Monday, March 28, 2016

When Animal-Assisted Therapy Fails



Not all of our mission to unleash the power of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) turns into a success.

Sometimes the obstacles come from the very people we want to help.

Our effort to improve the quality of AAT for a blind man, who is also a dialysis patient, made us face a brick wall.

The blind man's wife - also a disabled person by virtue of being an amputee - refuses to let his pet partner inside their home.

Their canine, a rottweiler bitch, is kept in a kennel outside the house.

As the story goes, the wife doesn't want to be involved in any part of the dog's upkeep.

Her husband has to do everything including feeding and cleaning after his dog despite being blind.

Even attempts to bring in an outsider to help has been rejected by the wife.

In situations like this, AAT will never work. And it is best that the dog is re-homed to someone else where it will get the love and care that it needs.

The Rottie was reportedly bought for RM1000. 

NOTE: This same blind gentleman had approached Petpositive for a pet several years ago. We rejected his application for the very reasons we are seeing right now.

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