Friday, January 17, 2014

Canines Help Communities and Councils Fight Crime


Animal Day celebrations in 2012, where for the first time in history, dogs were used for an official function - thanks to our Canine Advisory Team group. 

Canines may not only be considered as a "nuisance" and "health hazard" to the public, but in this instance, they are a godsend helping communities fight crime, save human beings, promote health benefits and provide animal-assisted therapy. 

MBPJ's Deputy Mayor Puasa M Taib is standing in the middle and looking on. 

The event was launched by Dr Xavier Jayakumar, the Selangor Exco of Health at the time. Standing to his left is Dr Nasir Hashim, the then state assemblyman of Kota Damansara in PJ. — with Stargarten German Shepherds and Chithra Davi at Padang Astaka.

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