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Animals Lovers Upset With DAP

Animal rights activists upset over absent DAP

G Vinod | March 12, 2011 FREE MALAYSIA TODAY
A group of animal lovers who accused DAP of protecting a 'kitten killer' were upset when no DAP reps turned up to accept their memo.
KUALA LUMPUR: About 20 animal rights activists gathered at the DAP headquarters in Jalan Pudu here today to submit a memorandum to its leadership.

The memorandum, among others, urged DAP to take action against Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah and Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching for allegedly supporting “kitten killer” Chao Xiao Wei.

However, the DAP office was closed, much to the chagrin of the group.

“We have already informed them of our arrival two days ago yet they chose not to be here.This speaks volumes of DAP’s lack of concern for animal welfare.

“Let them be reminded that animal rights activists are voters too,”said Petpositive president Anthony Thanasayan.

On March 3, a video of a girl beating a kitten to death titled “Happened in Malaysia – Serdang, captured by CCTV”, was widely circulated in the Facebook.

The video caused an uproar among animal lovers, with even one restaurant manager, K Jeevananthan, vowing to get even with Chao.

On March 6, Chao, 21, confessed and apologised for committing the crime at a press conference at Ean Yong’s office.

She said she could not control her emotions then as she was depressed over her mother’s divorce.
But Thanasayan, who is also Petaling Jaya City Hall councillor, criticised DAP for trying to protect Chao.

“She confessed to a crime which is punishable by law. If a mere apology can absolve someone from a crime, we may as well open the floodgates to rapists, thieves and other law-breakers,” he said.

He added that Ean Yong and Teo should have handed Chao over to the police instead of protecting her.

“DAP also did a great disservice to the girl by exposing her to an angry mob of animal lovers. Now the party cannot protect her, only the police can,” said Thanasayan, who hoped Chao will be charged soon.

Among those who joined the protest were members of Malaysian Animal Welfare Society, Animal Rights Society and several independent animal lovers.

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