Friday, September 04, 2009

SPCA's Christine Chin To Speak At WAD Forum


Pet lovers in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, are in for a treat come October next month.

A major forum is currently being planned to address the issue of canine care and responsibility.

Called "Dogs: Pets or Pests - Our Rights and Responsibilities as Pet Guardians", is part of the worldwide celebration of World Animal Day which falls on the fourth of October every year.

One of the five speakers for the event is Christine Chin, the well-known Chairman of the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Selangor.

Christine, who completed her A Levels in Singapore and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Account Specialist in the University of San Francisco, will be speaking about the qualities of being a responsible pet owner.

"I take my role in the SPCA very seriously," says Christine who was interviewed by PET+BLOGSPOT recently.

"That is what keeps me actively engaged in operations, lobbying and driving strategic reforms in the SPCA," adds Christine who first joined the SPCA in 1990 and has been its chairman from 2004.

Her present work experience ranges from stock-broking, property development and asset management in the USA and locally.

Christine says in addition to loving dogs, she also enjoys golf, tennis, sailing and travelling.

She is married to Donne Ray Radford, a member of the famed Platters from Las Vegas.

Her hubby, who is also a dog-lover, supports the SPCA Selangor through his probono performances at SPCA and private functions to raise funds for the society.

Christine is also a paid-up member and strong supporter of Petpositive.

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