Wednesday, November 03, 2010

City of Ipoh - No Longer Safe for Animals, Children or Adults

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Animal-lovers are still seething with righteous anger over PET+BLOGSPOT'S breaking news revelation on Monday disclosing the killing of a therapy dog by the Ipoh City Council or MBI.

A 75-year-old woman from Taman Merdeka was about to walk her special companion of over ten years when it was suddenly mercilessly hunted and gunned down by MBI dogcatchers.

They showed no respect or regard for the animal even though it was properly collared, licensed and was performing a unique service for an older person. 

The elderly woman, who is a member of PETPOSITIVE, never saw her companion dog Spunk again because it was quickly carted off by the MBI officials.

All she saw were the blood stains of a special furry companion that she had raised as a pup on the road.

In addition to being a source of joy and hope for our elderly member, Spunk was also an excellent watchdog that provided confidence and security for her mistress who lives alone in her home since her husband died. (Click HERE for the full story)   

More than a dozen readers took part in our PET+BLOGSPOT POLL unanimously calling for an immediate end to dog-shooting.

But that number was a paltry showing compared to the numbers of readers who rushed into our blog to read about what had happened and to indicate their support. 

At the time of preparing this post, more than 1,500 visitors had jammed into our blog for the day. 

And this is not counting the close to 600 visitors that barged in the previous day when the story first came out during the later part of the day.    

All this has made Spunk and her mistress story the number one and most read story of all time for PET+BLOGSPOT!

Which clearly goes to show for us at PETPOSITIVE that at least with the worrying jump of cruelty cases of dogs in our country, at least there are still tons of all of you out there who sincerely care about the welfare and rights of our animals.

And you are NOT about to sit by and allow our dogs to be mistreated by society!   

A sizeable number of readers of PET+BLOGSPOT were also readers from overseas countries. 

We can't begin to imagine the kind of image such news can have on the world's view of Malaysia.

Dog killers on the prowl? 

Many readers - including foreigners living in Malaysia and abroad - took the opportunity to write to the MBI to demand an end to dog-shooting and a better treatment of dogs in Malaysia.  

Here is a shining letter from Amy de Kanter who is assistant editor to the well-known The Expat magazine who was devastated to hear about the incident: 

To whom it should concern,
I was absolutely sickened by the what I read about an old woman's pet dog being shot in the street. No effort was made to find out if the dog had an owner before it was shot, and certainly there was no effort to take the animal in humanely and give it a chance to be adopted. Now we know that in Ipoh there are men running around shooting guns in public places, which makes me doubt anyone, animal, child or adult is safe in your city.  
I write for two magazines about Malaysia that primarily target foreigners, some who have cited animal cruelty as a reason they would not visit.  I look forward to a day when I can recommend this country to animal lovers.  Do let me know when this is.  I also hope something will be done to comfort the poor woman who lost her animal companion in such a violent manner.  As an animal lover myself I don't know how I could ever recover from such a cruel and needless loss.
Best Regards,

Amy de Kanter

Here is another one from Adelene who volunteers in Australia's Dogs' Refuge Home in Perth:

"This is ridiculous n unjustified. I agree that all animal welfare groups should join forces to fight this. We shouldn't be fighting against one another but together because we are fighting for the same cause.

My heart breaks just reading this article. Why are we punishing responsible owners? Not every dog outside is a stray and there are many ways to compound a dog but not like this.

I find that writing to the newspapers can be a futile effort as I have submitted a few complaints only to have them severely edited or ignored. But we have to keep on fighting, we ourselves have to create awareness when media fails. Knowledge is power and we have to keep on pushing the boundaries.

I volunteer at the Dogs' Refuge Home in Perth, Australia and I could only wish that Malaysia can achieve what they (Australia) have achieve in terms of animal welfare.

I'm wondering how come there isn't any Malaysian Animal Rescue program on tv? It's probably hard but it could be televised on YouTube instead.

Arrggh. This just pisses me off"


Thank you ALL for your support and let's keep the flame going until dog-shooting is CRIMINALISED in Malaysia.  

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Anonymous said...

I am at a loss for words. What makes our society such a sick, perverted and human-less one where we have town councils staffed by evil, cruel and remorse-less people. The Banting incident happened so recently and now we have the Ipoh council following up with their own law-less, unethical behaviour. What is our government doing allowing this kind of repetitious immorality to go on and on and on.

These are not questions; these are statements. If town council staff are incapable of doing their jobs properly, ethically and within the law, then they should all be kicked out and their jobs given to people who know what it is to serve the community. And what does the MB of Ipoh have to say to this incident, or is he another one of those arrogant sorts with no soul or religious conscience who doesn't give a damn.

prav said...

May I ask, what does PetPositive plan to take over this matter and how can we (animal lovers) help? I realise that it's a waste of time to merely express anger, disgust etc with the municipal councils.

Does PetPositive plan to raise the issue with the Ipoh MPs and ADUNs?

Anthony SB Thanasayan said...

Dear Prav,

We are working with the Ipoh SPCA currently to try and set up a meeting with the Ipoh City Council.

We hope to impress upon them about the senselessness and cruelty of dog shooting and try to get it banned for good.

We also want them to set up a canine advisory committee much like in MBPJ and MPK that have brought about fantastic results.

We have brought up the matter to MP Kula who has promised to visit our member and see what he can do.

What you can do at once is write to the MBI and express your outrage.

Letters, done in a collective way, can pressure councils to do the right thing.

We must work together. Call us and we can talk more: 012 220 3146

Anonymous said...

I think the head of the Municipal Council of Ipoh has to take full responsibility here. Why should such a top-notch post be given to someone if that person is not man enough to stand up and face the bloody music. If the head of the organisation is irresponsible, then so are his staff. If he is a stickler for proper behaviour and professionalism, then no one on his watch would dare sully his name. However, in this case, the head of the Ipoh council should be summarily hauled up to face the wrath of the public. He should not be allowed to escape by mouthing the same kind of cheap, shameless excuses, which we have seen plenty of from other irresponsible, unethical characters who hold lordly positions and live off the taxpayers money. The response from the top dog of the authority concerned regarding the fake vets who are blatantly practicising and who are responsible for the deaths of some pets, is a case in point. The attitude and couldnt-care-less feeling he exuded made me sick to the core. Worse, he treated the issue as if it was a matter to joke about. And we have many, far too many, characters like this in positions of power. Unless the public shouts loud enough and long enough, we will not be able to get rid of these good for nothings.