Friday, April 01, 2016

Schnauzer to be Petpositive's next Therapy Dog.



A three-year old Schnauzer could very well qualify to be our next Petpositive Therapy Dog.

We received a call from the male dog's owner today who wishes to enrol his pet in our Pet Visitation Programme.

PVP therapy dogs will be assessed by us before they can qualify to visit disabled and elderly persons in their homes for positive living.

If you have a pet who you think can become a PVP therapy animal, send us details about your pet and yourself.

Tell us why you wish to enrol in our programme together with pictures and videos of your animal candidate.

Send them to or

You can also contact us on Facebook under Petpositive and Petpositive Empowerment.

We are also on Twitter and can be reached at ☎0122203146.

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