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MP lodges report against mystery letter - malaysiakini

MP lodges report against mystery letter
Hazlan Zakaria
Aug 21, 09
Kapar member of parliament S Manikavasagam today lodged a police report at the Brickfields police station over the mystery letter which appeared at the Teoh Beng Huat inquest on Wednesday.

He arrived at the police station at 11.15am accompanied by his political secretary M Shanmugam.

In his report, the Kapar MP named Selangor MACC deputy chief commissioner Hishamuddin Hashim and ex -MB Khir Toyo, the personalities allegedly involved in the letter.

"These are serious allegations and I want the police to investigate them," said Manikavasagam (centre in photo), explaining that the letter also appeared to be authentic and not just some poison pen letter, as was the case with the one he received regarding the Sujatha inquest.

He also added that unlike Gobind Singh Deo who has been ordered to keep mum over the details of the letter, he feels it is his duty to name the personalities involved.

On Wednesday, the proceedings of the Teoh Beng Hock inquest was stopped as the inquest had ordered the police to investigate the contents of the letter. It has been adjourned until next Monday.

Referring to the letter, he said "I believe that this letter is written by someone inside MACC because he seems to know details about what has happened."

Escaped attention at first

Manikavasagam said that he received a copy of the "mystery letter" which alleged collusion between a high ranking Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission officer in Selangor and a prominent Selangor politician last Friday 3.00pm, at his community service centre in Kapar.

Displaying a copy of the letter to reporters, he said that it was addressed to the MB of Selangor Khalid Ibrahim and was written on what appears to be official stationary belonging to the MACC chief commissioner.

Apart from Manikavasagam, a copy of the letter was also sent to de facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, Pas Selangor Liaison Secretariat, Suara Keadilan and Sinar Harian.

The parliamentarian also said that at first he did not read the letter as he would not usually read letters addressed to the Selangor MB.

However, when he received phone calls from from Malaysiakini, Malay Mail and The Star regarding the document, he decided to read it.

He said that after thoroughly reading its contents, he decided to take action. He also said that this is an individual action and he did not discuss it with anyone else.

He was told that the Klang police district headquarters will be investigating the matter as the letter was sent to his service centre in Kapar.

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