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Selangor Exco YB Dr Xavier Jayakumar To Make Spotcheck On MPK Pound

YB Dr Xavier Saying "Hello" To A Canine Friend in PJ


The animals are among the several dozens of stray canines that are caught daily by the Klang Municipality (MPK) as part of the local council's prompt stray management programme.

Whilst sick and diseased animals are put down quickly, the rest are kept for at least a week before they suffer the same fate too. 

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"We have no choice but to put dogs down in order to avoid overcrowding and the spread of fatal diseases to other healthier canines," said Nur Ly Azyani Bt Azmi, senior assistant environmental health officer of MPK to PET+BLOGSPOT last Friday.

Azyani, who took over her new position on November 1, last month, however assured animal lovers that the euthanasia is conducted by officers from the Veterinary Department (DVS) in Klang.

Stray Dog: It's Hell For Me Out Here Too!
"In November alone MPK's dogcatchers caught almost 450 dogs following complaints received from the public", she pointed out, adding that adoptions of the unwanted animals were poor at the pound.

This despite the fact that the canines were given free to anyone who wanted to adopt healthy animals into their homes.
An MPK CAT Meeting In Progress
MPK's canine and stray management programme had made significant progress since the local council had appointed a special committee called the Canine Advisory Team (CAT) to look into animal welfare and rights issues in the administration last year.

The council which previously had no budget for purchasing dog food for the animals in its temporary pound, now has come up with one.

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The council also came up with a special pamphlet to educate pet owners on responsible pet ownership (RPO) which CAT sees as the root solution to the problem of unwanted animals in the streets.

At a CAT meeting held last Thursday, MPK decided to launch a number of awareness programmes to target pet owners.

A major one is a RPO forum. 

It will be held in mid January next year and launched by State Executive Councillor for Health YB Dr Xavier Jayakumar.

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Dr Jayakumar will also be making a spot-check on the MPK dog pound very soon to assess the condition there and give advise on further improvements that need to be done.

Since it is a spot-check, no dates have been selected at this time. 

The exercise will also be opened to the media when a date has been decided to cover the event.

Dr Aziz: Quick Action
Meanwhile, a big thank you is in order for DVS director-general Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamalludin for promptly sorting out what now seems to have been a "slight misunderstanding" by the DVS of Klang.

The MPK was suddenly told last week that the local DVS would cease helping the council after an assistant veterinary officer had apparently been bitten by a dog at the pound which he was trying to put down. 

However, a quick alert to Datuk Dr Aziz solved the problem within 24 hours. 

Give Us A Home
The good news now is the DVS are back to offer their professional service to the pound.

Canines are put down every Tuesdays and Thursdays at the MPK pound.

The pound is open daily from Monday to Friday from 8am until 8pm for the public to view the animals and adopt them.

Once they have selected their pets, they have to go to the MPK's headquarters to fill out the forms before returning to the pound to claim their new member of the family.

The person to contact for this at MPK is the Assistant Environment Health Officer Mohamad Hasmadi B Mohd Razi.

The public can call him at 03 3371 6044 (Extension 7306)

The MPK Dog Pound's address is as follows: 

Pusat Kurungan Haiwan Sementara, Majlis Perbandaran Klang, Jalan Sultan Mohammad 1, Kawasan Perindustrian Bandar Sultan Sulaiman, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Please feel free to forward this post to as many animal lovers as possible so that the animals waiting in death-row may find a caring home to go to.

Meanwhile, PETPOSITIVE is looking for animal lovers in Klang who might be interested in helping in the adoptions of the canines. 

If you are interested, kindly furnish us with your details by emailing to www.petpositive.yahoo.com or ringing up 012 220 3146.
Thank you and looking forward to hear from you.

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Anonymous said...

How come the DVS is separated from the municipal council as far as animal welfare is concerned? There should be some non malays in these organisations as to prevent some over zealous malay coming out with instructions that do not favour the well being of dogs. (no offence meant to dog loving malays)

Monica said...

It is so sad that so many healthy dogs are being put to sleep because of over population. The blame has to go to irresponsible owners who do not neuter their pets and allow them to run freely to procreate. When will they ever learn that they are the ones causing this problem. Its time for the councils to introduce the maximum fine to these people.

arif said...

Euthanasia perhaps the fastest way to settle the problem, but it cannot be considered as the end of clearing the thing. The people should also be responsible to assist the councils in combatting the problem. The dog owners should be required to neuter their dogs and the government must consider to offer it at no fee.