Friday, April 15, 2016

Problem of a Barking Dog



We are ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED that some "doggy-advice" which we gave a woman who was threatened by her neighbours HAS WORKED!

The woman, a caregiver for people with learning disabilities, received an anonymous letter warning her that if she didn't get her pet dog to shut up, she would be reported to the local council.

Her pet dog of over five years is allowed inside her house. However, it also has access to the house's compound which was where the problem is.

Her dog barks incessantly at everyone and literally everything that passed by.

The real problem was its barking just before dawn which wakes the neighbourhood.

We suggested that she keeps her dog indoors during the night rather than outside.

It immediately solved the problem: her canine stopped barking.

We also made sure that her dog had access to sleep in a crate inside her home.

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