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Temple To Make Changes Whilst Authorties Remain Mum

Latest Update on Wheelchair Discrimination Issue on Bukit Gasing Temple

3 May 2014 at 20:06
To all my TRUE FRIENDS of Facebook who wish to see people with disabilities in our society be treated justly and normally - a BIG "THANK YOU!" for your unequivocal support for the disabled devotees who are being discriminated by the temple because of their wheelchairs. I appreciate each and every one of your views to not only speak out for them but also to stand up and be counted for all disabled Malaysians in our society.

Here's the information that I have up to this minute:

TEMPLE: According to newspaper reports they are supposed to remove the offending words of wheelchairs being considered the same as slippers and shoes and wheelchairs being given a designated area to park. I'm okay with the first one but have reservations about the second. One can, I suppose, discreetly place a wheelchair standup sign post in an area but no one likes to be told to sit in a place they must unless they are an infant in a pram. It is not known at this time whether such arrangements have already been made. There has been no official reply to the letter PETPOSITIVE sent to the temple president requesting for changes till now.

POLITICIANS: No public press statement has been made by anyone denouncing acts of discrimination against the disabled in Petaling Jaya with the name of the temple mentioned. Only the Hindu Sangam (bless them!) has condemned the discrimination in Free Malaysia Today portal.

Bukit Gasing Assemblyman Rajiv Risyakaran continues to stick by his convoluted and lame excuse that the government cannot get involved in religious issues because it is very sensitive, but at the same time, has no trouble condemning hudud laws like a true-blue hypocrite. He refuses to see the disabled discrimination issue as a non religious issue.

Meanwhile, another hypocrite Cynthia Gabriel, who is councillor for the temple in question, for some reason, suddenly couldn't find her tongue at the last MBPJ Full Board meeting to speak out for the discriminated disabled worshippers. Perhaps it didn't come with the media flashlight that she is often used to when she is speaking against corruption or a submarine?

Neither did good ol' Rajiv utter a word for the people he claim to be helping. As for disabled councilor Pastor Sia Siew Chin, she only raised it up frantically at the eleventh hour when she saw posts in Facebook and Twitter lambasting her for not saying anything.

What was done was unforgiveable.

Why couldn't the council at least have passed a resolution condemning all forms of discrimination against disabled people in PJ and decide to issue a letter of warning to the temple for its discriminatory practices?

Anyway, the battle is not over folks. The good news is our national human rights agency SUHAKAM has started an investigation into the issue after a disabled victim's father had launched a complaint.

It has been learnt that a letter has been sent to the mayor for a full explanation. I understand that all parties will be summoned by SUHAKAM to resolve the matter in order to resolve the crisis.

When elected representatives and local councils prove useless, let's hope SUHAKAM can now do the job.

This issue has also been carried on powerful international disability organisations worldwide like @occupydisabled and more.

Fingers crossed. More developments on this, as I get it.

The struggle continues.      

Offensive illegal signboard
Offensive illegal signboard
Excuses after excuses
Excuses after excuses
Cat got her tongue
Cat got her tongue
Refusing to stand up
Refusing to stand up
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  • Sundra Lingam One can pray from anywhere,not necessary to attend a temple or so forth. God dwells within U, I don't go to India or Batu Caves to find him, I found him in my heart. U too can do it, good luck,. Om.
  • Soon Chai Ean Why is the new senator sleeping on her job? Someone should talk to her!
  • Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan Thank you Sundra Lingam for your point. Much appreciated. But for those who want to go to a temple to fulfill their rites, their right to do it should not be taken by anybody.
  • Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan Dear Soon Ean. UK absolutely right in pointing out the role of the disabled senator. She has been shamefully silent as well. This is why many disabled activists were against her being appointed. We want someone who would truly help the disabled
  • Soon Chai Ean Well, so far, she is only helping herself to the big fat salary and the privileges of a senator!She should step down!
  • Sundra Lingam Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan, when K.Bathavathi, was sworn in as a senator, she vouched that she would bring up issues affecting the disabled. She also told that she would look into the issues of epileptic persons to find a cure for them. What happen ...See More
  • Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan Dear Sundra Lingam The disabled senator has a history of doing nothing for others except for herself and her own interest. It was for this reason why many are against her appointment which was done non transparently. Sorry to note your disappointment with others too. Regarding epilepsy, yes there is unfortunately no cure for the disease but it is treatable. I guess you know this already.
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  • Pamela Lim I wouldn't get personal on this matter even though they have downright under-performed in their duties. You may have worked with the councillors as a councillor before & may even know them as friends but issues have to be treated as issues, Anthony. I ...See More
    6 hrs · Unlike · 1
  • Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan Thanks Pamela Lim. Actually not being personal but factual. The disabled community need real leaders; not fakes who only want to promote themselves. This is not a job for them.
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  • Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan
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