Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pit Bulls Pounce On Elderly Disabled Man


First of all, if anyone out there thinks that dogs don't bite, read this story.

The victims unfortunately are children, people with disabilities and the elderly as in the latest case.

It is for this reason why we have local councils. And it is for this very reason why they have to take action against dogs in public.

Having said that, however, notice that in this Florida, USA incident, there lurks the real reason behind the dog attack - an irresponsible owner whose dogs broke out of its cages and went on a terrorizing spree.

Why were these dogs kept in cages? Were they socialised at all? Why were they so fierce? Was it intentional?

Another thing that I don't quite like is how this story is presented.

Why describe the pair of pit bulls as "bloodthirsty?" 

Isn't this creating a very wrong image about dogs and the particular breed which is used for therapy work among the sick in the US?

Who is really at fault here? Tell us what you think.



Pit bulls pounce on elderly disabled Florida man and tear off his right arm

Saturday, June 11th 2011, 9:50 AM
Doctors amputated Roy McSweeney's right arm after he was attacked
Doctors amputated Roy McSweeney's right arm after he was attacked

Who let the dogs out?

Should pit bulls be kept in cages at all times?
A pair of bloodthirsty pit bulls pounced on a disabled, elderly Florida man, ripping one of his arms off and severely damaged his other arm, police said.

The vicious dogs broke out of their cages and attacked Roy McSweeney, 74, while he was doing yard work at his home in Hawthorne Friday morning.

Doctors amputated the great-grandfather's right arm and are trying to reattach his left arm.

"He is disabled and sometimes used a scooter to get around. The dogs hurt him pretty bad," Roderick Flynn, a volunteer firefighter who was at the gruesome scene, told WTEV.

Both dogs belonged to McSweeney's next-door neighbor and were handed over to authorities then euthanized, the Putnam County Sheriff's Office said.

The woman who owns the home told WTEV she wasn't home when they attack occurred and said the pooches belonged to a friend. She said she didn't know how they escaped from their kennel.

"There's no reason for dogs to be roaming free at all," said Flynn. “This should never have happened. He should be safe in his own yard."

The health department is testing the dogs for rabies.

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Anonymous said...

First off, I apologize to this disabled man for irresponsible pit-bull owners. I am going to say this the way I want to. Tired of kissing everyone's butts. Okay, for starters It is not wrong to kennel a pet for short hours throughout a day. Of course they can't be locked away for hours upon hours. This houses aggression, temperament problems, un-socialization skills, and an overall bad behaved pet. These dogs evidently had built up anger, as well as stored energy. I don't have much else to say except another example of a person who shouldn't have owned a pit-bull in the first place. There need to be laws, that require you to pass a test, as well as a breeders test if you plan to breed this breed. This breed requires more training, socialization, communication, and rules than other breeds. This is a working type breed. They need excersize, and they need it regular, they need a lot of attention. If you have the time, and patience for this, a pit-bull is a great choice of dog. If you are gone 8, 12, 20 hours a day, you do not need this type of dog, at all. Period Again, sorry to the man who lost his arms. Unfortunately, it will be another person to hate the breed, and not the irresponsible owners.

Cruzeiro said...

It is a sad state of affairs- that bad pet-owners give dogs a bad name.
Quite often, we get dog-owners who deliberately keep pets in little cages which builds up aggression in dogs.

Some of the most ferocious dogs are tiny little toy dogs- which are kept to serve as "burglar-alarms" which disturb the whole neighborhood.
They however, refuse to understand that dogs can be trained to be guard dogs without being a nuisance to the neighborhood they live in.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to education to create awareness among men- on their responsibility.