Friday, July 01, 2011

Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye Drops By Petpositive's Booth At Dog Park

L to R: Dog trainer Siva, Drixi, aNt, Lee & Edward from PAWS

PETPOSITIVE - the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and the Elderly Association - was one of three lucky animal welfare and rights groups to hold charity booths in a huge canine carnival here last Sunday. 
The event attracted more than 2000 animal lovers and scores of their pets. 

Some of the champion Dobermans in the ring
Our national non profit Society's participation was made possible through the kind invitation of Gopi Krishnan, a committee member of the Malaysian Kennel Association based in Kuala Lumpur.
Petpositive's booth which was given to us for free of charge was shared with PAWS Animal Welfare Society Malaysia.
Although we only managed to collect a total of RM139.00 for the entire full day event, the interaction with the people who visited our booth was worth it all. 
We managed to help spread the news of animal-assisted therapy to those who wanted to know about it, as well as on disability and the elderly. 
The Petpositive booth with Drixi the 3-year old GSD
Petpositive was pleased to see people with disabilities also taking part in the dog carnival which is a serious project by the developers of the park to create a canine park for pet lovers.
Our booth was one of the most popular thanks to Siva Govindan from Sivakenn kennels for demonstrating the bite and protection work of his three-year old female German Shepherd Dog named Drixi that spent a few hours with us.
We also had an artist who offered to draw the pets of pet lovers and give 10% of the profits to us.
It was a lovely surprised to have the VIP for the event  Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye pay a visit and take pictures of our booth. 
His presence was also in part to promote anti animal cruelty messages to the public.
I ceased the opportunity to tell him how Petpositive was kicked out of the current signature campaign to bring the issue to the Prime Minister.

Another one for the album
He was quite shocked about it and clearly didn't know about it as leader of the campaign.

He told me that he was very disappointed by what had happened and added that animal groups should work together to bring about change for the animals in Malaysian society - and not fight each other. 

And from what I was told by others at the event, the signature campaign hardly gained any support at the carnival because it was poorly organised.
Some of the leaders were not even present at the carnival. 
It was also rumoured that there were also murmurings apparently among the NGOs about some politicking among themselves. 
So much so that one or two groups were even thinking about pulling out from the initiative. 

(Pictures courtesy from Bandar Eco-Setia Sdn Bhd and Sivakenn kennels.)
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