Tuesday, April 26, 2016

An Animal-friendly "Gun" for Stray Dogs.



PETPOSITIVE was among two nongovernmental organisations this morning to have a sneak peek at Majlis Perbandaran Klang's (MPK) new and innovative gadget to trap strays in the municipality.

Called, "Skynet 01", MPK has come up with a contraption that looks like a futuristic gun which can shoot out a net within a short range and ensnare a stray dog, cat, bird or even a goat.

It's very effective when it's fired correctly even at a stray that is making a speedy getaway.

The snare is very gentle on the dog - and even has a calming effect on the animal.

This makes it easier for the dogcatchers to then lift the canine with it still securely in the net and transfer it into the dog-catching vehicle.

I was impressed with MPK for coming up with this great idea all on their own - especially to ensure its animal-friendly and humane features.

Skynet, however, can't be used in every situation. Dogcatchers still have to rely on their traditional methods like the loop and others to catch strays in other areas.

Besides Petpositive, MPK had also invited SPCA Selangor and a representative from the Fire and Rescue Department to the meeting to give their reactions.

The Council will be seeking to obtain a copyright for their design before officially launching it before the end of the year.

MPK also hopes to enter their invention in local and international awards competition before promoting the gadget to other local councils in the country.


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