Thursday, May 26, 2011

SPCA Kicks Out Petpositive!


PETPOSITIVE, ONE OF THE CLOSEST ALLIES of the Selangor Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has been booted out of an anti-abuse petition by animal activist groups meant for the Prime Minister.

The one responsible for the kicking out of Petpositive, (the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and the Elderly Association), is ironically the SPCA Selangor itself.

The animal welfare organisation located in Jalan Ayer Kerja Lama is accusing the national animal therapy organisation of "justifying dog abuse by the local councils."

The criticism comes after Petpositive President Anthony SB Thanasayan was interviewed by the news portal Free Malaysia Today on the Internet last Saturday. 

In the article, Thanasayan who is also Chairman of the Canine Advisory Councils of the Petaling Jaya City Council (MPBJ) and the Klang municipality (MPK) criticised local animal nongovernmental organisations for sometimes being impractical and too critical of local councils instead of engaging with them in meaningful and healthy dialogues.

The local councillor who has been working on stray dog management issues with local councils for over three years went on to challenge NGOs instead to stop being seen as "hypocrites" by local councils and make serious efforts to work for positive change.

That, however, obviously didn't go down well with the Selangor SPCA who is also a partner in Thanasayan's CAT team.

Their participation in MBPJ and MPK came about after Thanasayan insisted on their involvement with the respective local councils.

Thanasayan in responding to SPCA's claims, rubbishes their criticisms.

He also cautions animal welfare groups like the SPCA that unless they broaden their perspectives and change their modus operandi, they risk becoming irrelevant to local councils altogether.

"I am shocked and outraged by SPCA's decision to boot Petpositive out, especially as we were not only invited by them to endorse the document on May 19 but were also commended by them for our prompt support," said Thanasayan to PET+BLOGSPOT this morning.

"SPCA's removal of our names not only smacks at discrimination but they are also extremely silly in doing this," says Thanasayan adding that in order for their petition to be effective, the document needs as many animal NGO signatories as possible.       

"What's really their problem? Why were we even invited to participate in the petition in the first place if it wasn't going to be permanent?" Thanasayan asks.

"We gave them our endorsement to everything that was said in the document and isn't that that truly matters?"

"Don't they realise that I spoke to FMT under my capacity as MBPJ Councillor and not as President of my organisation?

"Why should members of Petpositive be seemingly 'punished' for what I said? Don't they have minds of their own just as SPCA's committee does too, I presume?"  

Thanasayan says that as far as one's personal motives or intentions are concerned, it is no one's business to judge others but rather be focused on what is at hand.

"I was instructed by SPCA to 'retract' my comments in FMT which I found absurd. Don't I have a right to make my own opinions and assessments?

"Why should I be made a PR tool for anybody?"

Thanasayan said SPCA informed him that Petpositive's endorsement was removed because "members of the public (felt) that (he) had (supported) the councils and (as a result) wanted to withdraw their support and boycott the campaign".

"One wonders who these seemingly 'multitudes' of pet lovers are when it is no secret that a mischievous and vicious hate campaign against me was started on one dog blog to settle her own personal frustrations after she was booted out of the Klang council and I was taken in.

"The dog blog in mention even stoops as low as to allow comments from readers who wish that I be "euthanised" because of my disability  and that my pet dogs which are service dogs should maul me soon.

Nothing shows up the hypocrisy of so-called "animal lovers" more than this.

"On the issue of SPCA, I know of scores of people who are not happy with the NGO and other animal NGOs for their what they call 'high-handed moralistic stance' over animal issues.

"It is also a shame that SPCA didn't think of using the opportunity of all the 'protests in wanting Petpositive out' to educate and put right the the myopic views of readers on animal issues and how to best overcome them in the country.  

"And where were the 'animal angels' when a dozen disabled people with their crutches and wheelchairs went to protest against the Kuala Langat council for putting down a dozen pedigree dogs?

"The intrepid troupe from Petpositive and the Independent Living and Training Centre were nearly attacked by an angry animal-hating mob that led everyone to the local police station!

"When I called the SPCA, their reply was that they had 'already issued a statement'." 

Thanasayan stressed that he was not out to be in the popular books of anybody but rather was interested in only what the animals ultimately thought of him in the end.    
"I believe in telling the truth like it is," he pointed out.

"I'm not into witch hunting of local councils. 

"The recent abuses happened in the states of Johor and Penang and criticisms against them are well justified. 

"But let's not lump all councils together and blame everyone. That is simply not right. 

"No I don't think that people in the councils are monsters with a lust to see dogs being tortured.

"But they are people and councils that make mistakes. Action should be taken against the perpetrators, definitely. 

"But there should also be time for healing and learning. We should create opportunities for new beginnings too.

"As for animal NGOs, they have a long way more to go in learning how to work with councils.

"Instead of getting rabid with councils all the time, they have to act more maturely and ultimately get to the discussion table. 

"They have hardly been effective so far. They also acknowledge this fact in their own rantings and ravings on their blogs. 

"It's high time for them to change their strategies. 

"Frankly, I'm not at all surprised why councils don't really listen to them. 

"And they had better reform quickly because I've been told by many councils and the public, animal NGOs are fast becoming irrelevant. 

"Instead of just barking up a tree all the time, for goodness sake try a different approach. 

God knows, how our hapless animals need it!" concludes Thanasayan.

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Anonymous said...

How terrible outrageous Anthony! Glad you highlighted this in your Blog. Now we know what organisations that we support are really doing. Keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

I think I know the notorious blog that you mention. Is it MDDB?

I used to support them before but not anymore.

It is run by a foul-mouthed woman who works as a journo in The Star.

Someone should really wash out her mouth with soap and Dettol.

She is not only rude to you Anthony but also to anyone who doesn't agree with her.

I stop donating to her organisation long ago.

keep up your good work! I'll be sending you guys a cheque shortly.

tehctarikh said...

Dear Anthony,

I've been reading your article and in my opinion you're better off without the Selangor SPCA. On the hate campaign, she's just being utterly vicious, insecure, a nuisance and sickening. Just ignore such irresponsible element.

Anonymous said...

Something I stumbled upon in the internet. Does anyone remember CASIM?


As stated:
The Coalition believes that compliance with the city council’s by laws is paramount and that neighbours complaints should be taken into consideration. However we deplore the manner in which the operation was conducted.

I find it very interesting that Petpositive was booted out by SPCA Selangor for trying to achieve the above statement.

Have they buckled under pressure by a new upstart group in the animal welfare game? SPCA Selangor seems to have even lost out in the media because of these nut jobs!

By the way, where were these people during the disccussions to end the dog shootings in Ipoh recently?

What HYPOCRITES!!! Think about it, a disabled group being more capable in affecting change than these able bodied groups? WHAT A JOKE!

Anthony, you should thank god that you were booted out by the SPCA Selangor. Now you really know where the wind blows! You don't need those empty shells!

My advice to you is to continue the good fight and try your best to change the councils from within.

Good luck from the rest of us!

Tan CW

Anonymous said...

Hey Semut (Ant)...sorry! LOL!

Copied & Paste something from the SPCA Selangor FB page you might find interesting!

Anon: I am a life member of SPCA. I respect every person and group who help animals. Just curious why I cannot post anything re Laura Lee's two cats and a couple of my posts have been deleted. They certainly were not offensive. I believe it is best to be open about everything and let people have their say as long as it is not criminal or offensive. Transparency is good fo all.

SPCA Selangor: Hi Anon, sorry but I have not removed any posts from Laura Lee's thread. And in fact the thread is still here, for anyone to post replies! We do believe in being transparent, which is why the thread wasnt deleted. Please do repost, perhaps FB is acting up?

Anon 2: Interesting comment about transparency SPCA Selangor and since you're on the topic, let me ask you one question. I've heard that you kicked Petpositive out from the petition. Why did you do that?

SPCA Selangor: Anon 2 - 'Kicked out' is more your words than ours. We felt that the statements made were in direct contradiction with the objectives of the petition and the opinions of the other supporting NGOs. The statements came immediately after the petition was launched, and we received a lot of feedback asking why this particular NGO was still allowed to be a part of the petition. So yep, touch call but had to be done.

Anon 2: Yes, what statements? As far as I know, the Petpositive group is also fighting for the same objectives as in the petition. And would you prefer I said that the SPCA Selangor "Nudged Petpositive out" rather than "Kicked out". Any difference? Looking way back, I remember reading something in the Petpositive blog about them getting somebody to help train the councils in catching strays more humanely. This is something the SPCA Selangor has been trying to do as well. It's even an objective in the petition. And do you know something? That very same move by Petpositive was condemned by one of the groups that is sitting in your petition. Isn't that rather hypocritical? Is there something you're not revealing?

Anthony, did such a thing happen? If it really did, then they are all hypocrites indeed! Better cancel one of the petition objective that states - "The methods employed in catching and transportation will follow 'DVS Humane Guidelines 2008 on Catching and Euthanasia of Stray Dogs"