Sunday, December 12, 2010

Can Pet Rescuers Take Dogs In If Local Councils Can't?

Will any pet rescuer take us home?
WE RECEIVED AN EMAIL from someone called Riche.

He wrote in regarding an animal blog that had criticised PET+BLOGSPOT for our post that was published on Tuesday, December 7th, this month.

It was titled "Selangor Exco YB Dr Xavier Jayakumar To Make Spotcheck On MPK Dog Pound". (Click HERE for the link).

The writer wrote in to say that he had also responded to the blog in our defense. 

Riche's comments - as well as the blog's post which were printed today - is featured here below. 

However, we have omitted the name of the particular blog as well as that of the author. 

We thank Riche for his brilliant arguments in his comments to the blog. 

At the same time, we would like to point out that the blog concerned was RIGHT in expressing its worry on the circumstances around how a dog that was put to sleep by a veterinary assistant by the local Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) was able to bite the officer.

The blog's point of whether or not the particular canine that bit the person could have in some way been inappropriately handled is also a VALID question. 

PET+BLOGSPOT understands through a number of vets that animals biting a veterinarian is not an uncommon affair. 

In most cases, we are told, it is often cats that leave a greater injury on animal doctors than canines.

However for the DVS to deny their services to a local council's pound in putting down animals is certainly most UNACCEPTABLE and UNPROFESSIONAL. 

Nonetheless, as mentioned in our previous post, it is important to note that the matter has been PROMPTLY RESOLVED BY THE DVS of Putrajaya.

Animal put-downs at the Klang pound by the Klang municipality (MPK) are now back to normal in Port Klang.

They are now strictly managed by the local DVS. 

On the claims of cruel handling by pound workers, MPK's Canine Advisory Team or CAT which looks into the welfare aspects of the MPK's treatment of animals, assured readers that the staff in the pound are a caring bunch.

However, if there are any complaints of misappropriate behaviour please send them - with proof - to the following organisations:

1) The new Malaysian Animal Welfare Council in Putrajaya.

2) SPCA Selangor

3) Petpositive at

4) The MPK Headquarters.

Finally, Riche makes a great point about no-kill policies by animal proponents who condemn euthanasia practices at dog pounds - but have little or no workable alternatives to offer the local councils. 

It's time that these animal rescuers put their foot in where their mouth is at and adopt all the animals in pounds from a sure death. 

They can start at the Klang pound in Port Klang. 

Re-homing of dogs is totally free-of-charge for those who want to adopt the animals from the pound.

For more information, please click on the December 7th link above.)

Here is the dog blog's comments and Riche's response: 


We were disturbed to read this in another blog. Our question is whether the vet had handled the dog roughly as we know for a fact that the pound workers drag the dogs by the neck with their nooses and smash them around. Did this happen on the day the vet was bitten?
The MPK was suddenly told last week that the local DVS would cease helping the council after an assistant veterinary officer had apparently been bitten by a dog at the pound which he was trying to put down.
However, a quick alert to Datuk Dr Aziz solved the problem within 24 hours.
The good news now is the DVS are back to offer their professional service to the pound.
Canines are put down every Tuesdays and Thursdays at the MPK pound.


And this person actually says it good news that there is someone to put the dogs down. All these charlatans should bloddy well seek other more humane ways such as mass neutering. However as long as cursed beings intent on strengthening their self interest are around such an exercise is something the local councils will not even look at.
Riche said...
The writer was not being fair when he wrote this comment.  The writer, (OMITTED BY PET+BLOGSPOT), is obviously biased towards the organization named Petpositive, which was trying to help the MPK council solve their problem of over crowding at the pound.  If the writer feels so strongly against the procedures that the MPK employs, wouldn't it be better for his group, (OMITTED) to rescue all the dogs and cats that are caught by the MPK dog catchers?  As mentioned in the Petpositive blog, "The pound is open daily from Monday to Friday from 8am until 8pm for the public to view the animals and adopt them."  Incidently, I believe the SPCA Selangor was also present at the CAT meeting with the MPK, based on the picture that was posted in the blog. Is the writer and his group (OMITTED) also biased against them?  Should the MPK council also stop catching strays at the whims and fancies of (the group)? Should they also extend a service to the (group) by unloading all their caught animals to (the group's) doorstep? That would certainly solve the problem of over crowding at their pound.  The author (OMITTED), mentioned, "Charlatans and cursed beings intent on strengthening their self interest". Perhaps he should look at himself in the mirror and study the modus operandi of his group before labelling others.

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1 comment:

Erin Yap said...

It amazing what some animal activists would do for attention! Looking at the obvious, the Majlis Perbandaran Klang is reponsible for the catching and putting to sleep strays that are caught. This is a very common practice in numerous countries as well.

What was so wrong about Mr. Anthony SB Thanasayan of Petpositive asking the DVS to continue giving euthanasia assistance to the council? (Good job by the way!)What would be the alternative if he didn't? Inhumane euthanasia procedures by an inexperienced staff or OVERCROWDING!

And isn't overcrowding also an animal welfare issue? If I'm not mistaken, the writer of the the animal group's blog has also made statements in the past about overcrowding issues and even stated that they were happy that additional cages were sent to the MPK pound to prevent overcrowding?

So try as I may, I cannot fathom the logic of some animal activists. The writing of that piece of utter rubbish in their blog seems to me like a ploy to garner support in their fundraising endeavours and to undermine the efforts of others. The author of that blog even goes so far as to question if the DVS vet had handled the dog cruelly or roughly and had stated as a fact that they knew that the pound workers drag the dogs by the neck with their nooses and smash them around as if they themselves had witnessed the event.

The question is, does anyone in that animal group have any experience in handling fierce behavioured strays? Even the world-renowned dog behavior specialist, CESAR MILAN gets bitten once in a while. This obviously proves beyond a reasonable doubt that animal group has no expertise whatsoever and does not have an inkling on the true stray related issues at hand!

My suggestion for them, if they are really so concerned for the strays that are caught by the MPK is to write in to the council in order to make a fixed monthly commitment to adopt the strays there instead of so called rescuing strays on their own. This will also save them and the MPK a lot of time and effort!

Erin Yap - Klang