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Snake Year To Usher In Better Facilities for Baskin-Robbins And Mid Valley City



aNt's aNgle: 

RECALL my articles in PET+BLOGSPOT (Wheelchair Accessibility Is My Flavour) and in Wheel Power in The Star recently (Provide venues accessible to the disabled and elderly) where I wrote about my bitter experience visiting an ice-cream cafe recently. 

After paying almost RM20.00 for two scoops of it, I had no place to eat my delicious blob of ices decently? 

The unfriendly ice-cream bar
Well, Baskin-Robbins, run by Golden Scoop Sdn Bhd, has graciously responded to my complaints - bless them!

Here's an email I received last week from Strategic Consultant Charmaine Cheah who profusely apologised for what I had to go through in their cafe in Gardens Mid Valley.

With such good news to come for ice-cream lovers, allow me to take this opportunity to wish all PET+BLOGSPOT readers a most meaningful and prosperous Year of the Snake over the weekend and the next. 

Have a good one all!

PS: I also received a similar email from Stephanie Tan of Advertising and Promotions (PR) from Mid Valley City apologising for the "inconvenience caused" to wheelchair patrons. 

Tan said she appreciated the feedback provided as Mid Valley City is currently "in the midst of enhancing the facilities mall-wide for a better disabled-friendly environment." 

"We will have a detailed discussion with the mentioned tenants. Once again, we apologise for your unpleasant experience," concluded Tan.

Here's Charmaine's email in full: 

Dear Anthony

First of all, I would like to apologise for not replying sooner.
This is because we took your comments seriously, and we wanted this issue to be brought to the attention of the management team.

We hope to be able to come back to you with good action plans, instead of a mere apology.

We thank you very much for taking your time to give us your valuable feedbacks, and we appreciate the fact that you personally made a phone call to our Operations team to highlight on the article you wrote in Star2 last Thursday.

We agree with your views, and we must apologise for not being attentive enough when we designed the Gardens outlet. 

Ice cream is a treat for everyone and it is our intention to keep the interest of all customers at heart. 

Please be rest assured that this is not the standard that we intend to deliver, and we agree that our store at Gardens should have a wheelchair ramp to the raised platform. 

We sincerely apologise for our oversight on this matter.
As we are relocating our Gardens store to a new location, we ensured that our business development team is well informed of this matter, and many thanks to your feedbacks, we will be able to provide a friendly environment for all ice cream lovers at Gardens real soon.

While we are doing assessments on the other stores, we welcome your feedback at any point of time should there be any room for improvement. You may call me directly (DELETED) or Haliza (Operations Manager) and we will be happy to assist you in any matter.

Once again, we are sorry for your bad experience at our store.
We highly appreciate your comments as it will assist us in becoming better in what we do.
It is our goal to retain you as a satisfied customer and we sincerely hope to serve you again in the future.

I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year, and a very fruitful 2013.

With apologies,

Charmaine Cheah

Strategic Consultant
Golden Scoop Sdn. Bhd. 
(Baskin-Robbins Malaysia)

"We Make People Happy"

A-15-1, Tower A, Northpoint Office,

Mid Valley City, No. 1 Medan Syed Putra Utara,
59200 Kuala Lumpur


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