Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Petpositive At Top German Shepherd Specialty Show This Weekend

PETPOSITIVE APPEAL: The Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association is looking for volunteers to help us man our stall at the German Shepherd Specialty Show this Sunday.

We will be there as early as 7am. Help is needed in setting up our stall, welcoming people and helping to sell our stuff. The public will also be able to seek out our advice on animal-assisted therapy, the disabled and the elderly. 

There will also be a chance to meet some top quality German Shepherd Dogs at our booth.

The Independent Living and Training Centre will also be sharing our slot with us. 

You need to be there no later than 7am. Please call the coordinator Hong +6-012 393 2073 or aNt  +6-012 220 3146 for details.

Here is today's New Straits Times report on the event:  

PETALING JAYA: The German Shepherd Dog Club of Malaysia (GSDCM) is holding its first specialty show on Sunday.

About 40 German Shepherds will be taking part in the event at Vivekananda Tamil School, Jalan Templer, here, from 8am to 2pm.

"The German Shepherd is an all-rounded breed," said Wahad Safeguard (M) Sdn Bhd director G. Siva.

He said German Shepherds could help to lower the crime rate. He said drug detection, emergency rescue, trekking and guarding neighbourhoods and workplaces were some of the tasks that German Shepherds excelled at.

"However, it is also a misunderstood breed. So, I'm happy that this club is formed so that society will be better informed," said Petpositive president and Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) councillor Anthony Thanasayan.

He said German Shepherds also made excellent companions and could provide joy and friendship.

Anthony, who is also the chairman of the Canine Advisory Team (CAT) and Disability Technical Team, said German Shepherds understood the limitations of the disabled as well as the concept of a wheelchair.

Siva said there would be a booth at the show for the disabled and elderly to experience how a German Shepherd could be therapeutic for them.

"We will also demonstrate the dogs' psychology and learn why they behave the way they do," Siva added.

He said there would be demonstrations which included snatch theft attacks, car break-ins and hostage situations.

Siva said not all dogs could differentiate between the victim and the attacker. But, he said, the highly intelligent German Shepherds could figure out who to protect and who to attack because they could detect adrenaline.

He said German Shepherds were vicious when there was a threat but that could be "turned off" at the owner's command or when they sense the threat is over.

"German Shepherds are listed as a dangerous breed, but there has never been a report or complaint of attacks," said GSDCM committee member Dr S.R. Dev.

He said he was hoping that the Veterinary Services Department would remove the breed from the dangerous breeds list after they saw its outstanding qualities at the show.

GSDCM, founded in November last year, belongs to the World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs and are in line with the Malaysian Kennel Association.

It is a non-profit organisation committed to the success and popularity of German Shepherd dogs in Malaysia.

For more information, contact Dr S.R. Dev at 012-333 5888.

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