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Selayang To Microchip All Pet Dogs Soon

Dr Xavier at MPK dog pound with pressmen and women



Dr X during an MBPJ pet inspection exercise
This was announced on Tuesday by Yang Berhormat Dr A Xavier Jayakumar, the Head of Health for the state of Selangor. 

The VIP was speaking at a press conference event after conducting an inspection of the dog pound here.

"People who own dogs should be more caring to their pets," said Dr Xavier whose portfolio is also to promote a compassionate government and society. 

Identities at last?
"Parents shouldn't get pets just to entertain their children and then forget all about them once their kids lose interest in the animal," he added. 

"Dogs should never be allowed out of houses without a leash where the animals can pose a problem of nuisance to others. 

"The proper care and love should be a top priority of each and every pet owner."

Dr Xavier also stressed the need to spay every pet as those that are not neutered tend to attract their stray counterparts. 

"Pet owners often do not realise this fact when they decide to get a dog," Dr Xavier pointed out.

He also went on to say that whilst local councils have no problem in issuing licenses to dog owners who want pets, they should not have more dogs than they are normally allowed too, especially in terrace houses.

"This is not fair to the pets themselves, as well as to the neighbours, especially when the animals become a nuisance.  

"If pet owners are not willing to take on the responsibilities involved in owning a pet, then they should simply refrain from keeping a pet," advised Dr Xavier. 

The idea to microchip pet dogs is to help take action against irresponsible pet owners. 

The chip numbers will help the council trace the owners of the problem pets.

The actual size of a microchip
"It will serve as a test case by the Selayang Municipal Council and if successful, will be imposed in the rest of the councils in Selangor," said Dr Xavier. 

The microchip requirement which Dr Xavier hopes will receive support from Malaysians will qualify a discounted price for dog licenses obtained by pet owners. 

Dr Xavier also pointed out that the Selangor Government is looking into making the fees of dog licenses the same in all 12 local councils in the state.

A local micro chipping exercise
In an immediate reaction to the microchip proposal, a veterinarian, speaking to PET+BLOGSPOT and who wanted to be anonymous, cautioned that the problem may not be as straightforward as one thinks.

Whilst she also is all for the idea, she says the question will be on who will be controlling the database. 

"There are several animal organisations that conduct micro chipping and sell microchips," she said.

"Some of my clients have brought chips to me and I have inserted them into their pets.

"The point is how will the councils be able to read the records when each of it is listed in its own way?

"This may require councils to insert a second chip that would only add more stress to the animals.

"Councils will also have to come into contact with the pets to verify that the animal has been micro chipped and also depend on non governmental veterinarians to verify if the animal has a microchip.

"There is also the issue of fraud." She concluded.

What do you think of this story? 

Do you agree that micro chipping of our pets is the way to go in getting owners to be responsible for their pets? 

Do you have a better suggestion in going about it.

Please let us know in our COMMENTS section so that we can put forward your views to Dr Xavier.

Meanwhile, here is more on the story and on the poodle abuse updates by the SPCA of Selangor: 

Dr Xavier Visits the MPK Pound

YB Dr Xavier Jayakumar from the Selangor State Executive Council made a visit to the Majlis Perbandaran Klang pound on the 1st February. The visit was planned by the Canine Advisory Team, and attended by SPCA Selangor, Petpositive and members of the press. At the time of the visit, there were 186 dogs in the pound.

YB Xavier expressed his hopes that the MPK Pound would eventually be a model pound for the other municipals in Selangor to emulate. MPK is planning to move and rebuild this dog pound on another piece of land in the future, and improvements targeted for this year are to provide wooden platforms for dogs to rest on to avoid getting wet when the enclosures are hosed down and to improve their shelter from sun and rain. At the time of the visit, SPCA staff observed that the dogs were fed and the pound had been disinfected. SPCA continues to provide cooked rice and chicken twice a week for the dog pound.

Poodle Abuse Case on Facebook : SPCA urges DVS and Police to act fast

SPCA Selangor thanks members of the public for the hundreds of e-mails and phone calls sharing information and possible leads on the two suspects in the poodle abuse case that surfaced on Facebook almost 2 weeks ago. SPCA has compiled all the information and tried to verify as much of the leads as possible, and passed the information to the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) for their immediate investigation. According to the Police Department, they are already liaising with the DVS to track down the suspects.

Unfortunately, SPCA Selangor (as well as other SPCAs in Malaysia) have never had the authority to arrest, confiscate, or prosecute cases of animal cruelty - but we can keep lobbying the government authorities and try to keep up the media exposure and public awareness. We are doing our best to be vigilant for new information available online, try to verify it and put the pieces together, and follow up with the DVS on this. We are trying to find out if the DVS has made any progress with this case, and we will update our Facebook page and website as soon as any new information is available.

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