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Pressure Mounting Against Ipoh City Council Over Dog-Shootings

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PRESSURE IS MOUNTING against the Ipoh City Council (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh or MBI) to ban all dog-shooting activities in the city for good.

Following the shooting to death of an elderly woman's licensed therapy dog in Taman Merdeka last Saturday, many other human victims of dog killings have been coming forward too, to tell their personal tales of horror how their pets were killed by the MDI's dog-shooters.

If nothing else, this is fast becoming a major embarrassment for a the local council that is operating in the 21st century.   

The Ipoh City Council to date has yet to issue a statement on their latest blunder in shooting to death of a therapy canine. 

It is learnt that they refused any comment to Airtime Management and Programming's LiteFM broadcaster when the radio station called them up yesterday.

Instead they only responded by saying that a statement will be issued in due time.

The Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) in Perak is the first authority to go after them for their action.

Headed by Dr Quaza Nizamuddin B Hassan Nizam, DVS Perak has started an immediate investigation into the matter.

This happened after the incident was brought to the attention of the Department's Director-General Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin at the DVS' headquarters in Putrajaya.

At the time of publishing this report, the Perak DVS so far has yet to contact PETPOSITIVE for relevant details regarding the shooting. 

This may probably be due to the current Festival of Lights holidays that Malaysians are observing over this weekend.

Ipoh Barat's Member of Parliament M Kulasegaran was the latest to visit the late Spunk's (the murdered therapy dog) owner this morning. 

He vowed to do everything in his power to stop dog-shooting in the city.

Petpositive's President Anthony SB Thanasayan, meanwhile, was interviewed by Malaysiakini's Komunitikini this afternoon.

He was quizzed for his comments on the therapy dog-shooting case. 

The story should come out later today. 

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the MDI would have also finally issued their statement to the news portal.

Petpositive and animal lovers are eager to find out what their response will be. 

Will they admit to their blunder and use the debacle as the final straw moving the council to outlaw dog-shooting? 

Overseas file pix
Of will they continue to give excuses to continue with their barbaric act?

Thank you all for participating in our recent three-day poll. 

We asked you if dog-shooting was justified and every single one of you who took part (nearly three dozen) said an emphatic "NO!" 

The interesting part is that NONE of you voted to say "YES".

What's more, the site visit to PET+BLOGSPOT yesterday surpassed our all-time number for the previous day which was 1,593 visits in a day. 

Yesterday it was a whopping 1,654! At the time of publishing this post, it has already climbed to almost 1,100 readers.

This just goes to show that animal lovers who support us are refusing to let this issue die out. 

We want justice. We want dog-shootings not just in Ipoh City, but everywhere to cease at once!

In light of this, we are starting a brand new three-day poll today to ask all of you if you think that the MDI will finally disband its dog-shooting practice. 

If you do, say "YES". If you don't, just say "No". 

But please don't forget to also give us your comments about why you believe the MBI will stop its barbaric practice.

Or why you don't believe they will

CAT MPK in action at pound
As a council member myself, I would like to believe that if enough of us speak up, the MDI will finally dismantle its activity.

No council likes to be in the bad books of its residents and media publicity. Particularly if they realise that they're bungling up all the time instead of doing something effective and right. 

In this case, we are talking about the management of stray animals. 

No amount or shooting - or catching, for that matter - will effectively reduce the stray problem without spay programmes.

And this can only be achieved by working together with animal rights and welfare NGOs. 

What do you think guys? 

Fire away your thoughts. 

But please remember to refrain from profanities and insults - no matter how angry we may feel - because you will risk getting your thoughts not appear in print.

Besides, it is human nature to shut off whenever one is on the defensive.

Waiting to hear from you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, I live in Ipoh, and I've heard that dog shootings are common place here. A pack of stray dogs were kind of hanging around my work place a couple of weeks ago, and what really bothered me was that the people that I worked with wa...nted to call the MBI to get rid of them, I don't think they actually wanted the dogs dead, but I guess they did not know how else to get rid of them. Anyway I remembered that you had mentioned in one of your articles that the people to inform would be the Department of veterinary services, so I dissuaded them from calling the MBI. The dogs somehow relocated, even before I could call DVS, but I have informed the guard that if they should re appear to inform me and I would inform the appropriate authorities.
So I guess the real issues here are
1. People are not aware of whom they should call
2. The stray dog ( animal) problem in Ipoh ( it's a personal observation)- I wish pet owners would be more responsible, and not leave their animals unattended.

Anu Dhall from Petpositive Empowerment on Facebook

Abu Bakar said...

The Ipoh Local Council authorities really had it this time.

Animal lovers have been constantly speaking out against dog-shooting but the MBI has only shown a deaf ear to them.

Once they came tantalising close by offering to end dog-shooting.

But the latest actions prove that the bunch of councillors cannot be trusted to keep their word.

Now, however, the murder of an innocent therapy dog to help an old woman will kick them where they hurt.

If they do nothing about this latest incident, it will only prove what many already believe about them - they're totally sick and heartless when it comes to defenseless animals in the city.

Stop all dog-shooting at once MBI. Ipoh will be far better without such a barbaric act.

Anonymous said...

Hi already a follower =D
Its great to see positive feedbacks from people as they are starting to speak up..and its even better news to see that the Ipoh City Council are in deep pressure to make decisions as they are facing ...many Malaysians as well as foreigners who supports the banning of dog-shooting..i sincerely hope they will ban this inhumane act for the greater good..besides..i hope they'll suggest better forms of animal control other than putting down these spaying might be a good idea like other countries..public awareness on adoptions should be proposed too.. =)

From Celestine Gioia Tham on Petpositive Empowerment in Facebook.

Anonymous said...

No wonder these people are having problems with their religion. They can't tell the difference between a dog and a crow. You shoot crows and you put dogs to sleep. Just because I'm an Indian, I don't go around shooting cows now do I?

The dog had a license and it has to be compounded for 24 hours before any action. If an Indon is illegal in Ipoh, do they shoot him as well??? Is the Mayor running an dog anti-terrorist unit or black ops unit against dogs?????

Can such idiots who gets a job and a gun license just because of NEP and/or 'social contract' be trusted with dangerous things???? To shoot man's best friend just because he cannot speak is .... UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

At the rate things are going, dear Grandma please don't stand by your gate outside during office hours. Drive-by shooting seems to be rampant in Ipoh / Perak these days.

By Atheist from Malaysia Today Online.

Anonymous said...

Count yourself lucky you were not mistaken for a dog. Anything can happen under UMNO rule.

- Aisehman from Malaysia Today Online

Anonymous said...

This is outright disgusting and inhumane.

What do you expect?

Altantuya C4'd, TBH dropped from MACC HQ, Detainees died in police custody, innocent children shot for the flimsiest excuse; dogs shot waiting on owner's instruction.

The whole world laughing their ass off at Saiful's A*****e case. I do not think HELL can get any lower than this.

By Jbao from Malaysia Today Online

Anonymous said...

They shoot dogs but leave stray cats well alone.

What does that tell us all?

Is it religion's teachings to shoot dogs but not cats?

Dogs are not kosher? Can't the shooters think?

By Lynn from Malaysia Today Online

Anonymous said...

First, all my sympathy for the family.

They shot our dog too, in the same way and we know how you feel.

These fierce criminals parade every day in our Tamans, fiercely show their guns and hooks.

I wonder why in Malaysia dogs are still murdered same as pests and in the DEVELOPED countries, the responsible departments solved the problem in more human and compassing way?

To solve the strays problem is a MUST. To shoot them in the streets is a CRIME.

By Revolution from Malaysia Today Online

Anonymous said...

As pet-lovers ourselves, my family and i feel real sad and disgusted for such atrocious behaviour of the city councillors.

Since the dog is licensed, they have committed the most heinous crime of kidnap and murder of a living species just like us human and this happened right in front of the owner's house.

Looking back at how they behaved when they had unlawfully manhandled our elected state representatives at the State Assembly led by the another fake will tell you that they are thugs and gangsters who know no civility.

All our beloved brothers and sisters of the state of Perak, we must show that we are our own masters of our own destiny and not allow thugs and gangsters from the mafia (BN/UMNO) to govern the state.

Have the courage and wisdom to exercise your voting rights at the next GE or by-election if there is one.

By Eloofk from Malaysia Today Online

Anonymous said...

This is for The Honorable Tun Mahathir...

Is this what you mean when non-Malays are expected to understand the need of affirmative action and handicaps?

This surely is not ISLAMIC...I am far from being an expert with any religion and won't dare to claim I am.

But I do believe that the purity and simplicity in any religion allows a person to have compassion and be wise in their thoughts.

We have a Government which proudly boasts of Leaders where majority in a personal context professes Islam.

As such it adds the mannerisms of how one would bring forth with many teachings of Islam to make life on earth amongst people liveable especially through kindness and tolerance..and throw out corruption and hatred...

My understanding right now in ISLAM is it stands for..' I Seek Love Amongst Mankind '..

By Imanj from Malaysia Today Online.

Anonymous said...

Damn!! if ever they dare touching my dogs for sure I will in return hunt them down!! DAMN pain!! Sue them!

From Tompios from Malaysia Today Online.

Anonymous said...

I am totally sorry for the incident.

This is my friend's mum and have known them for 30 over years.

Have only last seen her since her late daughter's funeral and that alone I saw how distraught she was.

Now this??!!!

Was waiting when will it appear on MT.

This is Malaysia where many are just going to end up being clueless of what and how to conduct oneself to live amongst society.

The system does not bother to help when it is the Government's responsibility to ensure good way of life that comes from wise and good mentality.

All that has been given Life is giveth by GOD and that includes animals.

This is a pet and how do you kill a pet that isn't yours to kill.

The owner is responsible for his/her pet and it's life unless the incident is one that requires the authorities intervention.

For this dog they kill there will be many more that even people who didn't have dogs as pets, will now go out to the pet shops to get one.

I will say a prayer for SPUNK.... and sending hugs to my friend's mum....

It's time to get rid of the 'GERM' this system is infected with and that means a new Government and a clean up of all who works in the Government system only to ensure that goodness prevails!

By Imanj from Malaysia Today Online.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when unqualified personnel without a sound education are given handicaps.

Next thing you know is that they will be shooting Malaysians claiming that they were shooting illegal immigrants.

By Logger123 from Malaysia Today Online.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need dog licences while the cats don't?

Do you know that cats roam about freely during the night and hunt down native birds and any small animals for pleasure and the cats seldom devour their victims?

Rats and mice? The cats are damn scared of them because these rats and mice are bigger than them due to the easy food from the garbage and wastes from the coffeshops and hawkers.

Maybe the MBI should start shooting the cats too, for fun like what they are doing to the poor dogs, even the ones with dog tags.

The elderly woman and her family should sue the pants off the MBI and get those responsible sacked.

Shooting in public is damn dangerous.

What if their stray shotgun pellets hit some poor kids?

By Hello Sunshine from Malaysia Today Online

Anonymous said...

"Please write a polite letter to the MBI's mayor..."

What? Write a polite letter?

Any good Samaritan around or a lawyer who can give free legal aid to the lady? Sue MBI for the dog was licensed.

By IbnAbdulHalim from Malaysia Today Online

Anonymous said...

As mentioned previously, dog shooting or shooting cats for that matter, is archaic and should be outlawed immediately for obvious reasons.

And to answer some interesting comments from Anu Dhall (Ipoh), unfortunately the appropriate authorities to call in regards to stray animals are in fact the MBI and not the DVS.

The DVS also has their hands full dealing with disease outbreaks like Foot and Mouth Disease, Haemorrhagic Septicaemia.

The councils on the other hand, have to respond to public health issues like vector borne disease and guess what! Complaints that pour in from the public on strays, both for dogs AND cats! Bites, diseases, accidents, the list goes on. Also, contrary to belief, there are municipals that catch cats as well.

For some municipalities, I suppose, the simplest method is shoot to kill and end of story. Unfortunately, this method is not accepted because of humane issues and extreme drawbacks.

On relocation; where do you think they should relocate the dogs to after they CAPTURE them? Putting relocation issues aside for now, does anyone realize that the key word is to CATCH? As in dog catchers, dog catching, trapping?

The problem though, is using the right methods of CAPTURE! It is not as easy as one may think. You need lots of patience and the right know how to pull it off. It is a dangerous occupation as well and putting religion aside, not many people want to do this.

In short, shooting councils should stop this practice and adopt humane animal capture practices. The next issue to look at is; what do they do with the animals after the humanely capture them?

Did you know that councils without facilities, who adopt capture methods instead of shooting, euthanize them that very same day?

Animal welfare NGO’s would rather choose the animal adoption method rather that euthanasia. But with issues like overcrowding, that alone will not be sufficient. Only 10% to 15 % are adopted so what about the rest? The stray animal population and rate of reproduction is simply to staggering to consider shelters as the one right answer to the problem (TNR included).

Most people like the “feel good” method, which is let someone else take care of the problem. The thing is, municipalities have to answer to everyone, not just animal lovers and such.

So, if adopting necessary evils like catch and euthanasia is the next best method, it has to be done. But if coupled with humane practices, stricter enforcement to produce better responsible pet/animal ownership, we could see a reduction of strays on our streets.

SAS Malaysia

Chetz Yusof said...

Malaysia will never be a great nation as long as they keep killing and shooting dogs.

What's up with the council people? I think they're sick in the head because it seems like they're having fun shooting these dogs. Isn't that scary?

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the
way its animals... are treated”. Mahatma Gandhi

Chetz Yusof
Citizens Empowering K9 And People