Saturday, June 11, 2011

Animal NGOs Must Work With Local Councils Says Councillor


ANIMAL GROUPS must work together with local councils if they are to bring about positive changes for animals in the nation.

Both sides must work together along with the Department of Veterinary Services in order to be effective in stray management control and responsible pet ownership among pet lovers. 

This was among one of the many salient topics that was brought up and discussed in Bernama TV's talk show on Friday.

The comments were uttered by animal and disabled activist Anthony SB Thanasayan who was invited as a special guest to speak on The Breakfast Club Show on Astro channel 502.

Thanasayan pointed out that the only way forward for animal welfare and rights nongovernmental organisations is to engage with local governments instead of just always being at loggerheads with them. 

"All parties must do their part to bring about a better quality of life for our animals in the country," he told programme presenter Jessy Chahal on the popular news channel on satellite television.

"This includes not only the local councils, animal NGOs but the public and individual pet owners as well," he added. 

"Criticisms against some local councils for animal cruelty recently are well justified," he pointed out to Bernama without naming who they were. 

"Our local councils must wake up to the fact that Malaysians are getting more passionate about their pets these days and are becoming less tolerant of cruel acts on them in our society - even if they are strays."

Thanasayan who is Chairman of the Canine Action Teams or CAT in the Petaling Jaya City Council and the Klang Municipality (MPK) also pointed out how some councils such as the ones he is attached to are trying to be more progressive in their approach towards animals.

Chahal also took the opportunity to quiz Thanasayan in the 30-minute 'live' interview show on a variety of other issues ranging from responsible pet ownership to animal-assisted therapy issues to the public's perception of disability.

Bernama TV reaches out to an audience of about 40,000 viewers nationwide.

Desigan: You made a point
Desigan Manveeran, 22, (right) from Batu Pahat in Johor who watched the show wrote this on Facebook: 

"Hi.. saw your interview on Bernama this morning. It was informative. 

"Especially about animal services to the needy and public's false perspectives towards the disabled. 

"You made a point there that being disabled doesn't mean being unable. 

"You doin' a wonderful job both for people and animals. My best wishes sir!"

The Breakfast Club airs daily on weekdays from 8am until 10am. It has been running since October of last year.

Its audience is made up mostly of young adults, housewives, retirees and persons with flexible job timings.

The show covers topics from healthy living, food recipes to sport.

Thanasayan's interview is said to be the first programme to cover domesticated animals.

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