Monday, April 18, 2016

Still No Loving Home For Canine Who Wants A Second Chance


This morning around 9am, our volunteer Suchismita Das went over to the Petronas petrol station in Jalan Sri Hartamas in KL to see if the female stray had been rescued.

She was happy to find "Petronas" that she was looking okay but sad at the same time that no one had rescued her despite around 1,500 people (and counting!) had viewed our posts on her her over the weekend.

Petronas is usually around in the mornings, evenings and nights but disappears to some mysterious place during the heat of the afternoons.

"She behaves more like a recently abandoned dog than a stray," observed Suchita who fed her this morning.

"She also doesnt feel threatened by people otherwise she would've taken off when I approached her" added Suchita.

Petronas' character vulnerability in fact is our main and urgent concern that some people who dislikes dogs or wishes harm on them might take advantage of the situation.

Petronas' gentle attitude makes her an ideal furry companion in the home to any loving family that will care for her.

Until that happens, she will never find peace and another human to give her a second chance.

Can you help? Please continue to share this story. #GetStraysOffTheStreets #AllDogsNeedALovingHome

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Pictures by Suchismita Das.

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