Thursday, November 18, 2010

Animal Lovers Jubilant Over End Of Dog-Shooting In Ipoh

Pix by Ipoh Echo: Datuk Rahim receiving memo

THE MOOD IN IPOH in the city of Perak is clearly a jubilant one today, especially among animal-lovers. 

Scores of you jammed our emails, Facebook and Twitter - as well as this Blog - yesterday. 

You wanted to share with us how excited you all were in hearing the news of the immediate banning of dog-shooting by the Ipoh City Council (MBI) on Tuesday. 

Pet powwow with MBI's director
This came about after half a dozen animal rights and welfare groups - as well a disability organisations - met up with a top official of the council yesterday to demand for an end to the cruel and barbaric practice that had plagued the city for many years. 

Petpositive would like to thank the NGOs that participated in our special delegation at the event.

They are (from Ipoh) Noah's Ark, the SPCA and  Animal Welfare Society. From Selangor: the Independent Living and Training Centre and SPCA.

A special thanks must also be given to the three representatives from the department of veterinary services (DVS) from the state who turned up.

They contributed to one of the loudest voices that dog-shooting should immediately stop without any conditions.

Dr Aziz: On a fast-track
Petpositive would like to register our special thanks to DVS head, Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamalludin for dispatching his reps at the eleventh hour - in response to Our Society's request.

The DVS presence was another proof that the animal welfare agency from the government was committed to its priority in championing animal welfare concerns more diligently from now on.

Mayor of Ipoh
In light of the smashing good news, we'd like to urge everyone to write letters of thanks to the MBI's mayor Datuk Haji Roshidi Bin Haji Hashim and council secretary Datuk Abdul Rahim Md Ariff.

They can be contacted at the following: 

MAJLIS BANDARAYA IPOHJalan Sultan Abdul Jalil,
30450, Ipoh Perak

Tel : 05-2083333
Fax: 05-2437211
Email :

Datuk Abdul Rahim (left), who chaired the meeting in Ipoh is also the director for licensing and enforcement.

During the session he apologised for the council's action against the killing of Spunk the therapy dog. 

He even went to magnanimously say that Spunk, through his death, had taught them a very valuable lesson over the dog-shooting practice.

He said the council would meet up with his owner to convey their sincerest condolence.

Datuk Rahim also said that he has revamped MBI's dog committee where he himself will now chair all the meetings.

The canine committee will include animal welfare organisations where spay programmes will be a priority. 

The MBI will send their best team to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) next week to study the latest humane dog-catching methods and will seriously look into building a dog pound as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, here is the latest Wheel Power article in The Star today written by Petpositive's President Anthony SB Thanasayan.

Please note that the article was written before the good news was announced about the end of dog-shooting in Ipoh.

Please don't forget to let us have your comments at the bottom of this page. Thank you.      


THE WORLD OF ANIMAL-ASSISTED THERAPY for the disabled and elderly Malaysians in the country suffered a couple of regretful setbacks recently.

Both incidents involved members of the national animal-assisted therapy society for positive living called Petpositive.

The first was the shocking, senseless and cruel shooting of a therapy dog in the city of Ipoh.

The hapless canine’s name was Spunk.

He was shot dead by the local council (MBI).

The canine belonged to an elderly woman in Taman Merdeka.

For nearly ten glorious years, Spunk had been the 75-year old retired teacher’s best friend and a symbol of successful living.

Living alone since her husband had passed away, the courageous canine was true to his fitting name in every way.

He served as the unsurpassed watchdog anyone could ever wish for.

Long before anyone – or anything, for that matter – could even visibly approach their front gate, Spunk would already be there.

Spunk’s radar-like ears would never fail to pick up the warning sounds instantly.

This kept them both safe and secure during the nights.

In addition to Spunk being the elderly woman’s best defence against loneliness, the adorable pooch was also a great reason to exercise when it was time for his “walkies.”

From what I heard from the incredible dog’s owner, Spunk was also very popular with the neighbours.

They all loved him. The cheeky canine would never fail to bring a big wide smile in their faces whenever he came by with his owner.

In spite of her age, Spunk’s owner was the epitome of a responsible pet owner (RPO).

She would never forget her tissues to pick up after her dog whenever she was on her health walks with Spunk.

However, on the morning of October 30th she somehow did forget.

And ironically, it was for the reasons of RPO that eventually led to their nightmare.

Leaving Spunk at the gate to dart in for the necessaries ended in a terrible tragedy.
That was the same time that the dog-shooters were on their rounds.

Seeing their vehicle, Spunk panicked and fled for his life.

Instead of exercising discretion in the situation, the defenceless dog was hunted down and cold-bloodedly shot to death on the road.

His killers showed no mercy to the animal; even though it proudly wore a valid dog-license around its neck.

Owning a proper license was something that Spunk never once failed to do in his entire existence – thanks chiefly to his owner’s steadfast RPO principles and practice.

The horrible nightmare clearly made a total mockery of obeying the laws of land to have all pet dogs registered.

What was even worse, the MBI quickly carted the carcass off before Spunk’s owner could see him.

All she saw in the end were traces of her best buddy’s blood splashed on the tarred road.

Does the MBI realise what they had done?

Not only had they robbed – in broad daylight – from an elderly person of a very precious friend and confidante in her life to return to an empty home filled with only memories of her dog – but also, by carting the animal away, they had also denied her from experiencing the natural process of grieving over the sudden and horrid loss of a loved one.

And to think that we often like to consider ourselves as matured human beings who are far superior than our counterparts in the animal kingdom?

But even animals in the wild take the time to grieve over the loss of a fellow species at the risk of being consumed by other predators in the process.

This brings me to the second incident: the passing away of one of the few service dogs in Malaysia called Dusty on the sixth of this month.

He was buried in the compound of his home in a disabled centre where he loyally served for over ten years of his rich doggy-life.

The Golden Retriever was a source of joy and inspiration to all the residents of the home during his life.

“Dusty was trained to go for help to our neighbours during an emergency in our centre – I hate to think what would happen to a dog like him – and all of us – if the dogcatchers were to shoot him during his mission” said one of the residents.

Last week, a group of animal rights activists – including the disabled in wheelchairs for the first time – met up with the Director General of Veterinary Services (DVS) Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamalludin in Putrajaya where he issued an immediate ban on all dog-shooting in the country.

As a result of that meeting, a first-ever protem Animal Welfare Council will be convened next Thursday which will be chaired by the DG himself.

The brainchild of Dr Aziz, the council which will be executed from a ministerial level, will cover all aspects of animal welfare issues that include animal-assisted therapy for the disabled and the elderly.

The committee will immediately get cracking into its top priority agenda: the setting up, as soon as possible, of a first-ever Animal Welfare bill to promote and protect the care and well-being of all animals in the country.

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Pakialetchumy Antoni said...

GOD bless all those who fought for the banning of dog shooting in Ipoh....special thanks to Mr. Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan ...and Petpositive Empowerment not forgetting the Ipoh City Council, Department of Veterinary Services and all animal lovers!!!

KingKong Kia said...

For those who talk only and dont do anything to make Malaysia better , just take a lesson from those fantastic enabled people who move faster than you .They never mentionned anything about races,politics and they successed !Is it because their motivation comes from their hearts ?
Thanks to all of you in the name of human race .

Eugene Lee said...

I am so heartened by these developments in the hope that we, as a society, can become more caring towards those that share our planet with us, yet mostly seem to have few rights and even less of a voice - animals.

I wonder if this newly-created Animal Welfare Council and the Animal Welfare Bill will also cover, and look into, issues involving domestic animals bred for food (and skin, milk, etc.), in order to ensure that they are treated humanely because this would be the next step up for us as a caring and ultimately progressive society. These are the animals that suffer the most and have the most horrible existences. And worse, hardly anyone ever speaks up for them which is one main reason why they are constantly mistreated and made to suffer the worst abuses with impunity by those who perpetrate the heinous acts. Do you know if the Council and Act will include these animals as well?

Anthony SB Thanasayan said...

Dear Eugene,

From what we heard, the animal welfare advisory council which is to have its first protem meeting on Nov 25, 2010 is set to cover a wide range of animal issues which does include issues when animals are used for food.

We share in your vision for the animals and all we can say now is, we can only wait to see how the first meeting of the council which will be run by the Department of Veterinary Services will progress before we can have a idea of what it will be.

Monica said...

Isn't it strange that when we are fighting for the under dogs (no pun intended), race, politics and other unpleasant issues do not rear its ugly head. Ant so many are blessing you. Can i have some????

Eugene Lee said...

Thanks, Anthony! I am extremely happy to read elsewhere in this blog, as well as your response to me here that this new council (AWAC) will be including a whole host of animal welfare issues, including those of food animals. This would be a clear indication that we are progressing toward being a more caring and mature society. I will continue to look out for your updates with plenty of excited anticipation and congratulate you, Pet+, and the other animal welfare organizations and like-minded people who are making a real difference to our non-human (as well as human) friends.

Anonymous said...

What is the current status of dog shooting ban in Ipoh?? I heard from someone a female dog had been shot recently ... And there are plans to shoot more dogs in that area. Could what this person says be trusted or is it baseless??

Is the dog shooting ban applies for Stray dogs as well?
im just wondering if they shoot dogs in recreation/public place whn nobody is around...who to know...they could simply kill and dispose off the body...can you trust this people...

after all NOBODY is monitoring them... I think a committee should be set up by the government to make sure they adhere to the shooting ban law. And it should provide proper channel for public to report mistreatment towards animal esp men's best friend, dogs.

what about the dog pound??