Friday, November 19, 2010

Dato Rahim's Apology A Giant Step Towards Stray-Management

THE CALLS, EMAILS AND SMSes have not ceased since Tuesday when the Ipoh City Council (MBI) brilliantly announced the cessation of all dog-shooting in the state.

Here is the full text of the memorandum that was handed to the local council by as many as five animal rights and welfare as well as disability groups.

The one that had been omitted by mistake in the final copy was the Independent Living and Training Centre in Rawang, Selangor.

The memorandum was drafted by Noah's Ark of Ipoh.

We also feature an official response by them after the memorandum. 


To:        Datuk Bandar Ybg. Dato Haji Roshidi bin Haji Hashim
From:    Petpositive
              Noah’s Ark Ipoh Animal Rescue
              Ipoh Animal Welfare Society
              Ipoh Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals
CC:       Menteri Besar  Datuk Seri Dr. Zambri
Date:     11/18/2010
Re:        Why Ipoh City Council should stop shooting dogs
The above NGO’s plead with the city council to put an end to the senseless shooting of dogs. The reason being:
1.    It is inhumane and the bloody activity is done in broad daylight.
2.    It condones cruelty and connotes a heartless society.
3.    In an effort to shooting the so called “nuisance” animal, wrong dogs and owner owned dogs are mistakenly shot.
4.    It can endanger the public. There have been cases where a stray bullet has hit the general public and traumatized children. There was an incident a few years ago when the dog shooters entered a school compound to shoot a dog. The school children who witnessed this terrible tragedy were much traumatized. Are we encouraging killing and the use of guns to our next generation??? Accidents can happen when bullets stray. Singapore banned all shooting because a stray bullet killed a man instead. Can the city council take this risk?
5.    It does not reflect well on the MBI. The general public is horrified by the blatant cruelty and blames the city council and the Mayor.
6.    Malaysia is moving towards developed nation status. We have world class facilities. Many Asian countries like Thailand, Japan and Singapore have come up with a humane way of controlling their strays.
7.    Malaysia is actively promoting tourism and thankfully we have foreigners wishing to visit our beautiful country. However many are put of by our tidak apa attitude towards our animals. They have witnessed stray dogs being shot dragged with a hook leaving a trail of blood and piled one on top of the other in a trailer.
8.    Not all dog shooters are “sharp shooters”. Often they miss and maim the poor animals. The dogs escape with wounds and are left to suffer and die a slow death. Some of these injured dogs are brought to the vet’s surgery by passersby and are either put down or treated.
 We would like to support the “keep Ipoh clean “campaign. There is a humane and ethical way of doing this.
·         The use of trapping with nets, loops darts and tranquilizer guns. If we and the council work closely with DVS and the state vetinerary department we can achieve this. The state vets have designed a trap called the MB trap.
·         Work with the council to promote awareness on proper licensing, neutering and spaying of cats and dogs.
·         Pounds should be made available. All trapped animals can be left here until owners can be traced. If owners turn up they should be fined a minimum of RM200.
·         The council collects approx. RM180, 000 per year over dog licenses. A portion ofthiscan be apportioned towards a spay/neuter programme to be run by the MBI/Jabatan haiwan. To make available a mobile clinic to sterilize strays on the outskirts of the city.
·         Educating the public ob responsible pet ownership. This is so no owner owned pets are found on the streets. Many are ignorant of the fact that any unsupervised animal is or could be a potential danger to the public.
·         Education in schools. NGO’s will help with educating the school children on pet responsibilities. These young people are our future and will be a great asset in implementing the knowledge given to them NOW. MBI can fund these projects.
·         All pet shops are encouraged to microchip the pedigrees. Eventually anyone purchasing licenses for their pets must also be encouraged micro chipped. This makes the owner more traceable and cannot escape their responsibilities.
·         Allow NGO’s to have shelters for strays until the population declines.
·         Provide cheaper neuter/spay from funds from license collection to encourage the public and to help those with lower income.
Finally we would like to add that although we know that the MBI has to take note of the complaining public regarding nuisance dogs, we feel that with a little compassion and thought an alternative can be found.


Noah’s Ark Ipoh: Malika Devi Ramiah (President)
Jeya Jeyaratnam (Vice-President) &       Dr.Ranjit Kaur Mendir (Treasurer)

Petpositive: Anthony Thanasayan (President) & Mr Francis Siva (Adviser to Petpositive and President of Independent Living and Training Centre, Rawang, Selangor

Ipoh Animal Welfare Society: Nitya Raman

Ipoh Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Dr. Goh plus 2 others. 

Selangor SPCA: Dr Lim & Danny. 

Department of Veterinary Services: Dr. Shukri and two others.

Dato Rahim and MBI enforcement officers.



On behalf of Noah’s Ark Ipoh I am elated with the outcome of today’s meeting with Ipoh City councilors and their enforcement officers.

The Crusadars: Malika (extreme right)
The tremendous support from DVS, Pet positive, ISPCA, IAWs and SPCA helped push the much needed result.  Noah’s Ark Ipoh is especially delighted because it has continuously badgered MBI on their policy on dog shooting.

Our special thanks to Anthony Thanasayan from pet positive who with his speech and quiet resolute managed to persuade Dato’ Rahim to ban dog shooting with immediate effect.

Our special thanks also to Dr.Shukri from DVS who nailed it with the directive from his department.

It is such a shame that an animal has to die to get the result we wanted so much but on a positive note, it has opened a few people’s eyes and minds. 

To hear Dato’Rahim apologise for the tragedy and say that no one likes to kill animals is a giant step in the right direction.

We will keep the pressure on MBI and will support them in any way we can. But for now I am going to wallow in this wonderful news and enjoy a drink or two with my buddies!!!!

Malika Ramiah
President Noah’s Ark Ipoh.
16th November 2010

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Eugene Lee said...

This is excellent news! Kudos to Pet+ and the others who made this possible. And a special thank you to Spunk who's tragic death at least brought about a crucial policy change.

I'm just wondering what Pet+ and others think about the numerous crow-shooting campaigns that various city councils are using in an effort to control crows. Some of the points listed in the letter here could apply to crows as well, maybe?

Anthony SB Thanasayan said...

Hi Eugene,

Yes, you raise an excellent point about crow shooting which has been brought up by others too.

Local councils need to control the numbers of crows for anti disease purpose but clearly, human beings also have to play a big part in managing their rubbish - food source for the crows - properly.

There has been a suggestion about feeding them pellets to make them sterile, like apparently what is being in done in the UK to control pigeons.

Anyone out there who knows the best way to deal with the crows?

We'd love to hear from you.

Eugene said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Anthony!