Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shocking Dog Shooting In Bahau, Now Stopped; MDJ To Learn From MBPJ

File pix: Oh, no not again!

Residents living in this principal town of Jempol district are still reeling in shock and disbelief over what happened yesterday.

Council members from the District Jempol Council (MDJ) together with members from RELA went on a dog shooting spree to get rid of stray dogs in the area.

The exercise came about after residents demanded that the local council destroy the animals that had been giving them problems in the neighbourhood.

According to reports, the dog-shooters went everywhere and started shooting them in cold blood. The canines ran for cover. One even entered an office building in desperation after it was shot.

The fire-brigade reportedly was called in to remove the injured animal. 

Other residents who were obviously feeding the strays were severely traumatised by the exercise. 

They were unable to sleep last night after the incident.Children were crying continuously over the sight that they saw.

Some residents claimed that the stray bullets had caused damaged to their cars and buildings.

Yesterday's incident was so disturbing that they have called for a press conference that is scheduled to take place at 2pm today.

Teo against dog-shooting
They have invited the DAP state assemblyman for Bahau Teo Kok Seong to attend the PC. 

"When I tried to stop the dog-shooting yesterday, another group of angry residents kept telling the MDJ to continue shooting the dogs," Teo told PET+BLOGSPOT this afternoon.

"It was a very confusing and disturbing situation and I was caught in the middle. Whilst there were residents on one side pleading with me to stop the dog shooting, there was another equally large group on the other not only demanding for the exercise to go on but also went to the point of leading the dog shooters to where the strays were hiding," he added.
"It was like a war zone as shots were fired everywhere. Dogs were even gunned down in front of people's houses. Though I did not count the number of carcasses, they must have been in the number of several dozens," concluded Teo. 

PETPOSITIVE President Anthony SB Thanasayan, in a telephone conversation with the state assemblyman today expressed the Society's shock and disgust over what had happened. Teo concurred with his sentiments.

Thanasayan, who is also Chairman of the Canine Advisory Team of the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) and the Klang municipality (MPK) wasted no time to contact the MDJ to express his protest over what had happened.

An official pointed out to him that they had to act by law on the situation because of the residents' complaints.

Thanasayan pointed out to the MDJ that dog-shooting was banned in the country and urged them to work closely with the Department of Veterinary Services when it came to stray management control. 

He also asked them to suspend dog-shooting immediately which they agreed. 

Thanasayan extended an invitation to the MDJ to visit MBPJ and MPK to learn how to conduct stray management humanely and more effectively. 

PJ Mayor: Welcome to learn
The MDJ was very open to the idea. 

They promised to write to MBPJ Mayor Dato Roslan bin Sakiman as soon as possible to request for a working visit to the council.

In a telephone conversation with Thanasayan soon after Dato Roslan said he was eagerly looking forward to MDJ's letter and that MBPJ would be most happy to help the local council.

Teo Kok Seong said he would make the announcement of the immediate ban on dog shooting news by the MDJ after their conversation with Thanasayan and MDJ's visit to MBPJ at the the press conference this afternoon. 

In an immediate reaction to the developments, Selangor state executive councillor for health Dr Xavier Jayakumar said he welcomed the news.

Dr Xavier on a CAT visit in MBPJ
"We are always happy to share our success experiences of CAT with anyone who wishes to know about it as well as to learn from others have to offer," he said.   

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