Galloping Away The Blues

IT MAY HAVE BEEN the start of a New Horse Year for most of my friends and others but the magnificent giant canine paw prints  of my 9-year old Alsatian Biman III which suddenly died last November kept making an even bigger impression in my life than any wooden animal.

This past snake year was particularly one of the worst and most difficult and unkind one that I had ever had.

I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact of me being born in the rat year - and rodents serving as mouth-watering morsels to serpents?

When my first German Shepherd Dog Biman II died suddenly of cancer before Biman III arrived, I was told by a very good elderly Chinese woman friend of mine - also a dog lover - that there is an ancient belief that when animals that are very close to human beings die suddenly, normally there is a very specific purpose for their deaths.

It is believed that before something very bad happened to the human being, the close pet would plead with God and make a deal to spare our life instead and let them be a sacrifice.

Biman II was always close with me and his mission was always to see that no harm befell me during our companionship.

And this seemed like the only if you like "acceptable" reason that I would take from God for taking Biman II from me prematurely. (Biman II was with me for 7 years)

So when the same thing happened to Biman III (this time of bloat), I recall comforting myself and telling all my friends that I guess Biman had to go in order to "fix things" for me "from the other side."

I sincerely believed it because of the uncanny things that transpired during the last moments of his passing. He waited for me to return home in order to say his last goodbye, ran out of his crate and immediately landed right next to my wheelchair before he breathed his last.

At least three major personal issues which I had been struggling with
for sometime when Biman III was alive miraculously started clearing up since last month and last week. This week, another issue will also gallop away into the clouds and never to trouble me again.      

Thank you Biman III. And if any of you reading this is going through some tough times yourselves, the secret is, hang in there. Things will get better. As long as you believe it. And don't be surprised if they are delivered to you from the most unexpected and unimaginable ways and sources.

Never give up on hope!

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