Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Big Blow For Animal Rights - No DAP Rep To Receive Memo!

A pictorial report by Tati Ambia of this morning's Memorandum Protest to the Democratic Action Party over the "kitten killer" press conference that was held last Sunday at a DAP service centre:

11am: Activists and members of the press were already present to avoid traffic jam. Some photographers and journalists waited at the lounge. Lynn Wong and I arrived at 12noon
12:20: Shenaaz from the Malaysian Animal Welfare Society suggested activists hold up the posters they made with photos of self-confessed kitten killer Chow Xiao Wei, Member of Parliament Teo Nie Ching and assemblyman Ean Yong and the prepared cat photos.
  • Representatives from PETPOSITIVE (Daniya Subramaniam and us) were also present. A rep from ROAR (Animal Rights Society) joined us shortly after.
  • Chinese reporters and photographers took photos and left immediately. The only remaining press reps were from MalaysiaKini, MalaysianDigest, Oriental Daily and New Straits Times.
  • Shenaaz told reporters Ean Yong and Teo should have lodged a police report after kitten killer had approached them and then let the authorities handle the case & press conference.
  • Shenaaz: By organizing the PC, DAP are only exposing Chow to the public and that leaves her in danger.
  • Shenaaz: Chow is still out and about.
  • Shenaaz: What Chow did was barbaric and not acceptable. DAP has no right to defend her. It should be left to the defense council. Why organize PC, why are they doing PR for her, is DAP a PR company?
  • Not a single DAP rep was present. They did inform Shenaaz that they will send someone today to receive the memorandum
  • Shenaaz: Ean Yong did say "It's just a cat to this man here" referring  to young man who came much later to the event. He was also said to be representing ROAR
  • Shenaaz: We believe Chow only confessed for fear of her life, because her identity was publicised over the net. DAP's absence today just shows that the party does not care about animals. This is not a political issue. It is a matter of justice of a kitten that has been stomped to death. The only reason we believe she said sorry is because she got caught. We do not know how many animals she has abused before this."
  • Lynn Wong (independent rep) Why is DAP harbouring an animal killer?
  • The young gentleman claimed that Ean Yong told him "it's just a cat" over the telephone. He called Ean after reading about the PC and asked: "Why are you protecting Chow?". Ean Yong reportedly replied: "We are not protecting her", and then cut him off by saying "it's just a cat what". "Ean should have sent Chow to the police the minute she approached him," the gentleman told the press.
  • Shenaaz: We want DAP, Ean Yong and Teo to apologize for their participation in this whole spectacle.
  • Lynn: As an activist, Chow should be charged in court by now.
  • Shenaaz: We have respect for life. Human life and we do not want Chow Xiao Wei to be hanged - we only want her to face justice for her action. We do not agree with activists and animal lovers who want Chow to get injured or killed. We do not represent them."
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Oso-son Anna said...

Such a shame! Such a sham.

The Cat said...

Really disappointed that there was no DAP rep at all that came to greet us at the protest this morning. It only goes to show, that DAP do not view this as an issue that warrants their attention. I wonder, if MP Yong even realises that he is harbouring a criminal and if it was the right thing for him and his side-kick Teo to do. By organising a press conference last week and trying to plea on Chow's behalf shows his lack of understanding that we have progressed as human race where we respect the fundamental rights of animals. MP Yong making statement that it is 'only just a kitten' hardly indicates any credibility as a MP. Is this, how a MP carries himself, appearing so clueless on a very relevant issue that has brought up to the 21st century living? Are we to now believe all that he advocates about democracy and the rights of Malaysians if he is making such a statement with regards to animal rights? I wonder, if he is even aware that in today's living animal rights is just as fundamental as human rights.

I also like to stress that, as a passionate animal activits, I do not wish to see death upon Chow as what I witnessed at last week's press conference at MP Yong's DAP service centre. I personally feel that activits should be made aware of the right way to protest with respect and dignity. There were some activits that were demanding for Chow to be beaten up or to hang her and I do not support such a call. It makes no sense whatsoever to commit a crime to justify another crime! Therefore, I call upon all my fellow activits, please restraint from extremism in your quest in fighting for animal rights. Maintaining a respectable and dignified manner disposition would enhance our call on all level in our fight for animal rights.

On that note, action please, from the relevant authorities to bring justice to this case.

Anonymous said...