Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Police Opens File on Animal Cruelty Case by Johor Central Council



WHAT AN EVENTFUL DAY this has been for animal activism in the central and southern states of the country!

As many as five animal welfare NGO with PETPOSITIVE as one of them made a police report at the Skudai IPD over the central local council of Johor Baru (MPJBT) bludgeoning to death stray dogs last week. 

The horrific scene was caught by an amateur photographer and
handed over to Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) group in Kajang which headed today's protest over at the south.

The good thing about this ugly issue is that the MPJBT didn't deny it when they were found out. In fact, they admitted it in The Star's report and called it a "mistake."

However, the animal activist protesters apparently came across a brick wall of sorts when they tried to go to the DVS in Johor for some support.

According to T Puspa Rani, the president of MIAR, who spoke to the director, the DVS official was less than helpful and didn't seem interested. 

We, at PETPOSITIVE, were not at all amused by that reception and sent a personal SMS to the new director general of the Veterinary Services Department in Putrajaya, Dato Mohammad Azmie. He responded promptly and assured us that he would "follow up" on the matter.

Puspa said that she managed to get the police to open a file on the JB case against the council. MIAR has more plans up its sleeve to tackle the issue - one of which is to follow up with the DVS DG.

Unconfirmed stories are also coming out that MPJBT has been choking strays all this while to kill them because they have not been advised by the DVS on mercy killing.

DVS will have to investigate all these claims and put the council right in its stray management programme.   

Meanwhile, PETPOSITIVE will be in Putrajaya tomorrow in a session held by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development which will be chaired by the minister herself. It is a dialogue session with disabled groups to get suggestions on what should be included in the next national budget for the handicapped. 

We are going to push that RM500 be given to all disabled people in the country every month. 

Wish us luck.          


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