Monday, March 07, 2011

Animal And Lawyer Activists Slam DAP's Press Conference On Kitten Abuser

CCTV cruelty act
Serdang kitten killer must be prosecuted: DAP reps rapped

The torture and killing of a kitten in Serdang recently has shocked the nation. The sickening scene was captured on CCTV and widely distributed on the internet. The perpetrator has since confessed to the crime and is identified as 21 year old Chow Xiao Wei. 
However, we are appalled by the conduct of two elected representatives from the DAP who organised a press conference for this criminal, supposedly to enable her to confess her crime and apologize for it. 
The two are Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah and Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching. 
As elected reps, they should have handed over this lawbreaker to the authorities for action according to law. 
It is no part of their duty to organise press conferences for criminals guilty of heinous crimes. 
These two elected reps do not seem to take seriously the crime of animal abuse. 
As elected reps they should have shown more respect for the law. The monstrous act of this woman is a criminal offence under s.44 of the Animal Act 1953. 
The fact that the victim of this act is an animal, does not make it any less a crime. 
The fact that the perpertrator had a troubled family background is simply not an acceptable excuse. Neither must she be allowed to escape criminal prosecution simply by virtue of an apology. It must be clearly understood that she is not the victim here!  
We call upon the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) and the police to take immediate steps to apprehend and charge this person in court. 
We do not seek vengeance, but we must insist that justice be done.
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Note the above statement also appears on Free Malaysia Today.

The following has been taken from a blog called "The Owl". You may read it HERE  

Monday, March 7, 2011

"It's just a cat" says DAP's Heartless Ean Yong

Ean Yong and Teo Nie Ching of the DAP have tried to white-wash the most obscene of crimes. Horrible tortures and killings commited against helpless little animals. The kittens were brutally, cruelly stomped to death by Chow Xiao Wei. Her act was caught on video or she would not have been speaking at this press conference, shamelessly pretending to be sorry.

The intent of these DAP reps was clearly to try to get this monster off the hook. Otherwise they would have sent her to the authorities and allowed the law to take it's course. They instead tried  to turn the perpetrator into the victim.They do not at all care about the horror, pain and terror that the kittens suffered in their last moments of life. Ean Yong went so far as to tell an ouraged caller that and we quote "It's just a cat".

Neither Ean Yong nor Teo Nie Ching are fit to be a part of DAP or any party espousing Universal Justice. They do not understand the meaning of compassion or humane values. They are no different from the BN that they criticise.

We call on DAP and its leader, Mr.Lim Kit Siang, to sack these despicable, uncaring representatives from his party. For if he does not, and we visit his blog where he calls for humane values often enough, he must be deemed hypocritical. We call on Pakatan to make their stand clear and to condemn these callous politicians.

And they certainly should not be on any Pakatan party's list of candidates for the next General Election.

In today's StarMetro: 

SERDANG: A woman who gained notoriety after a video showing her abusing kittens was uploaded on Facebook has apologised. She claimed that she was suffering from depression after her parents divorced.
“I could not control my emotions at that moment, but now realise I had made a terrible mistake after watching the video myself,” said Chow Xiao Wei, whose cruel act was captured on a CCTV in a backlane near here.
Full of regret: Chow apologising at the press conference held at Ean Yong’s office in Serdang.

The 20-year-old said she regretted her actions and was prepared to face the consequences.

She was also willing to do community service with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The five-minute video was posted on Facebook about a week ago.

In the CCTV footage, a person wearing a cap is seen hitting kittens with an umbrella, then stomping and kicking them to death.

After the video went viral, Chow’s acquaintances, who recognised her from the video, posted her name and phone number online.

Chow soon began receiving threatening SMS messages and warnings on her Facebook account.
Out of fear, she quit her job as a sales assistant and lodged a police report.

Chow claimed that she was suffering from depression at that time as her parents had divorced.

“Please give my daughter a second chance,” pleaded her mother Cheong Poh Ling, who accompanied her to the press conference at Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah’s office.

Cheong said she had taken her daughter to a psychologist after hearing about the video, though she had not watched the video herself.

“I had to close my stall at the market because reporters kept coming around,” she said.

A group of animal lovers, including members of Petpositive and Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) gathered outside Ean Yong’s office, demanding to meet Chow.

A few representatives from animal welfare groups were later allowed to meet Chow – with Ean Yong present.

MDDB is planning to file charges against Chow for animal cruelty, under Section 44 of the Animals Act 1953.
If found guilty of abusing the kittens, Chow faces either a fine of RM200, six months in prison or both.

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Anonymous said...

You people are no better than her, shouting and cheering to break her arms and legs. She is brave enough to own up her wrong doing and apologized. Why want to demonstrate. You all wanted to gain popularity that's what you are. if you want her to be prosecuted and pay for her crime, than make a police report and let the law take its course. You claim to be caring, for what. animals? What about humans. If you all love animals so much than pray to be reborn an animal in your next life. I appeal to all netizens to pray for these people to become animals in their next life.

Anonymous said...

"It's just a cat" says Ean Yong.

Ooi Geak Sim said...

The DAP and Ean Yong was most unwise to take up the case of the kitten killer - no matter how much "feel good" factor it possessed at the time.

Would the DAP or him have done the same for a rapist or paedophile for that matter?

Then why for a kitten killer?

The kitten was defenseless and vulnerable.

How could anyone inflict such gruesome harm on such an animal and then appear with the DAP and try to make a public confession in order to kiss up and make everything alright.

Ean should have been more prudent. Instead, he allowed himself to take the rap from animal lovers.

This, in fact, would be exactly something that the Barisan would do.

The DAP should exercise damage control at once and then count their votes fearfully at the next General Elections.

Anonymous said...

The DAP has committed two nasty blunders of late.

The second is this kitten killer fiasco. The first, the victimisation of five poor hawkers in Taman Megah including a cripple in a wheelchair.

Is this the government that I voted for - one that would be heartless to the marginalised?

Definitely not! I know what to do in the next polls. And DAP, you have only your Aduns to blame for the repercussions.

Anonymous said...

imagine what will dap do if this girl is a malay?

but don't worry the govt shall forgive her just like the chinese boys who threw red paint at a mosque