Saturday, May 30, 2015

MPSJ To Take A Holistic Approach To Stray Dog Management

My Thoughts on how the MPSJ Discussion Meeting on Stray Management.

Many of you asked how yesterday's meeting went with the animal welfare NGOs and MPSJ.

It was an overall success in the end as MPSJ decided to have a bimonthly special committee to tackle the dog and stray management problem in Subang Jaya. I'm glad that the YDP decided to take up PETPOSITIVE's suggestion as it was clear that solving such a problem was going to be long-term rather than short term.

The committee will be taking a holistic approach to the problem using everything from pet education, local council ruling to spaying animals to try and significantly cut down the stray problem in the municipality.

Though SPCA Selangor suggested what they called "Trap, Neuter, Release and Management of strays", it didn't at all look viable to me - not in the Malaysian situation.

As far as I know TNR has never worked anywhere in the world though it was claimed by an NGO that there was a successful programme running in Turkey. This really need to be verified as even the powerful worldwide animal group PETA is against the idea of TNR.

As far as I know, only India was said to be doing something good with TNR. However, scientists also involved in the programme have cast doubt about its success.

A just released news report by the BBC revealed that as many as one-third of human deaths in India is because of rabid dog attacks - so that doesn't at all sound very good.

The views of one or two non animal lovers in the meeting was swallowed up by the vociferous animal groups at the meeting. It only showed how insensitive the animal NGOs were to people who don't dote over dogs like they do.

So these will all be ironed out eventually (let's hope) when the meetings get underway in a little over a month's time.

At least, for now, we are all on the right track.

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Anonymous said...

Before they can do that they should first take of dog owners who take their dogs for a walk only when their best friend want to empty his poo poo and usually it is done in front of your house when no one is looking. If we are not careful it is only a matter of time that PJ will become Poo Poo city of the world.