Friday, August 21, 2009

MPs, NGOs lodge report against Perhilitan

MPs NGOs lodge report against Perhilitan
Hazlan Zakaria
Aug 21, 09
A group of animal rights activists, NGOs and Pakatan MPs today lodged a police report against Perhilitan over the issuance of permits to convicted wild life smuggler Anson Wong.

The report was lodged at around 10.30am at the Brickfields district police headquarters. Lawyer N Surendren made the report in his capacity as president of the Malaysian Animal Rights Society (Roar) and on behalf of Petpositive, Malaysian Animal Welfare Society (Maw), Teluk Intan MP M Manogaran and Kapar MP S Manikavasagam.

According to the Roar president, Wong - dubbed 'Pablo Escobar' of the illegal international wildlife trade - is allegedly still being issued permits and given assistance by Perhilitan despite his conviction and subsequent incarceration in Mexico and the United States for wildlife smuggling.

Wong was indicted in 2001 based on evidence from a 3 year joint 'sting' operation conducted by the governments of Mexico and United States in conjunction with Interpol for the illegal transport of endangered animal species to Mexico and the United States.

"I have seen the permits" Surendren said, adding that it is puzzling why someone convicted with wildlife smuggling would still be issued permits to transport, keep or hunt wildlife.

"He is stripping our forest of wildlife, naked...we might as well appoint a serial rapist for a teacher in a girl's school," he remarked.

More so, Surendren expressed the shared disappointment of his fellow animal rights activist with Perhilitan's failure to do its job in protecting our wildlife.

"We no longer have faith in Perhilitan to protect our wildlife. We believe this is because of corruption in the enforcement body," he added.

"Today it stops, we know who you are, we are coming for you," warns Surendren to wildlife smugglers and the allegedly corrupt Perhilitan officers alike.

Because of their lack of faith in Perhilitan, Surendren now puts his faith in the police to enforce the law of the land and protect the animals.

Last Friday, another report was filed by Surendren and another with the Malaysian Anti-Coruption Commission over the alleged corruption of Perhilitan officers.

On Monday, Deputy Director-General I Misliah Mohamad Basir denied the allegations in a statement to media stating that "As far as Malaysia is concerned, he abides by local laws and has the necessary licences. What he does outside the country is not our concern."

Famous for the wrong reason

Teluk Intan MP Manogaran who was also present, added that this is another case where "Malaysia is famous for the wrong reason." He lamented that not only are we known as the hub for the trafficking of drugs and people, we are also now apparently the hub for the illegal wildlife trade.

"We will be taking this matter up in parliament"said Kapar MP Manikasavagam, reiterating the seriousness of the issue. Manikasavagam was there in support of the animal rights activists, as well as, to lodge another police report pertaining to the 'mystery letter' which came up during the Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

Also present was Francis Siva from the Independent Living & Training Centre and Petpositive president Anthony Thanasayan (right). Both organisations advocates the use of animals and visits to wildlife for disability rehabilitation. They are here to show their support for the rights of the animals which according to them play a huge part in helping the disabled.

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